Local SEO Complete Guide To Ranking in One Month!

So you can get web design sites like this one ranking or SEO sites ranking or pretty much if you want to rank any local website, you’re going to be able do that with this simple system. Now I’m going to be using my checklist that I have made to achieve these rankings easily in this local SEO checklist.

We have all the different things I do in order to rank so go ahead and grab that and then let’s get started so in the checklist. We have a few different things. We have our URL paths, we have the different things that we’re going to need to set up, and I’m just going to take you from step 0 all the way through step 20 and by then you should have a pretty strong site that can rank within about A month this site here I ranked in a month the site over here web designs, hanna-barbera, I ranked in a month my iPhone repair site, I ranked in a month my SEO site.

All of these different sites have ranked, in a month straight out of the sandbox brand new domains, no link building affordably each of these sites. I’ve probably spent maybe 300 bucks on and most of sites like the iPhone repair site I actually sold for $ 3,000. So pretty good ROI! You can get on these things. If you do it right. First thing you got to do is go to HR, F’s or whatever keyword tool.

You have I like to use a try, so we can see the key or difficulty we’re going to go to keywords, Explorer we’re going to start looking at websites or keywords that are local that have low key or difficulty. If we want to find a keyword in our area like Colorado Springs, let’s say I wanted to rank for well, I obviously don’t wan na rank for SEO, because SEO is one of those things where if you rank it, nobody really calls you off SEO.

So you don’t want to do that. You’d want to do something like web design, but we already ranked for that. So if we want to make a new local web site, we could do Colorado Springs. Let’s try, plumbers. Alright, so you can see here’s a keyword. Difficulty of nine, which is pretty easy, that’s about as easy as the web design site was ranked search volume isn’t too high. Actually, it’s the better term is plumber, Colorado Springs, so let’s go see that and it’s even easier with a higher search volume.

So what we can do is we can take that keyword and we can start setting up our spread so now that I’m smaller and out of the way, let’s go into the template, I’m just going to look it up on my drive. So we’re going to go to the paid SCO template and the paid SEO template the only difference is you get some extra perks like tutorials on how to use it and you get the screaming frog conditional formats, which is kind of nice, but you can still do This with a free template in order to set this website up we’re going to go straight into phase 3 because the website hasn’t been made yet meaning we’re just going straight into the keyword, research and we’re going to go to keyword, Explorer we’re going to start taking Some of the keywords – the way I grabbed this is, I just go to all keyword, ideas and I’m going to go to just include the word.

Plumber or Colorado Springs that way. We have local keywords. So here we go, plumber, Colorado Springs and we’re going to grab the keyword, difficulty and the volume and we’re just going to put this right in here boom. So that’s our first keyword and we can start sorting through more when we go and build the rest of our content, but right now we just need that for for now, once we want to start building out our other pages, we can easily just start going like Heating and cooling – if that’s something that’s related, we can do air conditioning, affordable plumbing.

There could be a page for that. So all these different keywords will start pulling in there and that’s just going to basically be our related landing pages, but now that we have our main keyword, we know it’s the plumbers pull to the left, not to the right we’re going to go to GoDaddy and We’re going to buy our domain now. What I like to do is I like to do exact, match domains just because they are easier to rank, not because the domain is an exact match, but because the branding is exact, match and meaning.

When I’d go and do the titles – and I set up to Google my business a lot of stuff – it’s going to exactly match what the domain name is in order to set that up. All I do is go to plumber Colorado Springs and just to give you guys an idea we have ranked actually in our rank and rent course, if you’re not familiar, actually have a rank and rent course. Where I go and do all this stuff live – and we actually did this with a local plumbing website in this course right here, so we have.

I actually have ranked a plumbing website before just in case you’re wondering alright, so plumber Colorado Springs, we’re going to grab that see. If it’s there $ 395, not really worth it, I mean you can buy it. If you really think it’s going to be worth it to you, but what I’ll actually do like, for instance, the web design site so web design Colorado Springs? I just do abbreviations on the letters because you don’t really have like.

