6 Ways to Make Your Website Content More Relevant

Did you know that it takes only 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion about your site? In a split second, visitors decide whether your site is relevant and interesting, which determines whether they will stay or leave. 

You don’t have a lot of time to make an excellent first impression. People have short attention spans online. There are so many other websites out there that are competing with you, and unless you work on making your website relevant, you don’t stand a chance against them. 

Fortunately, as an industrial manufacturer, there are many ways to make your website more relevant so that customers stick around. A good, relevant website will allow you to build relationships with leads, so a significant portion ends up striking manufacturing deals with you. 

Regardless of what kind of jobs you work on and what kind of products you manufacture, the following six tips will help you make your website more relevant so you can improve your bottom line and increase your overall ROI. 

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Your first step is identifying your target audience. If you don’t know who you are targeting, it will be impossible to make your website relevant to them. Your target audience will differ based on the types of products you manufacture and the types of jobs you complete (larger vs. smaller jobs, for example). 

You have to know not only who you are targeting but what they are interested in and what type of services they are looking for. I would suggest starting off by creating an ideal customer profile. Try to put all of your customers into one person. What would that person look like? 

For example, you can ask yourself questions like: 

  • What type of jobs they need help with
  • What kind of products they sell
  • Their average age
  • Their location
  • Their desired turnaround time
  • And so on

Focus on them, not on you. What kind of problems do they face, and what kind of solutions are they looking for? When they land on your website, you want them to notice right away that you offer the answers they are looking for.

2. Know What Kind of Content Your Target Audience Is Interested In

Once you understand who your target customer is and what type of problems they face, you can figure out what kind of content they are interested in. They might be interested in tips on finding an industrial manufacturer, for example, or determining whether a job shop is right for them. 

Again, take it in steps: First, figure out who your customer is and then figure out the problems they are facing. Then, create content that helps them solve those problems. 

Do some keyword research so you can attract more organic traffic. Think about common search terms your ideal customer might be typing into Google and use an SEO tool like SEMrush to figure out if those keywords have decent monthly traffic volumes and low competition. Most keyword tools will also provide suggested keywords that might also be relevant when brainstorming for keyword ideas. 

3. Understand That Your Target Audience Has Different Wants and Needs

It is essential to understand that your target audience might be looking for different types of content. The same people might have a few different wants and needs, and there are also various subsets of your target audience that you have to think about – for example, those ready to buy and those not yet ready to buy. 

For those ready to make a purchase, you might create more promotional content. However, to attract those who are not yet ready to buy, you might create informative content with the goal of getting those people to follow you on social media or subscribe to your email list so you can continue to market to them. 

Generally, there are three types of content that you should be creating in order to cater to the different wants and needs of your audience: 

  • Content that is purely informative
  • Content that is purely selling something
  • Content that is a combination of both

It is crucial to have all three types of content. If you only have promotional content that sells things, you will lose out on a lot of potential leads who are not yet ready to make a purchase. By creating informative content, you can get them to become your fans, bookmark your website, follow you on social media, and subscribe to your email list. Later on, they might reach out to strike a manufacturing deal with you. 

If your content is purely promotional, your organic traffic might tank as well. Google is pretty good at figuring out what content is informative and what content isn’t, and they tend to prioritize informative content. Google doesn’t want ads to show up in the organic search results – after all, they want you to pay for ads; that’s what Google Adwords is for. 

On the other hand, if you only publish informational content, you will never get a chance to convert your customers to leads. You need to have some promotional content as well. As long as you target the right people – customers who are ready to strike a manufacturing deal – there is no problem with creating purely promotional content. 

Finally, you should have content that is a mix of both. This allows you to attract organic traffic and convert some of the visitors who land on your page via Google to leads. 

4. Make Sure That Your Content Addresses Current Issues

You need to make sure you are addressing current issues if you want your content to be relevant. That’s why it is so important to focus on publishing evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that is relevant forever. 

There are two types of evergreen content: Content that is relevant all year round and content that is only relevant during certain seasons. For example, if you run a job shop, you might take on jobs related to certain holiday products. However, since that content will be relevant year after year, it is considered evergreen content, even if it is only applicable for part of the year. 

It is okay to publish non-evergreen content once in a while as long as it addresses specific issues. Sometimes, it is necessary to publish such content. For example, now would be an excellent time to discuss how the Covid pandemic has affected job shops and industrial manufacturing in general. You can also talk about how you have personally persevered with whatever challenges you faced due to the pandemic, such as making sure your workers are safe. 

However, make that a minority of the content you publish – try to make most of your content evergreen. 

5. Write the Content In Your Target Audience’s Voice

The tone of your content is essential as well. Once you have figured out your target customer, you will be able to figure out what style of voice to use. Depending on the customer you are targeting, you can choose between various tones, such as:

  • Professional
  • Personal
  • Complex language
  • More simple language

You might want to experiment with slightly different voices and see which content performs the best. Using the right voice is essential for connecting with your readers and building long-term relationships with them. 

6. Stick to Your Industry or Niche

Finally, my last tip is to stick to your industry or niche. While you can explore many topics related to your industry or niche – the more issues you cover, the more content you will be able to produce – don’t spread yourself out too much. 

Remember that we talked about figuring out who your target audience is by creating the profile of an ideal customer? The point of that exercise was to narrow down your target audience so you can move on to the next step – creating content that your target audience is interested in. The goal here is to be specific with your content. 

Don’t start covering topics that are not related to your industry or niche with the intent of trying to attract more people. First of all, if those people are not your target audience, you will have a hard time converting them to customers anyway. In addition, if you are not knowledgeable about those topics, you will end up sounding and looking unprofessional. 

Even more than that: Covering irrelevant topics can drive away your real target base. It can cause the content they are looking for to become obscured in the sea of irrelevant content, and they might think that you are not the company they are looking for. 

Definitely do not discuss highly controversial topics such as politics and religion. As a business trying to attract other businesses as customers, there is no place for debating those topics. Such discussions only serve to alienate half or more of your customer base. 


So, there you have it: six ways to make your content more relevant. Focus on creating highly informative (and promotional) content that is relevant to your target audience and helps them solve their problems. Stick to your niche and make sure your content addresses current issues – evergreen content works best. 

Imagine for a minute that you’re a librarian but not a normal one, you’re a librarian for every book in the world people depend on you every day to find the exact book they need. How do you do it? You need a system you need to know. What’s inside every book and how books relate to each other, your system needs to take in a lot of information and spit out the best answers for patrons questions.

It’s not an easy job search engines like Google and Bing are the librarians of the internet. Their systems collect information about every page on the web, so they can help people find exactly what they’re looking for and every search engine has a secret recipe called an algorithm for. Turning all that information into useful search results. Now, if you own a website, search results matter, when your pages have higher rankings, they help more people find you.

The key to higher rankings is making sure your website has the ingredients search engines need for their recipes. This is called search engine optimization or SEO, as it turns out. Most of the big ingredients are known. Let’s take a look. First words matter search engines account for every word on the web. This way, when someone searches for shoe repair, the search engines can narrow results to only the pages that are about those words.

Second titles matter. Each page on the web has an official title, but you may not ever see it because it’s in the code search engines pay a lot of attention to page titles because they often summarize the page like a book’s title third links between websites matter when one web Page links to another, it’s usually a recommendation telling readers this site has good information. A web page with a lot of links coming to it can look good to search engines, but some people try to fool the search engines by creating or by bogus links all over.

The web that point to their own website, usually search engines, can detect when a site has a lot of them and they account for it by giving links from trustworthy sites more weight in the recipe. Fourth, the words that are used in links matter to if your web page says Amazon has lots of books and the word books is linked. Search engines can establish that amazon.Com is related to the word books. This way, when someone searches for books that site will rank well.

Lastly, search engines care about reputation, sites with a consistent record of fresh engaging content and growing numbers of quality links may be considered rising stars and do well in search rankings. These are just the basics and the recipes are refined and changed all the time. Good SEO is about making sure your website has great content. That’s supported by the ingredients that search engines need for their recipes.

I’r Lee Lefever, and this has been search. Engine optimization explained by common craft, learn more about SEO at search engine land.

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So you can get web design sites like this one ranking or SEO sites ranking or pretty much if you want to rank any local website, you’re going to be able do that with this simple system. Now I’m going to be using my checklist that I have made to achieve these rankings easily in this local SEO checklist.

We have all the different things I do in order to rank so go ahead and grab that and then let’s get started so in the checklist. We have a few different things. We have our URL paths, we have the different things that we’re going to need to set up, and I’m just going to take you from step 0 all the way through step 20 and by then you should have a pretty strong site that can rank within about A month this site here I ranked in a month the site over here web designs, hanna-barbera, I ranked in a month my iPhone repair site, I ranked in a month my SEO site.

All of these different sites have ranked, in a month straight out of the sandbox brand new domains, no link building affordably each of these sites. I’ve probably spent maybe 300 bucks on and most of sites like the iPhone repair site I actually sold for $ 3,000. So pretty good ROI! You can get on these things. If you do it right. First thing you got to do is go to HR, F’s or whatever keyword tool.

You have I like to use a try, so we can see the key or difficulty we’re going to go to keywords, Explorer we’re going to start looking at websites or keywords that are local that have low key or difficulty. If we want to find a keyword in our area like Colorado Springs, let’s say I wanted to rank for well, I obviously don’t wan na rank for SEO, because SEO is one of those things where if you rank it, nobody really calls you off SEO.

So you don’t want to do that. You’d want to do something like web design, but we already ranked for that. So if we want to make a new local web site, we could do Colorado Springs. Let’s try, plumbers. Alright, so you can see here’s a keyword. Difficulty of nine, which is pretty easy, that’s about as easy as the web design site was ranked search volume isn’t too high. Actually, it’s the better term is plumber, Colorado Springs, so let’s go see that and it’s even easier with a higher search volume.

So what we can do is we can take that keyword and we can start setting up our spread so now that I’m smaller and out of the way, let’s go into the template, I’m just going to look it up on my drive. So we’re going to go to the paid SCO template and the paid SEO template the only difference is you get some extra perks like tutorials on how to use it and you get the screaming frog conditional formats, which is kind of nice, but you can still do This with a free template in order to set this website up we’re going to go straight into phase 3 because the website hasn’t been made yet meaning we’re just going straight into the keyword, research and we’re going to go to keyword, Explorer we’re going to start taking Some of the keywords – the way I grabbed this is, I just go to all keyword, ideas and I’m going to go to just include the word.

Plumber or Colorado Springs that way. We have local keywords. So here we go, plumber, Colorado Springs and we’re going to grab the keyword, difficulty and the volume and we’re just going to put this right in here boom. So that’s our first keyword and we can start sorting through more when we go and build the rest of our content, but right now we just need that for for now, once we want to start building out our other pages, we can easily just start going like Heating and cooling – if that’s something that’s related, we can do air conditioning, affordable plumbing.

There could be a page for that. So all these different keywords will start pulling in there and that’s just going to basically be our related landing pages, but now that we have our main keyword, we know it’s the plumbers pull to the left, not to the right we’re going to go to GoDaddy and We’re going to buy our domain now. What I like to do is I like to do exact, match domains just because they are easier to rank, not because the domain is an exact match, but because the branding is exact, match and meaning.

When I’d go and do the titles – and I set up to Google my business a lot of stuff – it’s going to exactly match what the domain name is in order to set that up. All I do is go to plumber Colorado Springs and just to give you guys an idea we have ranked actually in our rank and rent course, if you’re not familiar, actually have a rank and rent course. Where I go and do all this stuff live – and we actually did this with a local plumbing website in this course right here, so we have.

