Hire Professional WordPress Developer in Visalia, CA

PSD to WordPpress

Own a WordPress website that is professionally designed and customized to suit your business needs. With a responsive theme that is equipped with advanced features, you can have a website that stands out. Show off and boost your brand, without sacrificing the user experience.

Custom Plugins

Having different sets of wordpress plugins put together extends the functionality of your website, and power-ups the potential of your business or product. Whatever the capabilities that you want for your website, there’s always an infinite number of plugins that can be customized and integrated. Provide a versatile and unique experience to your visitors with these added features!

Be Secured

Be confident with your WordPress site. The installation and configuration of appropriate and trustworthy security plugins will protect your WordPress site from vulnerability to spams, hacking exploits, and other malicious attacks. The use of up-to-date security solutions ensures hardened network, server, file and database protection.

Faster Speed

Say goodbye to a laggy website. Downtime and slow agonizing speed is a big turn off and could lose you potential subscribers and customers. Site speed is a very important criteria in maintaining a website, and there are various ways to increase the performance of your WordPress site.

If your website speed looks terrible in gtmetrixgoogle page insightspingdomand other website speed checker, send me an email and let me optimize your WordPress site.

Page Rank Boost

Improve your site’s Google Ranking. Incorporating all the essential factors such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, content and keyword control, and other tools and techniques, can dramatically increase the search rank and relevance of your WordPress site.

Cloud Hosting

You can increase performance and optimize your disk space and bandwidth usage if your website is powered by a Content Delivery Network (CDN). With the use of CDN services, you can supercharge your site by decreasing the load time and at the same time increasing the crash resistance.

Automated Backups

Prevent losing all your precious data. Having an automated backup solution allows your entire site, including the database and all the important files, to be kept safe, based on your preferred schedule and occurrence.

Online Store

WordPress is a great choice if you are thinking of having an online store to sell your products. This service includes installation, custom design and develop wooCommerce theme, configuration of wooCommerce modules and extensions, such as shopping cart, reviews and ratings section, digital downloads, shipping and various types of payment options like credit card or PayPal.

Site Upgrade

Whether you have an existing WordPress site, and just needs some help in a certain feature or a specific plugin, or just want to improve its overall functionality, I can help make your WordPress site reach its full potential.