I said you don’t have to have the exact match for it to rank. You can see it just says: WD Santa Barbara WD Colorado Springs, so we’ll probably just do that. So we’re not the ranked we don’t have to buy a three hundred seventy five dollar domain. So we’ll just do plumber Colorado. Do I want it, which one do I want to abbreviate? I think I’ll, probably just do plumbers. Colorado Springs that one’s taken.

Let’s do plumber Pro something like that, so you can just again it doesn’t have the exact match. As long as you have your keywords in there, that’s pretty much all that matters, so we got plumber Pro Colorado Springs. Something like that. We would add that to the cart, we’d check out and then we’d get our hosting um you’d only get your hosting, though, if you’re going to be doing a wordpress site.

Now, most of my sites that I rank locally, as you guys probably saw from my last article, which, if you haven’t, go check it out, it is the Squarespace SEO tutorial. I actually ranked most my local websites on Squarespace. So this is the Squarespace SEO tutorial. I did over here so check that out. If you want to see how I set up on my Squarespace websites, what I’ll do is I’ll go over to Squarespace grab the domain that I just got from GoDaddy and you can always buy the domain through Squarespace as well, but I like to have my my Domains on GoDaddy, just because I I just think it’s a good place, divert domains.

I don’t think it’s a good place to have your hosting and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to set up your sites. You’re going to do create a new site. Choose your theme: it doesn’t matter what you choose. I use Bedford. I think it’s called let’s see if I can find it not really in here. So let’s just use this one and Squarespace is super easy to set up again. If you haven’t seen the Squarespace SEO tutorial, I did on YouTube, go check it out.

It shows you exactly how to edit the pages, how to add the links, how to SEO the pages on how to change the title tags all that kind of stuff. Once you have all of your pages set up after you read that Squarespace tutorial, it’s pretty easier to add in your content in the way you’re going to get your content same way. I did it with my Squarespace SEO tutorial you head over to writers access. So this is the second thing you’re going to do once you have your website going, meaning that you have the domain connected.

It’s set up, and you have like a couple pages on here: you’re, basically going to just delete these first pages, so delete, and then you would just have your home page. You know you’re just going to set this up with just like a basic call-to-action. I just delete all this content in here, so I’ll just delete all these columns and I’ll just have I’ll just start with just the the banner. I won’t keep all this other stuff on here.

Obviously you want to change your footer, but then I’ll have something like that with just the you know. Let’s say web design or sorry, let’s say, plumber plumbers, Colorado Springs and then call now and then we would have our background image, which is pretty easy to do. I think you just go to settings, I’m not really sure how to change the background image on this theme. On my theme, you just go press edit and it changes it, but you would change the background.

However, it is and then you know obviously that’s all you got to start out with you just have the website. So then we’re going to do is you can start hiring your going to start hiring a writer for your content. Now I pay about $ 50 per page, you can pay whatever you want. I would rather pay more and have the job done right. The first time then have to pay less and have to get it rewritten twice, but it also depends on.

You know how competitive the area is and if you’re just trying to like rank the site and not care about the site long-term, then you could go for cheaper, but what I’ll do is I’ll go to place, orders writing order, form and then I’ll start ordering. My content, so what I’ll do is I’ll go price per word? I’r going to do a web page we’re going to select the industry, so it’s going to be construction and then we’re going to just do 500 words per page.

That’s how many words I do per page and they’re going to start pulling these different pages based off the keyword, research that we did now you want to have about. You know eight nine, ten pages on your website. That way, you can internally link all these different pages to each other, so you can easily rank without worrying about you know: building links externally from other websites, because a lot of the time when you have all these pages on your website, they’re all linking internally you’re Kind of creating your own Authority system inside your own website that you can control so going back to the keyword, research.

You just keep going back through these things. One quick way, if you don’t find a lot of good stuff inside you’re all cute Diaz into each rafts, is just to go to your competitors, so you would type in somebody who’s already ranking like so, and you start extracting their keywords so like let’s say that We look at this website, grab their URL we’re going to plug it into our site Explorer, and this will just show us all the keywords they’re ranking for and then we can just kind of take ideas from each of our competitors.