I actually have ranked a plumbing website before just in case you’re wondering alright, so plumber Colorado Springs, we’re going to grab that see. If it’s there $ 395, not really worth it, I mean you can buy it. If you really think it’s going to be worth it to you, but what I’ll actually do like, for instance, the web design site so web design Colorado Springs? I just do abbreviations on the letters because you don’t really have like.

I said you don’t have to have the exact match for it to rank. You can see it just says: WD Santa Barbara WD Colorado Springs, so we’ll probably just do that. So we’re not the ranked we don’t have to buy a three hundred seventy five dollar domain. So we’ll just do plumber Colorado. Do I want it, which one do I want to abbreviate? I think I’ll, probably just do plumbers. Colorado Springs that one’s taken.

Let’s do plumber Pro something like that, so you can just again it doesn’t have the exact match. As long as you have your keywords in there, that’s pretty much all that matters, so we got plumber Pro Colorado Springs. Something like that. We would add that to the cart, we’d check out and then we’d get our hosting um you’d only get your hosting, though, if you’re going to be doing a wordpress site.

Now, most of my sites that I rank locally, as you guys probably saw from my last article, which, if you haven’t, go check it out, it is the Squarespace SEO tutorial. I actually ranked most my local websites on Squarespace. So this is the Squarespace SEO tutorial. I did over here so check that out. If you want to see how I set up on my Squarespace websites, what I’ll do is I’ll go over to Squarespace grab the domain that I just got from GoDaddy and you can always buy the domain through Squarespace as well, but I like to have my my Domains on GoDaddy, just because I I just think it’s a good place, divert domains.

I don’t think it’s a good place to have your hosting and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to set up your sites. You’re going to do create a new site. Choose your theme: it doesn’t matter what you choose. I use Bedford. I think it’s called let’s see if I can find it not really in here. So let’s just use this one and Squarespace is super easy to set up again. If you haven’t seen the Squarespace SEO tutorial, I did on YouTube, go check it out.

It shows you exactly how to edit the pages, how to add the links, how to SEO the pages on how to change the title tags all that kind of stuff. Once you have all of your pages set up after you read that Squarespace tutorial, it’s pretty easier to add in your content in the way you’re going to get your content same way. I did it with my Squarespace SEO tutorial you head over to writers access. So this is the second thing you’re going to do once you have your website going, meaning that you have the domain connected.

It’s set up, and you have like a couple pages on here: you’re, basically going to just delete these first pages, so delete, and then you would just have your home page. You know you’re just going to set this up with just like a basic call-to-action. I just delete all this content in here, so I’ll just delete all these columns and I’ll just have I’ll just start with just the the banner. I won’t keep all this other stuff on here.

Obviously you want to change your footer, but then I’ll have something like that with just the you know. Let’s say web design or sorry, let’s say, plumber plumbers, Colorado Springs and then call now and then we would have our background image, which is pretty easy to do. I think you just go to settings, I’m not really sure how to change the background image on this theme. On my theme, you just go press edit and it changes it, but you would change the background.

However, it is and then you know obviously that’s all you got to start out with you just have the website. So then we’re going to do is you can start hiring your going to start hiring a writer for your content. Now I pay about $ 50 per page, you can pay whatever you want. I would rather pay more and have the job done right. The first time then have to pay less and have to get it rewritten twice, but it also depends on.

You know how competitive the area is and if you’re just trying to like rank the site and not care about the site long-term, then you could go for cheaper, but what I’ll do is I’ll go to place, orders writing order, form and then I’ll start ordering. My content, so what I’ll do is I’ll go price per word? I’r going to do a web page we’re going to select the industry, so it’s going to be construction and then we’re going to just do 500 words per page.

That’s how many words I do per page and they’re going to start pulling these different pages based off the keyword, research that we did now you want to have about. You know eight nine, ten pages on your website. That way, you can internally link all these different pages to each other, so you can easily rank without worrying about you know: building links externally from other websites, because a lot of the time when you have all these pages on your website, they’re all linking internally you’re Kind of creating your own Authority system inside your own website that you can control so going back to the keyword, research.

You just keep going back through these things. One quick way, if you don’t find a lot of good stuff inside you’re all cute Diaz into each rafts, is just to go to your competitors, so you would type in somebody who’s already ranking like so, and you start extracting their keywords so like let’s say that We look at this website, grab their URL we’re going to plug it into our site Explorer, and this will just show us all the keywords they’re ranking for and then we can just kind of take ideas from each of our competitors.

So, for instance, you know 24 hour plumber that would be a page emergency plumbing. That would be a page gas line, installation that would be a page. You get the point. So if there’s not enough searches in your area, like let’s say you’re in an area where you know, there’s only like ten searches a month for your main keyword and you’re, just going for like a key or difficulty one and it’s just way too easy to rank.

Then you could just get away with a one-page website. Our one-page website for Coronado, I believe it was Coronado plumber – is ranking number two with a free Google Site and no SSL and we’re ranking like bringing in traffic in calls, because the keyword difficulty is like a 1. So if it’s that’s the case, then you probably be better off just doing that. But again it’s up to you and it’s up to you how you want to actually solve the business.

Do you want to just sawed off the leads? Do you want it upselling? The website, what do you want to do, and so that’s something you need to consider so once you have all your keywords: going you’re going to be spending probably again about three or four hundred dollars, just getting the content written. So we got fifty hundred. You know. 150, let’s say we got maybe four or five hundred dollars worth of content, but once you have that that’s pretty much all you’re paying for b-sides.

The next thing that you’re going to want to do, which is your citations. So next thing, you’re going to do is you’re going to go over to citation builder pro tape, type and chase writer at the end and you’ll get this special discount and in here you’ll actually get usually about 50 to 100 citations. All you need, you, don’t need the two hundred dollar option and what citations are is basically, your name, your address and your phone number showing up on relevant websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, hot frog and then obviously also local citations.

If there’s anything in your area that these people can find our niche citations and they’ll also build out your Facebook page, all your social media, so that way you don’t have to go and build all these social profiles. They’ll just give you all the logins and they’ll make sure that all of your citations are already you know in place and that they’re consistent in they’re all referencing, the same exact address same exact website.

That kind of thing. Now, if you don’t have an address, let’s say you are trying to rank and you don’t have an address one of the ways. Couple options you have option. One is you can option one is you can buy a co-working space? This is the best way to do it, so you just look in your area like let’s say we look for Colorado Springs co-working, and here we go. We got like a co-working space, they usually charge like $ 50 a month, and then you get a letter sent there and if you’re, not there, you can just have somebody who works there skip set.

You know forty, the letter that way you can get verified at one of these. You know working co-working places and then get verified and then obviously, if you want just cancel your membership, there number two is just verify your home address and then don’t show your home address on Google by besa Phi you want to have. It shows a service area, which is what I do for a lot of my sites anytime. I move somewhere I’d like oh great another place.

I can rank with my home address because, for the most part nobody’s going to be looking for your home address on hot frog or something so you can build the citation or you can just build citations. Just saying, oh, you have this. Business is in Colorado, Springs and look for citation places that don’t require to put your exact address, that’s sort of up to you, but yeah. Those are like the really the best two options and both of them work great.

I wouldn’t do like the instant verification options. People have we actually got our plumber listing removed because if we use an instant verification service which was like a fake, you know listing and then also I’m don’t use PPO boxes or any that stuff, because Google will find out and it’s just not going to work. Well, for you, okay! So next thing that you’re going to do after you get your pages written and your citations built and your social profiles going is you’re going to want to set up your basic call to actions your flows, all that kind of stuff.

So what I do is, I will obviously set up. My Google Analytics make sure conversion tracking is enabled. So if we go to Google Analytics pretty easy to install on your site, if you don’t how to do this, just look it up. Honestly, I’m not trying to be rude, but you know, setting up your Google Analytics is really simple. You just set up a proper property installed on your website with a tracking info JavaScript and your headers, and that’s pretty much it one thing that you want to make sure you do no matter what is set up your online and you’re offline conversion tracking.

Now, what’s the notice between online and offline convert dragon online conversion tracking? Is that if anybody sends you a message through a forum like if anybody went to my contact form and sent me a message, I’m going to show a conversion for that. If anybody gave me a call off of a phone number, it’s going to show a conversion for that now. The way you set these two things up is you set up your online in your offline conversion tracking and if you want to know how to set that stuff up, go over to YouTube type in chase Reiner, online and offline conversion tracking, and you will actually find A tutorial that’s about 30, to 40 minutes of me, showing you how to set this stuff up.

It’s not simple. It’s not super complicated. You just use a platform called call tracking metrics and you just make sure you add redirects on your pages, so that anytime somebody contacts you it redirects and now you have a conversion coming in, and this is very important because if you don’t set up your conversion Tracking, what will happen is all of your analytics. Anybody who contacts you or anybody who wants to buy you know wants to buy a service from you if you’re trying to sell these leads off.

If you’re trying to sell this business to and somebody after you rank it, then you’re not going to be able to show any proof that you were actually able to rank it. I mean that you were actually able to bring in leads after ranking it. So people don’t really care about the ranking as much as they see consistent, leads coming in and the only way you’re going to be able to show. That is, if you set up the conversion tracking.

So you should do that right away. What I do on these websites is obviously the first thing you’re going to see here. Is I’m going to be putting a call to action at the top? People should not have to scroll down in order to get a quote from you or get in contact with you. The first thing people are going to do when they see your website is they’re, going to either click on a button and and you’re going to direct them to where they need to go or they’re, going to be kind of search around trying to find your information And you don’t want people to have to struggle to get in contact with you, so you need to always make sure that, on your highest traffic pages that you’re offering some sort of free consultation, you know something that you can give people for free so that they Will want to call, and so you can boost your conversion rates up now.

I don’t do anything super crazy on these sites. You could see, I don’t even have a logo for it. I just have basic. You know: services info blog scrolling down. You know projects. We’ve worked on which these a lot of these you don’t even have to have as real projects. You can just say. These are projects that we’ve worked on to kind of just show that you’re a real company, but for the most part, even just having a website with just this call to action like that, you can still get away with it.

You can still rank it. Obviously, you want to probably have about 500 words a text per page, as I was telling you because it helps rank the websites higher. But if the cure difficulty is really easy, then you don’t even really need content, so titles and meta descriptions. What I’ll do for these is? I always have my main keyword. Let me just show you all zoom in I always have my main keyword pulled to the left for the homepage, so web design, Santa Barbara is the keyword that we’re going for and then I’ll do some sort of qualifier, like you know, number one website, designers in Santa Barbara, that’s just something: that’s like a call to action.

People can click on. So all of your titles should have some sort of you know main keyword to the left and then some sort of call to action. That’s really all your title should be. You don’t have, to put you know your brand name at the end, you don’t have to like measure your keyword, density and put it in your titles. Just do your main keyword and then add a call to action as long as your click-through rates are above, like six percent five or six percent you’ll be good to go.

If you don’t know how to look at your click-through rates, obviously you’re going to want to set up search console and once you have search console setup, you can go and actually see them. So if you wanted to see it click-through rate, you would go to your website open your report. Click on the page that you want to see so, like a homepage, go to your keywords and then you can actually see your click-through rates for these different keywords.

So you can see, I have pretty high click-through rates on my homepage. You know lowest one being 2.6 percent, but that’s for some random thing. Like Authority hacking, the people are just searching like brand related, but you can see obviously, for you know, like my brand name chase, Reiner click-through rates, 39 %, and if we look at something like a local SEO checklist or just the SEO checklist, we can see the Seo checklist has like a nine percent click-through rate, so it’s pretty good alright.

So that’s what you’re going to want to do for your title tag again all of your title tags. So every single piece of content that you get written, you’re going to have the keyword, Heating and Cooling, Colorado Springs or affordable, plumbing Colorado Springs and then you’d have your call to action, which would be something like quick and easy, or something like that right so that People are more enticed to click, that’s the secret to title tags, meta descriptions, the only thing I do, because Google, usually dynamically, pulls your meta description, anyways I’ll, just pull like the first paragraph, so I’ll just copy.

This put it in the meta description and that’s all I do. I don’t do like again any sort of keyword density. I don’t worry about that stuff because I just I know Google’s going to pull this stuff anyways and as long as my click-through rates are high. That’s all I care about going back to the web design site if we go to the other pages. What you’re going to find is the one thing that I really focus on with these other pages is when I’m trying to rank my homepage or I’m trying to rank these pages, I’m going to be trying to internally link to the most important pages high up on The page as much as possible, so I in almost every service page locally, I’m going to go our local web design, Santa Barbara professional copywriters or here at web design, Santa Barbara I’m going to keep taking the keywords of trying to rank for and I’m going to Point it back to the home page and what that does is the more links we have going back to the home page, even if they’re, just on our own website, it’s going to make that home page more authoritative, it’s going to make it rank easier and then What I’ll sometimes do as well is I’ll link externally to other websites, so I can, just you know, add relevancy as long as I’m not linking to competitor websites, you can, you know, obviously add external links to your content.

So, as far as the contact page goes, you know pretty simple. I just want to make sure on my website that I’m, including my name, address phone number on my contact page as well as in my footer. So it’s you know, my citations are on every single page places that I’m located out I’ll. Do a google map in bed and that’s pretty much it. The only other, really big thing to rake locally that you really need to find out for your own businesses.

Is your review generation strategy so a lot of the reasons why I’m able to rank like reason why I have so many reviews for this business is because I set up a review generation strategy that works really well now. This is the secret to local SEO. If you can do this, and you just do reviews like you’re going to win, that’s all it is, you don’t even have to have a website. You just have to have a Google my business and do this one review generation strategy.

So here’s the secret sauce right here step one target national content. So a good example of this is this tutorial. If you’re reading this tutorial right now, you know that I’m targeting nationally I’m targeting anybody who’s going to be wanting to learn about local SEO. Now what I do is I give away some sort of resource like let’s say I want to give away an SEO audit checklist or a local SEO checklist now.

First thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to send this over to read somebody clicks on a link right. I use many chat and I’ll talk to you about this in a second, but what I do, let me actually enlarge this. What I’ll actually do is I will take my SEO to check this after I send it to somebody I’ll, send it I’ll set like a one-day delay and then I will send an email or, however, I get people to opt in and I’ll say.

Could you leave me a review about the local SEO? I teach for the local SEO template and if I had a local SEO company here in Colorado, Springs, let’s say it’s called local SEO pro or something. Then people are going to go. Leave a review. Saying: hey this guy really knows his local SEO stuff, and now I’m going to be ranking better locally same thing as if I take took this same approach, let’s say I was targeting national content about.

You know how to fix your toilet or something, and I offered a free, step-by-step system where they just download the checklist and it’s like a printout that they can go and fix the toilet. A day later, I’m going to ask them to leave a review on the you know on me as a plumber. It’s not that difficult right, because these people are like oh yeah. This guy really knows his stuff. He helped me with this checklist.

It’s still a review about your business, you’re still helping people, so you don’t necessarily have to be paid in order for people to leave your review, and this is how I rank a lot of my local websites because of this system. If you can just do this, one thing for your websites you’re going to see that, like pretty much all of your websites going to rank locally because you’re going to be the only one using the system targeting national content and then repurposing that into a review generation Strategy for your client.

Now, if you want to be able to do this, you can actually set this up with robots and if you want the templates for the robots that I already have set up for this, I would go encourage you to go check out chase writer comm forward, slash Relationship building automation, there’s dashes in between that by the way, and what this program teaches you is it teaches you how to actually not only go in Auto message, people for this type of stuff, but actually grab all of their data, so I actually have created a System where I can actually take somebody’s email and I can grab all of their information off LinkedIn and Facebook, and I can get a whole user profile built around them with their phone number, where they live.

What kind of business they’re at what kind of income they have and so on, and I can literally just export these templates into another person’s account and you can use these in your businesses right away and you can actually learn how to create these relationships. And these review generation strategies which are tremendously valuable, so I would definitely go check that out if you have a second again, all of these steps are in the local SEO checklist here, we’ll see you guys next time and until we do happy s, you see you Later, bye,

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How do you surfer SEO to achieve perfect, on-page, optimization, so surfer is by far the most exciting SEO tool I’ve found since starting back in 2013. Now this article you’re going to read, is from a real-life SEO consulting session. In short, I’m training their in-house team on how to use surfer, so they can get better rankings and more traffic from Google.

So make sure you block out some time to read this entire SEO training article, because I share some advanced tips throughout. Also, please, like this article and leave a comment saying surfer if you’re pumped to see how to use this awesome tool, let’s dive right in so you guys said you have tinkered around with this a little bit. Oh yeah! This is all new to me. Talking to you, okay, yeah, so just to give you kind of an overview really this tool.

Its primary purpose is purely for on-page SEO. It’s not going to do a whole lot of other stuff, but as far as optimizing a single page, this is really going to be the best so you’re going to find that, and it just helps because of course you know there are plenty of best practices when It comes to on-page SEO that you can follow, but it is nice to show like actual data. That’s telling you and directing you towards what you should actually be doing, as opposed just following general best practices.

So and the thing is like every keyword and every vertical is different, so you know how you optimize one page in one vertical versus how you optimize an another one and another vertical could be radically different, and so this tool basically just levels the playing field, so That you basically know how to optimize, based on that specific keyword and vertical, so that’s really the value of it. So let me so.

There are some nuances here that we want to make sure I cover so right here in the SERP analyzer. You can put any keyword in here now. I don’t recommend putting the exact variation that has the most volume. If it isn’t a readable query so, like you could do STD testing Austin now that might be. That might be a keyword they’re going after, but in natural language. That’s not how people would write, and so the reason why that’s important is because, if you do SDH in Austin, it’s going to give you suggestions based on that exact variation.

Okay, and so, if you try to do that in with an actual copy, it’s going to seem very unnatural and weird to do it. That way, it’s just not a normal way to to speak, and also Google really is at the point where it knows that STD testing, austin austin STD testing are really the same thing gotcha, so you’re not really going to need to be that specific. Maybe back in the day that would be necessary, but now anything that’s closely related to those keyword.

Phrases is going to be pretty much the same thing so so that’s why I always make sure that I do it in natural language. So, let’s just do austin or actually, let’s do it differently, because I think i’ve already done that one for you guys will do chicago, STD justin’s that work sure. So you can select mobile or desktop i’ll. Typically, just do i’ll do one with desktop and then one with mobile, but in this case will this do desktop? I don’t know what is the percentage for you guys as far as desktop first mobile, like eighty five mobile, oh yeah, okay, I mean everyone’s phones are like so personal, so you know people are much less.

I feel like they’re much less concerned about searching for something. This personal, if they’re on their phone but yeah, I mean like eighty, eighty five percent of our sales come from mobile traffic: okay, yeah. Let’s just do mobile, then, in that case, and then NLP stands for I don’t know if you know what that is, but natural language language processing. So in this case it’s natural language processing doesn’t really matter.

You don’t need to know the technicalities of it, but really what it’s doing is it’s basically analyzing the keyword phrase and pulling ideas that are relevant to that primary phrase. I’r so like, for example, it may associate. You know HIV testing with STD testing, because those things are closely linked. So really what it is is an AI pulling these ideas. So you don’t have to use this and it sucks up your credits, as you can tell here, so you don’t always have to use it.

I typically will just because I like getting as much data as I can, but yeah. That’s, basically it as far as settings. Altum Utley, you can choose whether you want this or not, and you can see the differences, but I would recommend it in most cases. So, what’s going to do create a query: what are the credits again yeah, so the credits are base are on a per keyword basis. So every time you every time you run a keyword like one variation.

It will take one credit away for the day and then these are actually on the monthly basis, and the reason for that is because I think it takes so much processing power to be able to do that. So they’re very like for a lack of a better word stingy about it so yeah. So let’s go ahead and check this one out and this can be pretty overwhelming Luke. So, just a quick yeah, it’s going to feel like a lot, but you know, as I kind of walk you through it, it’s not too bad.

So what this initial chart is just showing it our averages. I typically like to just look at like the actual raw data, so I can see, but really what it’s showing here is just straight word count, and we look at you know across the board. Here, most of the word counts are substantially lower, which the thing with SEO – that’s really kind of annoying that tends to happen is like we’ll go towards one trend for a long time, and then that trend will become void and that we need to like tone things Back so for the last, like I would say, prior to the last two years, the easiest way to rank was just to have the longest page possible, like the most words like the deepest, and that was that that worked for a really long time.

But then all of a sudden Google started to get you know a lot smarter. They started to realize that word count didn’t equate to quality. So that’s why you’re, starting to see a lot of pages that don’t have big word counts, ranking because now they’ve basically figured out a way and I’m not entirely sure how they’ve been able to do it. But, okay. They just know that there is a lot of fluff in a lot of content right, though typically, what they’re going to do is they’re, probably going to look at the websites that are most authoritative and they’re going to say, okay.

Well, if these super authoritative websites have this word count, but then all of a sudden this week website has you know 1800 words. It’s just going to be a mismatch. So really the takeaway is that we want to match whatever is showing on the first page. We don’t want to go extremely above it, we don’t want to go below it. We want to be like right in that sweet spot for where for what’s ranking, so that’s what averages can come in a plane? You can kind of you know you can mess around this and see the different things.

You know it’s kind of funny, because you know 1 through 10 has much less word count than 11 through 20 on average. So you know it’s kind of nice to see this with your own eyes and say: okay well, yeah. Maybe we need to cut the words a little bit now. The good news is, you, don’t have to make decisions based on this little chart here and it’s actually kind of funny. Just looking at the chart, you can see that higher word counts tend to not do very well because look at this 31 through 40 have the biggest word counts and they’re they’re not doing too hot.

So just click the audit option here and then what its going to do is literally going to show you exactly how to optimize this page to a tee. This first section here show missing backlinks. This is basically just what would be called a link intersect in href. I don’t know if you’ve done that before, but basically what it’s doing is just showing you the links that your competitors have, that you don’t have, and so you know, if Google’s looking at websites and trying to determine you, know who’s the best and they see that You know the first five web sites have these links from really authoritative sites and all of a sudden, you don’t.

You know, they’re, obviously going to pick the sites that have the better links. Ultimately, so it should be an initiative to try to get these links. Now. That’s kind of what we’re doing on our site we’re trying to get you guys. These super authoritative links gotcha, but to be in you know, to put it in perspective, getting a link from Forbes. You know you’re looking at 2,500 to 3,000 dollars for one link sure so you know it can get quite pricey trying to get these super authoritative ones, but it’s still good to you know, export this and then just have on the list of targets.

You know that we want to go after or at least find alternatives that are close in the same Authority. Ballpark. Does that make sense easy yeah? So now, let’s scroll down here, this is more on page SEO based stuff and it’s honestly, it’s pretty straightforward. You know it’s just going to give you the exact phrases that it pulled based on the NLP and based on just the general keyword density. So right away, you know they’re recommending that you add at least 2 to 11 of this exact phrase which is Chicago STD testing, and you know you only have one at this point apparently, and it’s really all right there.

I like that yeah yeah, so and that’s why it’s important that you put the phrase that’s natural because then otherwise it’s going to tell you to put you know, STD testing Chicago eleven times or something like that, which we definitely don’t want. So now. One thing I will say is: while this tool is very accurate, it’s not perfect so like sometimes it will do a crawl and it will crawl your page and like it will miss some stuff, but anyway, the way that I go about doing it is I’ll.