So, for instance, you know 24 hour plumber that would be a page emergency plumbing. That would be a page gas line, installation that would be a page. You get the point. So if there’s not enough searches in your area, like let’s say you’re in an area where you know, there’s only like ten searches a month for your main keyword and you’re, just going for like a key or difficulty one and it’s just way too easy to rank.

Then you could just get away with a one-page website. Our one-page website for Coronado, I believe it was Coronado plumber – is ranking number two with a free Google Site and no SSL and we’re ranking like bringing in traffic in calls, because the keyword difficulty is like a 1. So if it’s that’s the case, then you probably be better off just doing that. But again it’s up to you and it’s up to you how you want to actually solve the business.

Do you want to just sawed off the leads? Do you want it upselling? The website, what do you want to do, and so that’s something you need to consider so once you have all your keywords: going you’re going to be spending probably again about three or four hundred dollars, just getting the content written. So we got fifty hundred. You know. 150, let’s say we got maybe four or five hundred dollars worth of content, but once you have that that’s pretty much all you’re paying for b-sides.

The next thing that you’re going to want to do, which is your citations. So next thing, you’re going to do is you’re going to go over to citation builder pro tape, type and chase writer at the end and you’ll get this special discount and in here you’ll actually get usually about 50 to 100 citations. All you need, you, don’t need the two hundred dollar option and what citations are is basically, your name, your address and your phone number showing up on relevant websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, hot frog and then obviously also local citations.

If there’s anything in your area that these people can find our niche citations and they’ll also build out your Facebook page, all your social media, so that way you don’t have to go and build all these social profiles. They’ll just give you all the logins and they’ll make sure that all of your citations are already you know in place and that they’re consistent in they’re all referencing, the same exact address same exact website.

That kind of thing. Now, if you don’t have an address, let’s say you are trying to rank and you don’t have an address one of the ways. Couple options you have option. One is you can option one is you can buy a co-working space? This is the best way to do it, so you just look in your area like let’s say we look for Colorado Springs co-working, and here we go. We got like a co-working space, they usually charge like $ 50 a month, and then you get a letter sent there and if you’re, not there, you can just have somebody who works there skip set.

You know forty, the letter that way you can get verified at one of these. You know working co-working places and then get verified and then obviously, if you want just cancel your membership, there number two is just verify your home address and then don’t show your home address on Google by besa Phi you want to have. It shows a service area, which is what I do for a lot of my sites anytime. I move somewhere I’d like oh great another place.

I can rank with my home address because, for the most part nobody’s going to be looking for your home address on hot frog or something so you can build the citation or you can just build citations. Just saying, oh, you have this. Business is in Colorado, Springs and look for citation places that don’t require to put your exact address, that’s sort of up to you, but yeah. Those are like the really the best two options and both of them work great.

I wouldn’t do like the instant verification options. People have we actually got our plumber listing removed because if we use an instant verification service which was like a fake, you know listing and then also I’m don’t use PPO boxes or any that stuff, because Google will find out and it’s just not going to work. Well, for you, okay! So next thing that you’re going to do after you get your pages written and your citations built and your social profiles going is you’re going to want to set up your basic call to actions your flows, all that kind of stuff.

So what I do is, I will obviously set up. My Google Analytics make sure conversion tracking is enabled. So if we go to Google Analytics pretty easy to install on your site, if you don’t how to do this, just look it up. Honestly, I’m not trying to be rude, but you know, setting up your Google Analytics is really simple. You just set up a proper property installed on your website with a tracking info JavaScript and your headers, and that’s pretty much it one thing that you want to make sure you do no matter what is set up your online and you’re offline conversion tracking.

Now, what’s the notice between online and offline convert dragon online conversion tracking? Is that if anybody sends you a message through a forum like if anybody went to my contact form and sent me a message, I’m going to show a conversion for that. If anybody gave me a call off of a phone number, it’s going to show a conversion for that now. The way you set these two things up is you set up your online in your offline conversion tracking and if you want to know how to set that stuff up, go over to YouTube type in chase Reiner, online and offline conversion tracking, and you will actually find A tutorial that’s about 30, to 40 minutes of me, showing you how to set this stuff up.