Do this report, and then I’ll typically either export this or I’ll? Actually, just do this, this shareable link and I’ll send that to a team, member and I’ll have them go through and do all of the the recommendations. And then you can actually just hit this refresh button and then Cyril surfer will recrawl that page and then give you an updated percentages here as far as density. So that’s kind of the cool part is you can like.

You can just make the changes and then see those reflected here, lino directly, which is really nice so and then one thing that’s cool is they they actually do sort it by relevance. So, like they’re, going to give you all kinds of recommendations down here, doesn’t necessarily mean you should do them all like her. You know at the time to speed, maybe that maybe that could be relevant, maybe not Cove in nineteen.

You know who knows probably not super relevant to that page, but that is why they sort it that way so yeah, so you do have to use kind of your best judgment. Obviously, but in a lot of cases like please call like you definitely don’t need to place that ten-time right so but yeah I mean it’s, you have any questions about this. The density part now that looks great yeah. So it’s I mean it’s pretty straightforward for the most part, I would focus just you know kind of on this, this top half and then once you get down to lower just you know, use your best judgement, okay, so that’s kind of the first thing and then This part is also one I really like, and I’ve actually seen direct results from doing this, so it actually gives you a range they should aim for.

As far as word count – and so in this case it’s saying you know, 521 to 1072 is the target. So you know you’re sitting about 800 words above that, so I know it’s. It’s super bizarre to think like wait, I have to actually like delete content to rank its right. It’s a really weird concept, but I just make it difficult to because, like our markets are so the content is so similar so like we try to like switch it up by putting more content on there.

But I mean if this is more important than having similar content than I mean we can definitely look into it. Yeah I mean I, I would aim to keep every page super unique. So, even if that takes you way longer than do, I would extend those resources out longer just to get it done, because it’s just going to be beneficial like I’ll. Give you an example like I have. I have a blog post that targets the keyword backlinks, which is hyper hyper, competitive sure and when I first published that blog post, which was in I want to say, maybe 2016 yeah, I ranked on the first page super fast and that that blog post had like 7,000 words like it was enormous, like stupidly long.

I don’t even know why it was that long. Then he missed us, but anyway I ended up ranking really well and I ranked for a long time all the way from 2016 to maybe 2019 even into 2020. And then, when those recent updates hit, I dropped hard like I went all the way to like number 15, and I was like what in the world because I have like. I have more links to that page than any of the competitors. Like you know, all the other thing checked out, so the only thing that I could think that it was was – and this is actually with the new updates that I’ve noticed, and so this might be kind of something to think about, and there is documentation from Google About this particular idea, but I’ve kind of come up with my own concept of it.

But just because you published a blog post that performed well at one time doesn’t mean it should continue to perform well forever. And the reason is because, when I published that blog post at that time and for the following years after that was the best blog post and most in-depth blog post or page about that particular topic. But over time over time, as more people begin to compete. For a keyword, your content is no longer as unique as it once was.

Now, all of a sudden, you have all these copycats who just basically take your information and then you know, recycle it and create some blog posts and also what happens is Authority sites that are much stronger than you write about the same topics now so now. They’re starting to push you out too, and so, even though their content isn’t necessarily better in any way, they are just stronger. So therefore you’re going to get pushed out so the way to combat that, and unfortunately it’s really annoying.

You have to literally update your content on a pre frequent basis to make a unique for that query. So, for example, at the time when I did the backlinks post that you know when it had its initial phase, it was all about, like you know what are backlinks and you know, how do you build backlinks, really general stuff just about it? So then I decided, since every single blog post and every single page ranking was about that exact topic.

I was like well, you know what I’m just going to do a data-driven post, that’s all about, like our backlinks actually important like do they actually matter for SEO. So then that’s what I did. I literally deleted every single word from that old blog post and then just replaced it with this new one. That was a completely different concept altogether and then the rankings shot back up. So that was a very long-winded thing to explain that, but I took that blog post from 7,000 words to 2,000 words got it and the rankings went out very cool yeah.

So that’s and I’ve actually seen that across multiple verticals like, even though, with the personal injury lawyer’, we cut his content content down by a ton rankings went up and how the opposite is also true. In some cases you want to add content in some scenarios, but fortunately you have. You have surfer to kind of give you that give you that path to you know make that decision, so you don’t have to make it on your own.

Do you think quick question? Is you know the reason they’re kind of switching? That is because they want people to get rid of the fluff. You know essentially and just get right to like the hard points you know, because everybody kind of skim reads now and it’s more of just how you said you know people got too much fluff and we’re driving home like the real points of a lot of articles, Because it was just a lot of stuff in there and just how you said kind of reversing it the way I don’t know that I’ve been noticing that too, I was just kind of just throwing ideas around and I was like I wonder if they’re just trying To you know, have people get rid of the fluff and a lane, or you know, drive home the true hard facts and points of you know certain topics.

Let’s say yeah yeah and that’s that’s exactly right. In fact, a lot of it has to do with the fact that they’re trying to push push voice, search so much because, with with voice search, the answers have to be fast. They can be like a 7,000 word article like they need to be like one. You know one sentence type of thing, so there have been a few SEO Elsa I’ll, send you guys what the key word is after this I’ll need to find it, but this guy that I actually talked to today, he he worked for fresh books.

Have you guys heard of fresh books, I’m not okay yeah, so it’s just basically an accounting software, but anyway they have an extremely authoritative website and this guy did SEO for them and so he’s always running experiments on their site. And one thing he did is he found a keyword that was like kind of a question based keyword and then what they did is they just? They literally answered answered that keyword phrase, which was probably five to six words.

They literally answered it with like two sentences. They published that blog post and immediately went into the featured sniffing like to literally yeah literally two sentences and into the featured snippet for a keyword that has, like you know, a hundred thousand searches a month. Wow, that’s insane! So so it’s showing you that that is what Google cares about right now they want. They want, like minimal content, is little content as possible to answer whatever the query is so since yeah, so it does, it does make sense like I.

I totally am guilty of writing long content just because it was the way to manipulate Google at the time, but now now it’s different so now my content is getting much shorter, it’s getting much more efficient, and so fortunately surfer can make this a lot easier, and I actually, I recommend stacking grammerly two with this, so like, if you guys have your writers. What typically my my like content process is to draft the content and then put that content through grammarly and then, even if you want to take it up, another notch actually put it through a Hemingway writer.

And what that’s going to do is it’s going to force the writers to write, really concise content like hey he’s gravely every day man, I love ya. Oh man, it’s the best and I mean like I wish I had grammarly when I was in school like I live in so much better in school, but yeah I mean that’s that’s kind of my process, so I do write the draft put it to grammarly and Hemingway and then put it through surfer: okay, okay! So if you go through that process that that can really improve the quality of the content, so for so for our site, I mean it’s, it’s very modular in the sense that we have to have.

Well. I say we have to have a lot of content on here related to our process, which is pretty much identical for every location, I’m guessing that this content is more closely related to what we would have in our intro paragraph, or you know right underneath our h2. I mean, or is there any way we can could like keep the rest of the content on there like our order visit results? You know why choose us, you know same day, testing, confidential testing, etc.

Yeah I mean I would I would try to be. Is like literal with these recommendations as impossible, initially and then adjust after so okay, you know just use your best judgment, but it’s really going to come down to the intent of the keyword. So, like someone searching, you know, STD testing center in Chicago the intent is they’re looking for an STD testing center. So really, you guys shouldn’t be trying to persuade them to use you, okay, as opposed to giving them like data about Chicago STDs, because they probably already think they have one.

So they probably don’t really need a whole lot of data about it right so they’re. Looking for a problem, they’re looking for a solution to their problem becomes so that comes down to knowing like the different types of intent. So you know transactional intent, which would be someone searching for an actual STD testing center. Verse informational. Like you know what is an STD okay, so yeah you got ta, you got a structure.

The page is based on that, but yeah, just you know, use your best judgment so so yeah, that’s kind of the first thing is just getting this. The total word count in the right spot and I’m sure you can probably easily remove 800 words. So if probably any fluff that might be on that page or something or just adjust it to make it more efficient got it, and then it’s going to give you some like HTML recommendations, you know hey, since you guys are going to be kind of new to This, I would just be pretty literal with the recommendation, so even if, like they seem kind of like they’re not going to matter it’s on, maybe just do it so that way you can.

You can know that you optimized it to the tee, and then you can kind of go from there, so that’d be kind of like the foundation. Okay. So – and this is the same thing – it’s basically just telling you where the frequency of exact key words in the copy and in different different parts of the HTML one thing you can actually do that’s kind of cool is, if you just click, show, details will actually Show you where you compare against wow, that is so slick.

It really is it’s super cool, so yeah. So this this initial report is basically all about density and word count for the most part. If you want to get like start to get really granular, you can go back to these filter section. You can start to mess around with those and start to see. You know if you can find any correlations for various things. The only thing that that I should mention here is, of course, page loading, speed, which is huge, but you guys seem to already have that covered well, so you know what’s really strange, those are the Lightspeed tool that Google has consistently ranks us fairly poorly because of Like our chat app, even though the site loads really quickly, that consistently will take up to well in Google’s eyes, eight seconds to load.

So our actual page speed score averages around 25 to 40, and I remember seeing a post go out on SCJ. I think mentioning that, starting in 2021, your page speed score is going to factor into rankings, so I mean I see that this tool definitely shows that we’ve got a more. This is more realistic representation of how quickly our page loads, but I think Google might be seeing it differently. Do you kind of have any ideas on that yeah? Well that that’s kind of the dilemma at this point, because you know you can have a fast loading website and Google can still give you a horrible score right.

I mean that’s what we’re running a dedicated server and our website is like stupid fast, but Google doesn’t see it that way. Well, really it’s kind of twisted, but Google’s really their end goal, I think, is to get everyone on amp. That’s really what they’re goal is, and so the way to the way to get a good score like I’ll just show you like, I moved, I moved Gaucho SEO to amp and I used to have a score of like sometimes below 10.

Even though I had a fast loading website now check this out, I didn’t do anything else. I just moved it to amp so and it’s literally like it’s ridiculous, 998, so uh how that’s not a hundred? How do you move to amp like what exactly does it? Take for you to do that! Oh it’s horrible! Oh, like you can’t you can’t have anything on your website like you can’t have you can’t have any scripts. You can’t have like any JavaScript like it’s all.

It’s extremely difficult. You have to have the most lean website to even get this type of score like I had to delete so many plugins and find like all these alternatives, and it was a big, a big process and I’ll just give you a little insight into this this website. I also have a website, that’s in the coffee industry and then my wife’s website, that’s actually in the fashion industry. I moved all three websites to amp.

They all increase traffic by at least 20 to even a hundred percent in just like two weeks. Oh, that is going to be so difficult for us, because we have so much stuff that we actually really need on our site. I mean the new properties that we’re building out. Our we’ve made it very clear to our devs that this needs to be a priority for them. No pun intended – and I just don’t know how easy it’s going to be to retrofit our current site, especially our e-commerce platform, like it’s just loaded to the teeth with with JavaScript.

So all right. Well, that’s something I can dream about. Yeah I mean there. They are the documentation, for amp has gotten a lot better like a couple years ago it was horrible, like you’d, have no chance moving a couple years ago. Now it’s it’s gotten a lot better like they have like special coding just for amp and do you guys use Google tag manager yeah? We used to TM them, okay yeah, so you have to literally get a completely different property 4 amp to be to be compliant with amp.

It’s like it’s pretty complicated, but the thing is the only way I’ve seen to be able to do it accurately. At this point, is you have to have an extremely minimal theme like mine? Like is minimal, as you can get, and I can I can get away with that, because it’s just a blog but like for you guys you’re not going to be able to really do this. So I think you know you need to try to do as much as you can try to get that score up as much as you can without amp and maybe just start researching, amp and start messing around like.