It’s not simple. It’s not super complicated. You just use a platform called call tracking metrics and you just make sure you add redirects on your pages, so that anytime somebody contacts you it redirects and now you have a conversion coming in, and this is very important because if you don’t set up your conversion Tracking, what will happen is all of your analytics. Anybody who contacts you or anybody who wants to buy you know wants to buy a service from you if you’re trying to sell these leads off.

If you’re trying to sell this business to and somebody after you rank it, then you’re not going to be able to show any proof that you were actually able to rank it. I mean that you were actually able to bring in leads after ranking it. So people don’t really care about the ranking as much as they see consistent, leads coming in and the only way you’re going to be able to show. That is, if you set up the conversion tracking.

So you should do that right away. What I do on these websites is obviously the first thing you’re going to see here. Is I’m going to be putting a call to action at the top? People should not have to scroll down in order to get a quote from you or get in contact with you. The first thing people are going to do when they see your website is they’re, going to either click on a button and and you’re going to direct them to where they need to go or they’re, going to be kind of search around trying to find your information And you don’t want people to have to struggle to get in contact with you, so you need to always make sure that, on your highest traffic pages that you’re offering some sort of free consultation, you know something that you can give people for free so that they Will want to call, and so you can boost your conversion rates up now.

I don’t do anything super crazy on these sites. You could see, I don’t even have a logo for it. I just have basic. You know: services info blog scrolling down. You know projects. We’ve worked on which these a lot of these you don’t even have to have as real projects. You can just say. These are projects that we’ve worked on to kind of just show that you’re a real company, but for the most part, even just having a website with just this call to action like that, you can still get away with it.

You can still rank it. Obviously, you want to probably have about 500 words a text per page, as I was telling you because it helps rank the websites higher. But if the cure difficulty is really easy, then you don’t even really need content, so titles and meta descriptions. What I’ll do for these is? I always have my main keyword. Let me just show you all zoom in I always have my main keyword pulled to the left for the homepage, so web design, Santa Barbara is the keyword that we’re going for and then I’ll do some sort of qualifier, like you know, number one website, designers in Santa Barbara, that’s just something: that’s like a call to action.

People can click on. So all of your titles should have some sort of you know main keyword to the left and then some sort of call to action. That’s really all your title should be. You don’t have, to put you know your brand name at the end, you don’t have to like measure your keyword, density and put it in your titles. Just do your main keyword and then add a call to action as long as your click-through rates are above, like six percent five or six percent you’ll be good to go.

If you don’t know how to look at your click-through rates, obviously you’re going to want to set up search console and once you have search console setup, you can go and actually see them. So if you wanted to see it click-through rate, you would go to your website open your report. Click on the page that you want to see so, like a homepage, go to your keywords and then you can actually see your click-through rates for these different keywords.

So you can see, I have pretty high click-through rates on my homepage. You know lowest one being 2.6 percent, but that’s for some random thing. Like Authority hacking, the people are just searching like brand related, but you can see obviously, for you know, like my brand name chase, Reiner click-through rates, 39 %, and if we look at something like a local SEO checklist or just the SEO checklist, we can see the Seo checklist has like a nine percent click-through rate, so it’s pretty good alright.

So that’s what you’re going to want to do for your title tag again all of your title tags. So every single piece of content that you get written, you’re going to have the keyword, Heating and Cooling, Colorado Springs or affordable, plumbing Colorado Springs and then you’d have your call to action, which would be something like quick and easy, or something like that right so that People are more enticed to click, that’s the secret to title tags, meta descriptions, the only thing I do, because Google, usually dynamically, pulls your meta description, anyways I’ll, just pull like the first paragraph, so I’ll just copy.