Maybe you guys can create a dummy site and try to see if you could like trying to do it. I’r just going to tell you it’s hard. Okay, it’s hard, and I don’t know I don’t know how much you’ve talked to rob about it. But yeah I mean you basically can’t have any any scripts yeah. When I, when I read through the documentation a while ago, I was like how is this even possible? You know everything gone. You know yeah just yeah a box pretty much.

I know well well, and the only thing that’s crazy is before I did this. I had I had tracking codes for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and even my drip email provider, and none of them work anymore, except for Google Analytics and Facebook is the only one that supports it. At this point and my Facebook analytics numbers are so off like they’re. They don’t it’s not even like tracking anymore, even though I’ve set it up for amp, it’s like totally off now.

Google Analytics is perfect, of course, so I don’t know what Google’s trying to do if they’re, trying to like squash their competitors or something by but yeah. It’s it’s difficult, so not to get too off-topic here, but definitely something to think about. You know maybe brainstorm that with your devs or whatever, and you create a dummy site or something to mess around with it. Even just getting some exposure to it might be a good idea at this point, because Google is really going to be pushing UX, really really hard yeah, oh my god, and if just just to put it this way, I’ve been doing this for so long that when Google says something publicly they’re already using it.

So if they say in a year from now that they’re going to be doing, they’ve already been doing it, I got it so you know it’s kind of like how, like the military puts out like a new plane, no check out our new plane, yeah that we’ve Had for a year down, yeah yeah, I got they’ve been dropping bombs for three years. It’s similar to that. So but yeah I mean this. This initial report, like you’re, going to have a lot of work to do obviously like okay yeah.

So you need to do this with with every single page and, like I said, just do it with the the natural phrase all right, yeah and, like I said you would do it do it given the time restraints that you have, and I won’t say the thing: That’s kind of cool about this is you can actually train someone to do this really well like I I can have. I have so many words to me. I pay them $ 27 per hour. They live in the Middle East and they do all this.

For me, oh wow, so you can outsource this. Oh yes, 100 %. Oh man, yeah! That would make my life so much easier, yeah. So, okay, it’s good! It’s good yeah! You can just go to up work and find pretty much any SEO. Person could do this. So that now I will say like, if you’re going to do that, make sure that you talk to the person and see that they have. They can speak English fluently at least because otherwise they’ll bill inject words like in a natural way, which you don’t want.

So you want them to be able to, like you know, take these words and put it into sentences and a totally like natural and organic way. If you give them the right instructions and you’re detailed about those instructions, they will follow it to a tee. Awesome is what they’re so good at like anyway, so you have any questions about this. It’s kind of a lot. No, this is this is great. I mean honestly, I think once I like dig into it and I’ll probably have some more questions but like yeah yeah, once I get over the initial hurdle and like comfortable with the UX and everything, I’m sure that I’ll be able to plug through this pretty quickly.

Yeah and like I said one thing, that’s oran is like once you make the changes, you know it, I would recommend Luke that you or actually I would have you actually go through the process of optimizing, a page on your own okay, that that way, you can See how it’s actually done and then from there I’ll be easier for you to explain that to someone else. Definitely, okay! So that’s one thing: I’ve kind of learned about this sorry, my dogs are going crazy for some reason, no worries and then one other thing is just to make sure you refresh after you make the updates.

Okay, so how it is yeah. Well, unfortunately, I think in your market you have to play like the algorithm game and you have to kind of wait it out until the next core update right. It’s just that’s what we did last year and like it was literally a flip of a light switch. All of a sudden, all of our traffic came back and everything was hunky-dory yeah and we can only hope it happens again. Some other things here.

You can actually look through these tabs and obviously the best way to learn. This is just for you to dive in, and you know do yourself, but this will just basically show you some keyword, variations that you may want to target on that page as well, and okay, like you know, similar to the other one, it will actually show you The relevance so basically, what it’s saying is that the top 10 results mentioned this particular keyword phrase in one way or another okay, so that can be an indication that you may want to include a section about sti’s as well, not just STDs and then maybe even Talk about you know a section dedicated to free, STD testing as well to talk about that so yeah.

You know you can use these as your sections, ultimately other types of density. So so that’s, basically it and then the other thing about this tool you can use. It’s kind of cool: is this content editor? So basically, what you can do is you can put this into the editor and then you can actually edit the content based on the recommendations, also yeah. So if you, if you finish, you know your your analysis with grammar early and Hemingway and then have the writer put it through here, you just have them log in and put it through here and then they can actually go through and optimize it before even goes Live if you guys are like putting out a new blog post or a new transactional bitch, for example, so pretty useful to be honest, very cool.

This is some killer software man yeah, it really is like I don’t. I don’t get impressed by SEO software very often, but this one is they’ve. Really they’ve really thought about a lot. You you have any questions. Aj not really I mean I just want to get into it and mess with it and start running some stuff, but seems he seems amazing. You know yeah, I just like how everything is compacted in this one software, and just it’s how I said before the UI is just on point cuz.

You know what you said you get into some of these and they are just they just look terrible. You know yeah totally agree, you can’t really use them and you know everything’s. This thing has a nice flow to it. That’s the first thing I noticed yeah and I and that that means a lot to me. You know like I want. I want it to be simple when I get in there. I don’t want to have to like think about like okay.

Is this thing going to loan today, or is it not going to load yeah? Oh one of the thing I was going to say is how you send it. You know it’s a lot of stuff compacted and one well before this tool. I had to use like multiple tools to get the same data so like I had to use I’ll. Actually, just show you the two why you stopped you used to find word count it’s this one right here, I would put I’d, have a feeling yep I’d have to put my items down.

My VA go URL by URL and tell me what the competition is and what the averages are. So just just streamlining that alone is enough to make me pay for this tool so but yeah it’s it together. Sometimes I know yeah so, but it’s definitely exciting but yeah. That’s basically it so hey. Thank you so much for reading this article and if you learn some things, please like this article and leave a comment below if you have any questions whatsoever.

Also, if you aren’t subscribed, please subscribe now, because I publish new SEO training articles every week and lastly, if you want to learn or about surfer I’ll, have a link in the description box below this article. Thanks again for reading and I’ll see you in the next article

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In fact, I used this exact formula to rank on the first page of Google for competitive keywords. Like link building tools, backlinks and SEO checklists, I’m Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, the place where marketers turn for higher rankings and more traffic, And if you wan na rank Number one in Google you’ll love the actionable.

Steps in this article Keep reading. I have a confession to make. I used to hate SEO. That’s mostly because my First website wouldn’t rank no matter what I did. It was super frustrating. I hate you SEO And to make matters worse, I was following all the advice that I read: From so-called SEO experts “ Create great content..” “, Add keywords to your page..” “ Make sure that your site loads, fast.

” Yeah that stuff can help a little. But it’s not going to rocket your site to the top of Google’s first page And when I realized that I decided to run lots of SEO experiments. I tested title tags: Backlinks anchor test internal links and more And over the years I started To put the pieces together, Flash forward to today and I rank number one in Google for tons of competitive Keywords like nofollow links And “ Success.

Magazine” recently called me “, The world’s foremost expert On search engine, optimization,.”, Okay, enough bragging! Now it’s time for me to Reveal to the process that you can use to rank on the first page of Google step by step. So let’s kick things off. With step number, one find three keywords, So your first step is To find three keywords: They are keywords that You’ll create content around in the next step And here’s exactly how to find great low competition keywords.

First, head over to AnswerThePublic. This free tool finds questions that people ask on forums. Blogs and on social media – and it turns those questions – Into awesome keywords, The best part, The keywords that you Get from AnswerThePublic are usually long tail keywords In case you haven’t heard of them before long tail. Keywords are just keywords that are long and very specific. For example, a keyword like keto diet is a short tail keyword, But keto diet, breakfast Recipes is a long tail keyword, Even though not a lot.

Of people tend to search for long tail keywords: they’re Also, not super competitive, Which makes them perfect Keywords to go after if you’re, just starting out Another great way to find keywords, is believe or not. Reddit Just head over to a subreddit where your target audience hangs out and take a look at the topics. That people are talking about, You can even pop these Topics into AnswerThePublic to find long tail, Versions of these topics Finally, head over to explodingtopics.

Com. This is another free tool that Bubbles up trending topics in industries like tech, health, fashion, marketing and more And because these topics Are relatively new the keywords that people use To find information on them aren’t usually that competitive, So once you have at least Three keywords: ready to go: it’s time for step; number; Two create epic content, So I recently teamed up with BuzzSumo to analyze 912 million articles, And one of our more surprising findings was that most content on the web doesn’t get shared or linked to.

In fact, we found that 94 % Of all articles online have zero links, Zero And there’s a simple reason for that. Most of the content that people Publish isn’t that great And if it’s not great, it’s going to get lost among the millions of blog posts, tweets YouTube articles and Twitch streams that come out every day. So for your content to stand out, it can’t just be good or even great, For your content to be something that someone else would Wan na actually link to it needs to be epic.

Now, there’s no formula. For creating epic content, or else everyone would do it, But there are a few things you can do to increase the odds. That people will share and more importantly, Link to your content: First, you wan na publish content. That’s long and in-depth The BuzzSumo study that I mentioned earlier uncovered a little interesting nugget And that nugget was that longer content gets more links than short content.

Specifically long form content gets an average of 77 % more Backlinks than short content, Does this mean that Publishing longer content will automatically bring In thousands of links, Of course, not But publishing in-depth Content that does cover an entire topic: in-depth Can increase the odds that people link to you, For example, this post from My blog is 4,700 words long And because this post has Everything there is to know about link building in one place over 1,000 different Sites have linked to it.

Next, you wan na add a Hook to your content, A hook is something that Would make a blogger or journalist wan na link to your content? Your hook can be a stat A case study example, a unique strategy, a rare interview, a tool or widget or even a visualization. Basically anything that makes someone else say wow. I need to link to this. Can work. For example, a few years ago, I published this case study of how I increased my Blog’s conversion rate The hook in this case Was a specific case study that people could reference? I also wrote about a unique Strategy, in that case, study call the content upgrade Which was another hook And because my page wasn’t Just high quality content but included several hooks.

Lots of people have linked to that post. Now that your epic content is ready to go it’s time for step number three keyword-optimize your content On page SEO has changed a Lot over the last few years, Back in the day, keyword optimization was all about stuffing Your page with keywords, But that doesn’t really work anymore. Instead, the goal of on page SEO today is to give Google context about What your page is all about.

Yes, you still wan na use. Keywords on your page, But you also need to help Google understand your pages’ overall topic. Here’s how to do it! Your first step is to Include your target keyword in a few important places on your page. That way, Google can Understand that your page is about that specific term, Specifically, you wan na add your keyword to these areas of your page Next, it’s time to give Google More context about your page And the best way to do that.

Lsi keywords: LSI keywords are words and phrases that are closely related. To your target keyword Put another way, they are Terms that tend to show up next to your keyword around the web, For example, if your target Keyword was fresh, prince LSI keywords would be terms like this And when Google sees these Lsi keywords on your page: it makes them say we’re Confident that this page is actually about that topic, You can find these LSI keywords by searching for your Keyword and then scrolling to the bottom of the search results.

The bold suggested keywords here usually make great LSI keywords. Then sprinkle in a few Of these LSI keywords on your page and you’re good to go With that, let’s dive right! Into step number four optimize: your content for users. Back in the day, Google would rank pages based almost 100 % on who Had the most backlinks Yes, backlinks are still important And I’ll. Show you exactly how to build backlinks in the next step, But to rank in Google today.

Backlinks aren’t enough: Your content also needs To be optimized for users, That’s because Google Pays very close attention to how people interact with Your site in the search results And if they notice that people Are clicking on your site and then quickly heading back to Google they’ll down rank you Boring next, But if they see users Sticking on your page, that’s a sign that you’re Giving Google searchers what they want.

This is awesome And you’ll usually get a rankings boost With that. Here’s exactly How to optimize your content for users, so they stay on your page, First structure, your content, so people start getting Actionable info ASAP, In other words, you don’t Wan na start, your post off with a long explanation about Why the topic is important: that’s only going to make people bounce Instead use a short intro Then get right into the steps, tips recipes, workout plans or whatever you’re going to Cover in your post, For example, in this post from my blog, I don’t get into a long backstory about why SEO is important.

Instead, I have a brief five line. Intro then it’s time for the first strategy. Next make sure that your Content’s design is on point. Studies show that people Largely judge your site based on design first and content. Second, So if your site looks like this, you can expect a really high bounce rate. Now that doesn’t mean that your site needs to win any design awards Or look fancy. In fact, in my experience, a simple design tends to work best.

For example, if you look at this post, there’s nothing remotely fancy about it, But it does have a clean design that makes it easy to read and skim, Which leads us to our last step. Step number five build: backlinks Are backlinks still important for SEO. Yeah. In fact, Perficient Digital has been tracking the importance of backlinks Over the last three years – And they found that links are basically just as important today as they were, since they first started tracking them.

And if you follow the steps so far by creating epic content. Optimizing it for users and adding hooks. You already have a strong foundation. For building backlinks, It’s just a matter of getting Your content out there to actually build those links And the best way to do that Broken link building. In fact, I used broken link building to get this link from a Super authoritative website: Here’s how it works First, find a broken link on a page that you wan na get a link from.

I personally use the helpful Check My Links extension for Google Chrome, which is free It automatically crawls All of the links on a page and IDs broken links. Next, you wan na find a post on your site that will make a good Replacement for the dead link, For example, I recently found A broken link on this page and after looking through my site, I found this post that would Be a pretty good replacement.

Now it’s not a one to one match to what the person linked To but it’s close enough Finally reach out to the Person that runs that site and ask them to swap out the dead link for a link to your content. Now for this process, You can definitely work with an email script. As you send these out, But I definitely don’t Recommend sending out the same generic email, To 100 different people, In fact, an outreach study that I recently did with Pitchbox found that personalized Emails got 32 % more replies than emails that used the same Exact pitch for everybody, For example, you can see That this broken link, building email that I recently sent out is super personalized.

Now, before we close out this SEO tutorial, I wan na show you a quick Bonus step, use, unique images. Can using stock photos on your site, hurt your Google rankings, As it turns out they might. The folks at Reboot Online recently ran an interesting experiment. They created 10 brand new websites, all optimized around a Keyword that they made up For the experiments on five of the sites, they used five stock photos that were already used on A bunch of other websites And for the other five they Actually took their own images that way they were 100 % unique.

So what did they find? They discovered that the five websites that had unique images Which are the green lines in this chart? You see Here, outrank the sites that didn’t use, unique images which are the red lines from the chart. So what’s the bottom line, Whenever you can try to use Unique images in your content: These can be pictures that You take with your phone Or illustrations that You make in Photoshop Or screenshots that you take yourself, As this study showed unique images seem to have a direct impact on rankings.

Did you learn something New from today’s article, If so, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube blog right now, Just click on the subscribe. Button below this article, Also, if you want exclusive SEO techniques that I only share with subscribers head over to backlinko.Com And hop on the newsletter It’s free Now I wan na turn it over to you Which technique from today’s Article are you going to try first, Are you going to try broken link building, Or are you going to try adding Unique images to your page, Let me know by leaving a Comment below right now Now from Okay, we don’t need a prop The hook here, [ Man ] Did I hurt you ( laughs ), But you also need to ( clears throat ).

I think it’s yeah. That was like an action movie line.

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Local SEO for Local Realtor Visalia CA

Local SEO for Local Realtors

Understanding eCommerce – we develop digital media strategies that convert visitors into customers.

Understanding eCommerce

Local SEO Practices For The Real Estate Sector

SEO is one of the most crucial marketing tools for any business that wants to increase its rankings on SERPS. To enhance your visibility on the internet, it is important to look into critical elements such as keywords, Meta descriptions, and contact details on your website. The usual nitty-gritty of SEO marketing.

However, When we talk about real estate local SEO, this also includes local search listings. Below, we have mentioned a few tips that can help you strengthen your local SEO for your real estate business.

This is an essential step, and probably something you should be doing first! Start by creating a My Business page on Google. Fill in all the relevant information, including your business name and contact information. Next, register your real estate business under the Google 3-Pack.

The Google 3-Pack is by far the simplest way to increase your website’s ranking on search engines. It involves snippets from the top three websites of local search results. These usually cover half the screen and are virtually impossible for users to ignore. Google 3-Pack also works by ranking your business after tracking the physical location of your IP address. This means your business will show up in the top three positions only if your location is nearby the users. Most users are likely to stick to the first SERP, and you definitely don’t want to miss out!

User intent defines your keywords, and keywords eventually enhance your business’s visibility on different search engines. Real estate marketers often don’t pay too much attention to improving keyword research for the business and using generic ones.

8 Points You Must Follow to Optimize The Product Page Thorough keyword research can lead to a greater targeted audience for your business than any other marketing strategy. This way, only the precisely interested customers will land on your real estate business pages and not the ones who are going to waste your time.

Head (or shorter) keywords like ‘real estate’ or ‘property’ can be helpful, but only if you have a well-established and reputed brand in the real estate industry. And if you have high online authority. If you are a small scale, new business, then long-tail keywords are your best alternative. As the name suggests, these include more words (a longer sentence) like ‘4-bedroom house near Beverly Hills.’ These long-tail keywords are also likely to be more effective since they increase visibility in local search listings. Users looking for a property to rent or buy will almost always add a location in their search and use long-tail keywords. On the other hand, head keywords are likely to be used by people who are not necessarily looking to invest.

Real estate businesses are often always behind their game when it comes to producing interesting, eye-catching content. This is a huge disappointment considering the diversity of the service.

Creating quality content is very important for any online asset of your business. It is arguably the most significant factor which drives the customer’s attention towards your website. Therefore, coming up with creative, informative, and educational content is critical, especially with real estate SEO.

Google’s policies on ranking local content have made it so much easier to attract local traffic. This location-based content doesn’t necessarily have to be specifically about a house or an apartment. It just has to be related to the real estate niche in some way or the other. You see, real estate isn’t just about buying, selling, and renting properties. Interior décor and landscaping are a crucial part of the business as well! Think about it!

Creating content in the form of blog posts is essential for any SEO strategy, including local SEO. Even if you develop some exciting content after hours of sweat and blood, it can all go down the drain by merely using a boring headline! Always try to create compelling and catchy headlines – they can make or break your website traffic goals.

Videos are a great way of attracting potential customers. In this digital day and age, we have so many platforms to produce video content through. Facebook live-stream, YouTube channels, Snapchat! Social media is a great way to increase your visibility online. However, backlinks earned via social media do not directly increase your rankings on SERPs. The key lies in sharing quality videos on your social media profiles and in local communities and groups to increase positive word-of-mouth for your real estate business. It is essential to build a relationship of trustworthiness and authenticity with people across the social network. You’ll see results in no time!

Real estate SEO can be tricky, but if you have managed to figure your way around it, your business can benefit from it immensely. Invest your resources in creating exciting and engaging content for your real estate business, and never overlook keyword research to optimize local listings.

5 Best Local SEO Practices For The Real Estate Sector

5 Best SEO Techniques For Promoting Your CBD Enterprise

How to Boost Your Local Search Ranking In 2021

This Post was originally published on understandingecommerce.com

They were all expensive and hey. Unless you wanted rankings, you would have to pay For one of these tools, But times have changed, There’s not just dozens of tools now, there’s hundreds of tools And because of that there’s a lot of free ones as well. Hey everyone I’m Neil Patel, And today I’m going to breakdown, why you should stop paying for SEO tools and only use these four free tools if you want to rank number one on Google ( happy popping music ) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to This blog That way, as I release More content like this you’ll get notified And if you’re on YouTube click the alert notification So tool number one.

You ready for this. Google Search Console. Here’s what I love! Google Search Console for I do a comparison of my traffic right now for the last 30 days to my traffic six months ago, And I look for the pages that Have the biggest drop off in impressions and clicks? I now know that these are the pages that I need to go back on my site go and adjust and update. Think of it. This way, There’s over a billion Blogs on the Internet, That’s roughly one blog Per every seven people Do you think we need that? Many blogs out there, No that’s too many Just imagine how much Content is being created with over a billion blogs, Now check this out.

The pages that have the Biggest drop in traffic are the pages that hey search engines are no Longer ranking as well! So if you back into Those pages those posts you update them with the latest And greatest information, You may add some articles if you think that helps Improve the experience You delete the stuff That doesn’t make sense. You shorn out the fluff Because sometimes you may have just long articles because you were tryina keyword, stuff Whatever it may be.

If You just go in update it and provide the best experience. You’ll notice that usually within 30 days, your traffic on those pages will go up And if you’re not sure on how to provide the best experience, I got two recommendations for you. One is do a search for That keyword in Google and look at all the pages That rank for that keyword. Look at those pages. What do they have that you don’t have Adjust your article to Include all that stuff Two, I would go to YouTube.

Look for all the articles in your space that can add value to your topic and embed them in Because a lot of people don’t do that. That’ll help your time on site. And engagement on your site, which will also help Improve your rankings, The second tool I have for you is Structured Data, Markup Helper. Look! If you want those Star ratings on your site, you want to be included. In the rich snippets, you want your listing to stand out.

You got to use structured data, But how do you use structured data? Well, it’s complicated because, depending on the Type of website you have, the structured data is Going to look different, Whether it’s a local Website national website a e-commerce website or it’s a website that is focusing on lead, Generation or consulting it’s going to be different, So use a Structured Data, Markup, Helper and it’ll help.

You do All the little things from even doing things, Like including breadcrumbs So that way, when someone’s Doing a search on Google, they can see all those little breadcrumbs and that helps increase. Your click through rate, The third tool I have For you, Google Trends. This is super important. The reason being is, if your brand continually Gets searched more and more you’ll notice that your rankings increase, So it’s all about brand building And you’ll find “, Hey Neil “.

Why do I need to increase my brand?”? Well, Google, Facebook and All the social sites out there have issues of fake news, So the way they’re combating This is ranking brands better because they believe that Brands like a Nike, a CNN, whoever it may that’s, a big brand – is less likely to put Out fake information – And that’s true, So what you want to do is Continually look at your brand name compared to your competitors and see how you’re growing And Google Trends shows you that And if you don’t know how to make your brand continually increase.

Use tools like Hello, Bar to collect emails, because every time you collect emails, then you can email them out. Using tools like Mailchimp, which are also for free that way, you can get People back to your site, which helps your brand. The other thing you can do is Use tools like Subscribers, which also has a free plan, so people can subscribe to your site through push notifications And then every time you Have more new content new feature releases? More products for sale, you can send out a push, get People back to your site, which then also grows your brand as well.

Now, last but not least, Another free tool: Ubersuggest, If you want to do SEO, Ubersuggest has the features of Moz SEMrush Ahrefs, pretty much the majority 80 plus percent of their features for free. So if you want to site audit well, there’s a SEO audit Report in Ubersuggest that breaks down your load, Time your title tags, your meta description, your code errors, your URL issues, your redirect issues, And it tells you how to fix each of them And it breaks down in priority on which ones you should change.

First, to get the maximum amount of traffic You’re. Looking for more Keywords to go after Ubersuggest also has a Keyword, ideas report And the keyword ideas report shows you all the keywords that you can go after. According to Jumpshot Roughly 49 % of the searches that happen on Google get no clicks Well with Ubersuggest They’ll show you keywords that are based on questions: Comparisons prepositions: These are all high intent keywords, So if you, after them in your copy, you’ll, find that you’ll get More clicks, more traffic and those visitors that Are aligning on your site will convert because You’re not just going after generic keywords.