This put it in the meta description and that’s all I do. I don’t do like again any sort of keyword density. I don’t worry about that stuff because I just I know Google’s going to pull this stuff anyways and as long as my click-through rates are high. That’s all I care about going back to the web design site if we go to the other pages. What you’re going to find is the one thing that I really focus on with these other pages is when I’m trying to rank my homepage or I’m trying to rank these pages, I’m going to be trying to internally link to the most important pages high up on The page as much as possible, so I in almost every service page locally, I’m going to go our local web design, Santa Barbara professional copywriters or here at web design, Santa Barbara I’m going to keep taking the keywords of trying to rank for and I’m going to Point it back to the home page and what that does is the more links we have going back to the home page, even if they’re, just on our own website, it’s going to make that home page more authoritative, it’s going to make it rank easier and then What I’ll sometimes do as well is I’ll link externally to other websites, so I can, just you know, add relevancy as long as I’m not linking to competitor websites, you can, you know, obviously add external links to your content.

So, as far as the contact page goes, you know pretty simple. I just want to make sure on my website that I’m, including my name, address phone number on my contact page as well as in my footer. So it’s you know, my citations are on every single page places that I’m located out I’ll. Do a google map in bed and that’s pretty much it. The only other, really big thing to rake locally that you really need to find out for your own businesses.

Is your review generation strategy so a lot of the reasons why I’m able to rank like reason why I have so many reviews for this business is because I set up a review generation strategy that works really well now. This is the secret to local SEO. If you can do this, and you just do reviews like you’re going to win, that’s all it is, you don’t even have to have a website. You just have to have a Google my business and do this one review generation strategy.

So here’s the secret sauce right here step one target national content. So a good example of this is this tutorial. If you’re reading this tutorial right now, you know that I’m targeting nationally I’m targeting anybody who’s going to be wanting to learn about local SEO. Now what I do is I give away some sort of resource like let’s say I want to give away an SEO audit checklist or a local SEO checklist now.

First thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to send this over to read somebody clicks on a link right. I use many chat and I’ll talk to you about this in a second, but what I do, let me actually enlarge this. What I’ll actually do is I will take my SEO to check this after I send it to somebody I’ll, send it I’ll set like a one-day delay and then I will send an email or, however, I get people to opt in and I’ll say.

Could you leave me a review about the local SEO? I teach for the local SEO template and if I had a local SEO company here in Colorado, Springs, let’s say it’s called local SEO pro or something. Then people are going to go. Leave a review. Saying: hey this guy really knows his local SEO stuff, and now I’m going to be ranking better locally same thing as if I take took this same approach, let’s say I was targeting national content about.

You know how to fix your toilet or something, and I offered a free, step-by-step system where they just download the checklist and it’s like a printout that they can go and fix the toilet. A day later, I’m going to ask them to leave a review on the you know on me as a plumber. It’s not that difficult right, because these people are like oh yeah. This guy really knows his stuff. He helped me with this checklist.

It’s still a review about your business, you’re still helping people, so you don’t necessarily have to be paid in order for people to leave your review, and this is how I rank a lot of my local websites because of this system. If you can just do this, one thing for your websites you’re going to see that, like pretty much all of your websites going to rank locally because you’re going to be the only one using the system targeting national content and then repurposing that into a review generation Strategy for your client.

Now, if you want to be able to do this, you can actually set this up with robots and if you want the templates for the robots that I already have set up for this, I would go encourage you to go check out chase writer comm forward, slash Relationship building automation, there’s dashes in between that by the way, and what this program teaches you is it teaches you how to actually not only go in Auto message, people for this type of stuff, but actually grab all of their data, so I actually have created a System where I can actually take somebody’s email and I can grab all of their information off LinkedIn and Facebook, and I can get a whole user profile built around them with their phone number, where they live.

What kind of business they’re at what kind of income they have and so on, and I can literally just export these templates into another person’s account and you can use these in your businesses right away and you can actually learn how to create these relationships. And these review generation strategies which are tremendously valuable, so I would definitely go check that out if you have a second again, all of these steps are in the local SEO checklist here, we’ll see you guys next time and until we do happy s, you see you Later, bye,

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