Now, There’s also backlinks report You can put in any URL of Your competitor or your site Shows you who links to them And then you can hit up all those people assume you put in a competitor URL and ask them to link back to your site if your content’s better. It also has the Top Pages report You put in a competitor Url click on Top Pages, It’ll show you the most popular pages on your competitor site, based on search traffic.

Backlinks and social shares: This will give you idea. Of the type of content you should produce versus The type of content you shouldn’t produce And, of course, last but not least, there’s a traffic analyzer Report that shows you how much traffic your competitors Are getting versus you, So you have a rough comparison on what you need to do. To improve your traffic, So if you need help growing your traffic check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital, If you have any questions, On any of these tools, leave a comment below and I’ll answer you If you enjoyed the article like it share it comment subscribe.

Thank you for reading

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On marketing entrepreneurship, growth, productivity and more stuff, You’re going To enjoy it Check it out All right so SEO here’s what’s happening with SEO.

Right now, If you think about Google, because Google is the largest they take on the lion’s share of the Traffic in the: U S and a lot of countries around the world, The problem with this Is they’re a publicly traded company Now their incentives are to make More money for their shareholders: Now it’s no longer just don’t be evil. Which was their model in the past? They actually took that Off of kind of their their mission statement or part Of their mission and values, So you think about it now: There’s only so much space, There’s only so much real estate.

And on a search result page, So it used to be in the Past you know their ads. I remember in high school when, when they Started um, Google ad words um the there was only like one snippet and as Crystal clear that it was an ad right And now over over the years now it’s becoming less and less Apparent that it’s an ad right, It used to be highlighted in yellow. It was like crystal clear as an ad and There’s only like one or two of them right now, you might see like four or Five ads at the very top – and you see more ads at the bottom, because Google is Making a less apparent than their ads and they’re putting more ads on the on The on search engine result pages, they’re, making more money, they’re Incentivized to make money, which means the organic Results the SEO results, those are getting pinched Down a little bit right, So what used to be at the very top above The fold that would get like the lion’s share of the clicks.

Now it’s getting pushed down so much That you know these to say like maybe the number one result in SEO might get 25 to 40 to 50 % of of the clicks. Now it’s like you know it Might go down to like 10 % or so There’s a clip, I’m going to show You in a little bit where uh when I spoke at the marketing School live conference. I’r I actually share some data uh from From rand Fishkin from spark Toro the search result, pages they’re getting more and more consolidated.

As become a tougher and tougher to um, to make SEO work, Here’s the thing: that’s Happening with Google right now, If you produce a blog post, this is a recent study with collaboration. With Rand Fishkin and of spark Turrell what the job shot the number of um zero click searches are going up, Meaning that when you land on A search result page or a Serp. The problem right now is that most people Aren’t clicking anymore because Google is you know adding you know, Here’s the answer right, You don’t you no longer need to Click on something Um and this black part over here is getting Bigger and bigger and bigger Um, and that you know there’s this Whole thing runs: got a rent, Rand’s got a rant about Google Um driving more clicks to their bless you to their own, to Their own properties And That’s a problem in itself, But let’s just talk about what this Means for us right now, So zero clicks searches are growing and over here all you need to know if I Did like laser pointer it, but you can see it’s Going up and to the right, So what do you have to do for Yourself, You kind of have to CYA cover your own acids right.

So um Google Click throughs, you can see. The blue part is what we Want That’s organic searches, Um, so organic click percentage, that’s and you can see actually the red Part for the paid clicks um, which is where Google makes its Money That is actually growing, It’s growing very slightly, but you can See that So you kind of have to like, if you’re just doing blog posts, You have to defend yourself If you’re going to do a blog post, How do you make the most of it right Like if we do a podcast, how Do we make the most of it, And we’ve talked about this? A couple Of times so you know people who I don’t have the time for this, So what we do is we do something called Cotton sprouting and then we might take a article, So our youtube blog, I think, has two To three new articles per week and we’ll start with the article first, because a Article automatically becomes an audio file right, So article audio, and then we Can convert Let’s say I do like a my talk right now.

This talk can become Maybe three or four podcasts episodes right, And so I can go from One one, article piece of content automatically have three Podcast pieces of content And then from there I have like 50 to 60 % of our blog posts, So I could just have a writer on My team take on the blog post, maybe write a 500 word or a thousand Word piece to see if it ranks and an upgrade it And then we’ve got to think About promotion too, So we we do.

Seed Sprout pollinate is a promotion. Portion and then a very bottom, it’s monetization right So harvesting, So we produce a ton of content. We ranked for a lot of different things. I think we were ready for Podcast advertising ad Networks, things like that, And I was actually talking to Mr affiliate Master Siad about this and he’s like dude, you should think about, like How you can like affiliate ties? Those are monetizes Better And um, you know most people don’t think about how they Can monetize the traffic that they’re bringing and um that’s good Traffic right, I think, I think, for the podcast Advertising wine um, I think for this year, we’ll At least collect 30 to 36 Grand on it, It’s not bad.

We can probably do more with it, but At least that’s some cashflow um that we otherwise wouldn’t have gotten, And now we just take that 36 grand and Apply it to her salaries and hire more people Um. So this is content. Sprouting right here, It’s, how do you make the most of what you Have This is what Gary v does too cause. He has a articlegrapher, and I follows Him all over around the whole day And um.

Sometimes it might be like A 15 hour session, and then you know all of that might become like You know separate audio clips, It goes into podcasts And then um, one guy, that used to work at single Right now is his copywriter Um, and so he Q will convert it. Into long form, content Um, I think, when he used to work for Us uh Eric what was he writing? Like 8,000 words a day, Something like that Yeah, So he was running like Four, to 8,000 words a day, He was just a machine and now he’s he’s with Gary v and he actually gave Me his content process um just to um and actually, I think, Gary V’s Actually shared it on slideshare, so you can pick it up Just type in Gary v content process Um – and it’s it’s very similar to something like this, but it’s literally taking What you have right, You don’t just buy a car and drive it.

Off the street and just don’t drive it again, you make the most of It You do content sprouting So with these zero click, searches. Like it, okay, it’s crystal clear, Like I mentioned right, Before you saw the click, It’s getting tougher and tougher What I think you need to do with SEO. Now is you cannot just be a blogger, You have to think about If we have a blog post, we’re going to make little Article clips to your we’re going to make a Little social clips to we’re going to make them Into audio clips too, So we’re not just relying on one blog Because blogging itself is very hard.

I talked about in another view, there’s over 1.6 billion sites in the World right now is becoming tougher and tougher to compete when It comes to just SEO So you have to diversify, because if Google Is making it tougher and tougher and you can see over the The the trends that the that what I talked about, In the graph is like it’s already hard enough doing, SEO The zero click searches are rising And you have to think About answer SEO, too, You can’t just put all your Eggs in one basket Sure Get good at one blog.

First and Then you have to start to diversify. That’s the only way, you’re going to Start To protect yourself longterm when it comes to playing the game of SEO, Especially in 2020, In the next clip, I want to share a article also clip from What Neil was saying at the marketing school live conference And he Was talking about how look it’s not just traffic that Matters, It’s actually uh conversions, that matter and how do You convert more when it comes to SEO.

You don’t have to increase rankings. To get more search traffic, Here’s the old site that I Have I eventually got rid Of it Nutrition secrets, It was in nutrition site. I got my Traffic up into the right and yeah: there’s writing content and building Links and all that kind of stuff, But the real way we grew nutrition. Secrets we did something really manual At that time. There was no software That could do this Now.

There isn’t I’ll, tell you about the software and a Bit, I don’t have the screenshot Um, but you go into Google search. Console I still like the old version. I don’t know why You know you Click click, CTR impressions. You see the pages that are getting the Traffic and then from there you look at which you click into the page that has A low CTR, You look at the keywords, the ones that are driving a lot of Impressions but low clicks and then you’re like alright.

I need to adjust My page with these keywords, I can get more clicks, Simple. Concept, You look for keywords. I have less than a 5 % click rate. Look for pages. I have a Less than a 4 % CTR right And make sure the keywords that you Want to rank for and your title tag and within your content and meta-description Once you make that change you submit to Google and they re crawl it And here’s some cures that help Skyrocket CTR that we’ve tested how to use lists number results.

Free, You tips great tricks best why blog posts You guys get the gist. These have all worked really well from Everything we’ve tested and, as you submit it back to Google and you Fettuccine Smith, the URL click submit to their Index and boom you’re in You say, you’re, not a robot and you Give it 30 days – and you see, results We used to do all this manually. That’s how we grew our traffic, It’s one of the best ways, because Google is looking for a user signals.

Everyone focuses on links, But not enough of this, If you don’t want to do it, Manually like how I used to do it, there’s a tool called Click flow, you know, that’s what we do now and we just Automate it and it works much easier, but I kid you not. This is where we’re seeing the biggest Search gains right now for SEO We’re just optimizing going after User signals: It’s not sexy. No one talks about it works And nutrition secrets, As we started doing all this stuff, our branding started going up.

And we started doing better getting higher rankings more pages. And that’s how we continually climb But traffic and all this kind of stuff Is gray, but it’s not everything Elsie and rush showed one of My past startups kissmetrics, I think we raised like 17 million Bucks for it, It didn’t turn out. Well, I bought out the domain name from the Investors for 500,000 bucks and then redirected the traffic and then They recently did an asset sale.

Now I had good traffic, My competitor mixed panel, who Copied my product at the beginning, they even had a tech crunch article Showing similar screenshots had roughly one third of their traffic, They raised money at an $ 865 million valuation. What do you think we were Worth I’m the traffic guy, I’m getting all this traffic, I’m beating Them What do you think we were worth? Anyone want to take your guests more than 15 because we raised 17 ba, but we are worth roughly one 10th that technically Not even one 10th that so maybe one 15th one 20th, that’s brutal.

Right Think about it, I’m a marketer, I’m on cloud. Nine getting all this traffic Who shows you traffic, isn’t everything, And I realized at that point. The real formula to success, especially in the future, is Traffic plus conversions Cubed equals success When you think about Conversion rate optimization: that’s not just about paid advertising. And optimizing the traffic coming in, but it’s also like taking the traffic That you have from an SEO perspective and optimizing that to you, can use Google search console or you Can use this offer that I have called click flow Um and then that way you can optimize the Titles descriptions you have or different elements, different blocks on a on The pages that you have on your site, If you’re struggling with SEO you’ve Got to go on any blog right And once you start to get it working, Once you start to find your voice, And the second part is if You’re already getting traffic, how do you make the most of Their traffic that you have You can do on Syrup SEO, which kind of is like cro on the search.

Result pages or you are basically doing like you, know, SEO and cro. At the same time, you making The most of the traffic that you have, These are the two big things that are Going to happen when it comes to SEO in 2020, Google is going to try To make more money, Always You got to think about What their incentives are, They are at the end of the Day in advertising platform, So how are they going to get there right? How are they going to get to get their Money And then at the same time, once you understand what They’re trying to do, how are you going to make The most of what you have, How are you going to Protect Yourself? Protect your butt for the longterm, So that’s about it from This article, But I do have a another article for you to check Out, that’s related to this, So don’t forget to check out the next Article, if you’re reading a article right now and also whatever blog you’re on don’t Forget to rate review and subscribe And leave a comment.

Let us know what You think and we’ll see you tomorrow,

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Hanseli has become a nightmare of korean sobis. Instead of keeping quiet and hiding from the public, han sohi is constantly active on social media. Even when she speaks positive things about feminism, han sohi, always shocks.

People with her aggressive and reckless sayings. Hansel is especially known for continuously exposing washi idols, which make this company’s fans always avoid her when seeing her name according to sportszone hanzo, he was born in 1995 to a wealthy family. She often appears with expensive cars and wearing high-end brands based on a source. Hanzoy’s father owns a well-known company and her mother is the principal of a private school.

She was scouted by jyp entertainment to be a trainee and then transferred to jellyfish entertainment and almost had the opportunity to debut with g-friend, thanks to her wealthy background and being a trainee in many companies in the past, hansohi has a wide network of relationships in the Idle world, in addition to the troublesome and noisy relationship with top of big bang and former icon member bi hansohe, was also a close friend of gwara hanzo.

He also posted photos of her hanging out with two gurudev members, naoyong and hannah. They are closed because there were trainees at jellyfish entertainment at the same time. Besides, according to what has he revealed, she also knew model kim ki bom and used to meet via bts and tvxq in 2017 hanzo. He got caught in a scandal with tough the two being acquainted after being introduced by mutual funds and smoked marijuana four times in october 2016, at top’s house hanzoy was arrested in march 2017 for purchasing and consuming marijuana and the hallucinogenic drug lsd many times in order To get a lighter sentence hanzo, he chose to cooperate with the police in the investigations.

Finally, hansel received a four-year sentence of probation. Hansoy gradually became an obsession for k-pop fans in general and yg fans, in particular in mid-2019, when dispatch reported that bi bought and used mariana and lsd in 2016 hanseli continued to testify. Han zoi is the one who bought drugs for bi. She even revealed that ceo young himself repeatedly covered for the artists under his company.

According to sahih, she was intimidated by young hanzo and offered to move to the us for three months to avoid being investigated and protect bi. Moreover, hanzoi revealed that isun hoon of winner once texted her to try to settle the case involving the former leader of icon from the revelations of hansahi yg entertainment, went from a k-pop empire to a scandalous agency. Due to these events, bi the leader and aids of icon then announced to leave.

The group yankansa also officially resigned as the ceo of yg, but he did not stop at just yg hanzo. He then continued to reveal negative information about via bts and two members of mustax hansoy said that she met btsv at a nightclub when she was 19 years old, notably v and hanselhi are the same age. Both were born in 1995.. Therefore, at that time, both hansahi and v were considered underage and not allowed to enter nightclub.

She also revealed that modo kimki bom was the one who brought v to the club. I met v because kim ki bom took him to the club. I didn’t know v, but i’m close to kibam and he took v with him. Hanzo stated, as for monsta x, hansoy accused hernu of dating a married woman and one hole of owning money to transgender boy chung ban for six years without paying back. The incident severely affected the reputation of monsta x following many controversies.

Instead of being silent and repentant, han tahi did the opposite on her instagram. She continues to show off the lavish lifestyle even admitting to dating celebrities, smoking and using drugs. She once posted on her personal account the photo of her being handcuffed and wearing prison clothes with the caption memories, hanson traveled to many places during probation in july 2018, and so he came to vietnam, despite being banned from exit korea from june 2017.

. She even posted a photo of her wearing vietnamese traditional dress outside while smoking cigarettes. This is to anchor the vietnamese online community in june when she appeared at the seoul prosecutor’s office to testify of the case of former yg ceo yang hensel, threatening witnesses and covering up artists who bought and sold illegal drugs. Hansel carried expensive handbags. She appeared in a relaxed mood and comfortably received interviews from the journalists han sorry used to be in a relationship with celebrity transgender changdan, but not long after that she posted photos of her being bitten and accused her partner of being violent through social media.

She often speaks about feminism with extravagant and aggressive attitudes. The ex-girlfriend of top often questions why men and women received different treatment in similar contexts, although many things hanzo said were quite positive. The way she expressed her opinion was very aggressive. She even claimed that her approach to public opinion is being controversial. It’s impossible for the public to understand whether hazoli really wants to spread awareness of feminism or just uses it as a tool to seek attention.

In the afternoon of july 10th korean media quoted the country’s ministry of justice and reported that hansahi was tested positive for drugs. According to the verdict received in 2017, hansahi will be sentenced to three years in prison if recidivating

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Strategies and came across search engine, optimization And after hours of learning.

The only thing I came out with is that SEO is the key to natural and scalable growth, But I was a busy guy making four hundred Bucks a week, So I did what all entrepreneurs are supposed to do. I hired an agency. Two weeks later, the agency disappeared and I was angry, So I mustered up my energy and decided to Learn SEO myself Fast-forward almost eleven years and I’ve Been able to rank sites, sell them for profits, and here I am creating SEO tutorials for One of the biggest SEO tools out there Now eleven years is a long time to learn SEO.

So today, I’m going to share with you how I would do things differently, so you can get a shortcut to higher rankings and more traffic Stay tuned. What’s up aspiring SEOs Sam, Oh here with Ahrefs the SEO tool that Helps you grow your search traffic research, your competitors and dominate your niche Welcome to the world of SEO the place where Nothing is certain and so called SEO. Experts are preaching completely different things.

It’s a crowded and noisy space where it’s Easy to get information overload from so many conflicting tactics and strategies And if you’re spending the majority of your time, Reading and consuming guides on how to do SEO. Then you won’t have time to actually try it. And become dangerous, And for that reason this tutorial is going To highlight some of the principles that I think are absolutely critical to learn SEO fast and effectively, Let’s get to it Now.

The first thing you need to do is nail The fundamentals – Let’s say you wanted to learn how to drive a car Before you can get to things like drifting, You need to learn the rules of the road. You need to learn how to start the car, accelerate and gradually hit the brakes to come to a smooth stop. Without these fundamentals, you wouldn’t even Be able to get from point A to point B And SEO is the same.

You need to nail the fundamentals before you Can generate meaningful traffic to your site through search engines like Google, So the two SEO fundamentals you should learn: Are keyword, research and on-page SEO After that can come the basics of technical Seo and a couple of link building strategies Now, rather than going any further into these techniques, I recommend reading some of our step-by-step Tutorials that are all in the description for you.

Alright, so after you’ve nailed the fundamentals, Something I highly recommend doing is getting an internship at a respected agency In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “ Tell me, and I forget Teach me, and I remember, Involve me and I learn.” Now whether you want to build your own authority. Sites or become VP of SEO at a large company the best place to start your career in SEO. Is by getting involved with people who are right there in the trenches And the great thing about agency work? Is that You get the opportunity to work in various industries and on multiple types of websites Rather than Googling or looking to a jobs.

Board for something like “ SEO, internship,” write a list of people or companies. You respect In the industry, These might be people you follow on social media or you might be subscribed to their email newsletters After you have your list take some time to Get on their radar, You can do something as simple as leaving thoughtful comments on their content, because it’ll pay to be a recognizable name and face in their inbox Then reach out with your value proposition.

In how you would be a great fit for their company Now, I do want to note that if you have Zero experience in digital marketing offer to work for free for a few months. Yes, it might be a stretch, but you’ll be getting Valuable experience some hand-held help from someone you respect and an understanding. Of what SEO looks like, as processes Perform, the best that you can learn as much As possible and that internship could very well turn into a paid or permanent position, Another thing I highly recommend is to apply The 80/20 rule to SEO The 80/20 rule also known as the Pareto principle Suggests that roughly 80 % of the effects come from 20 % of the causes And since “ effects,” aren’t going to come.

From reading or reading articles, I suggest you spend 80 % of your time practicing SEO. And 20 % of the time learning If you’re spending more than 20 % of your time. Consuming content you’ll end up wasting time and information overload can paralyze you From doing anything at all And as your knowledge grows, you’ll find that You won’t get distracted by shiny tactics and become hyper-focused on things that will Actually make a difference for your bottom line.

The next thing you should focus on is refining processes rather than searching for shortcuts to methodology. Seth Godin said “ Things that look like shortcuts. Are usually detours disguised as less work.” SEO in itself is a process and tasks, often Require multiple steps, And these so called “ shortcuts”, can often take You two steps back instead of one step forward, So, rather than looking for things that may Violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines focus on breaking down micro tasks within Your macro tasks and then improving efficiency, For example, if you’re noticing that finding emails Takes up a lot of your time in your link, building process, consider outsourcing that or using the spreadsheet From our 15-minute link building campaign starter Or if you feel like publishing new content, Takes up way too much time then take 10-minutes to research.

Productivity processes for blogging Then try the processes out rather than hiring Writers for $ 10, a pop. The next thing, in my opinion, is one of the Greatest skillsets that all great SEOs have And that’s perseverance SEO requires practice And practice requires perseverance And, like all good things in life, the greatest Things come through failures, The best way to illustrate what I mean is by Using the topic of link building as our example, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard People say things like “ link, building, isn’t important.

” It drived me crazy. Even Google explains that their algorithm Looks at things like the “ quality of content.” And the example they use to define quality is that If other prominent websites link to the page, which is a proven sign that the information Is well trusted On top of that there are numerous industry Studies that show clear positive correlations between the number of unique websites linking to A page and the amount of search traffic the page gets, And the same goes for the number of keyword rankings.

So why so much hate towards link building? Because it’s hard and if you don’t have grit You won’t survive Now. I don’t blame people for hating on link building Afterall. The process usually requires outreach to complete strangers, trying to get them to link to your site. But it’s all about perspective, If you think about it like that yea…, it’s annoying, But if you can think about it as a way to bring something Interesting and valuable to people’s attention.

Those emails are usually welcomed. So, as you try some different SEO-related tasks, Keep your head up Accept rejection instead of feeling down and Take it as a learning experience instead, For example, if I were completely new to link building I’d, send around 50 emails with one approach, Then I’d measure and see how people responded. Based on the number of link, conversions, Then I’d take my learnings and improve on The next 50 emails By analyzing your successes and failures: You’ll always be improving and outreach will become a natural and somewhat fun way to connect.

With other people in your space After you’ve had some practice, the next thing You need to do is prioritize based on the things that are working for you. The last site I sold was in the health niche And throughout 2018 on average. I worked. On the site, for maybe 2 and a half hours per week, Now what worked really well for that site? Was targeting low-competition topics since health is such a huge niche? So, with the limited time I had, I spent most Of that doing, keyword, research, I’d, send a rough outline to a freelance writer Have my editor polish, the article and then finish it off with some on-page SEO work And that alone resulted in more than doubling My organic traffic, In fact, if you look at my link profile, it was Actually declining during that same time period, And it wasn’t until January 2019 that I started Focusing on building links and ranking for more competitive keywords, And shortly after I started the site was bought out.

My point is that you don’t need to do everything. At once, if you’re a one-person team or you’re not fully committed to a project, Instead focus on the things that are working, Within the time you have available And then start branching out to other things, That can help give your organic traffic a boost. Last but not least, SEO is a game of patience. We conducted a study on how long it takes To rank in Google and we found that on average, only 5.

7 % of pages ranked in the top 10 within The first year of being discovered, And what was even more surprising, is that Nearly 75 % of pages never ranked in the top 100 in the first year. Generally speaking, if you’re targeting keywords, That your site can compete for you’ve, nailed the keyword, research and on-page SEO, and you have enough links to be competitive. Then I’d say to give it 6-12 months to rank Now, while SEO is time-consuming.

The rewards Are obviously incredible Free, passive and consistent traffic that Doesn’t fade over time, So my recommendation right now is that if You’re completely new to SEO nail those fundamentals by reading our tutorial on doing keyword, Research for new websites Then actually go and do some keyword, research And after you’ve done that read our tutorial. On doing on-page SEO Then actually go and do some on-page SEO Again.

I’ve linked up all articles in the description. That I think you could massively benefit from so check those out and if you have any questions, Leave one in the comments below And of course, if you enjoyed this article, Make sure to like share and subscribe for more actionable SEO tutorials So keep grinding away. Do more than you read. And I’ll see you in the next tutorial

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