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But it’s not growing, it might all come down to YouTube SEO and yes, there is a thing called a youtube SEO now. Seo stands for search engine optimization and a lot of people.

Think of it in relation to Google, because Google is the biggest search engine out there. People go to Google to find the answer to their questions and just like Google YouTube that has an algorithm that they run all of the content through to determine what the best articles would be to recommend to somebody, because here’s just what it boils down to YouTube Is trying to make money, I mean that’s it in the business world, everyone is trying to make money and the longer someone stays on YouTube.

Reading articles seeing more ads YouTube is making money, so they are going to come up with the best articles that they think someone is going to read and stay on them, the longest that YouTube can make money. So how do you work with the algorithm work with YouTube’s that your articles start appearing and search results? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today, I’m going to share some simple tips with you guys things that you can start to incorporate within your articles.

Today and make it really easy for you, so the first thing that we need to talk about, which should be absolutely no surprise to you, guys, is keywords. Anything in relation to SEO all comes down to keywords: the placement of your keywords, your keyword, research, it just if you get anything from my blog. It is keywords, keywords, keywords now, before you even create your article, you need to determine what keywords you want to rank for and what are the best keywords that you can rank for it.

That’s where keyword research comes into play. There is a very basic way to form keyword, research within YouTube. You just go to the search bar up top start typing in a keyword that you think you want to rank for anything within your niche that you think is relevant, start typing it in and then a drop-down menu will appear with other relevant keywords or searches that People are actually searching on the YouTube platform, so if you just want to perform basic keyword, research, that’s where I would recommend that you start, but when you’re ready to move into a little bit more of the advanced stuff, you definitely need to get to buddy.

Now it is a free extension that you can just add to your browser. I love it and I use it for a few different reason. I’r actually going to show you how I use it in this article so to buddy is great when you’re actually complete a search in YouTube. It is going to pop up and it’s going to show you almost like the keyword, difficulty or the keyword score, and it’s going to compare the number of searches, so the search volume, how many people are actually searching for that keyword compared to the number of results.

So the competition and you want to find a keyword that kind of ranks in the yellow or the green section, the green, the better chances you have to actually ranking for that keyword, the red you I wouldn’t even go for it because you’re probably not actually going To rank for that keyword, other well-established YouTube blogs are more likely to rank for that keyword because they’re already trusted by YouTube.

So if you are a beginner, you want to rank for more of the keywords that are still searched: a decent amount, but don’t have nearly as much competition, and that typically means longtail keywords. So the more words you add in your keyword phrase the better once you have a list of some of the keywords that you want to rank for and then you’re probably wondering okay, what the heck do I do with those keywords? That’s where your article planning comes into play so before you can even really brainstorm your article ideas, I’m sure you have a few.

They you think are amazing right off the bat. Maybe uniform keyword research afterwards, but I recommend forming cue every search first and then determining what content you can create based off that keyword. And then you want to make sure that that keyword is included in your content. So you guys probably noticed that I have set a youtube SEO of several times in this article, because YouTube actually connects what you were saying in your article to what is included in your title, your description and your tags.

So you want to make sure that your keyword is appearing in what you say in the article, as well as your title, your description and your tags, and if you have been ignoring tags or maybe you just have no idea what the deal is with tags tags Are really really important, and I honestly read a few articles before this to see what other people were saying about YouTube SEO to make sure that I was saying something different, something that would be valuable for you guys, and I saw someone say that tags aren’t really That important as long as you include your keywords in your speech in the title in the description, but I personally beg to differ because your tags is where you get to directly tell YouTube hey.

These are the keywords that I want to rank for. This is what I am talking about in this article. Please check these out and help me to appear in search for those keywords, and I also think it comes into play with two buddy. Yet again, so when you go into the YouTube creator, studio you’ve uploaded your article you’re ready to do all the final touches before you hit launch. You can use two buddy when it comes to selecting your tags, they’re, going to give you a few suggested tags that they think it would be good for you to include within your tag section, and you can definitely check that out, because that is honestly where I Start so one of the other things that I really like is once you start typing in your tags.

It will start to pop up other relevant tags that they think would be good for you to include. So it helps you really fine-tune the tags that you are going to add. But beyond that too, buddy is great, because once you have actually launched the article, it will tell you what tags you are actually appearing for in search and you can actually be a little bit of a snoop and you can go to other people’s YouTube articles.

See what tags they included within the backend of their YouTube article? Yes, you can see what other tags people are, including you can see what tags they are ranking for. Maybe what tags you want to go after and rank for as well so tags they are important. You have 500 characters to include as many tags as you can within those 500 characters and its really just telling YouTube what keywords you want to rank for.

That’s really all you need to know, and it’s like the second place, to start with YouTube SEO. Second, two keywords: beyond that: there are actually a few other things that you can incorporate within your YouTube strategy to help you take it on the terms of YouTube, make them a little bit happy and encourage them to promote your content. If that makes sense and the first one really comes down to your youtube strategy, and that is your uploading schedule, the more you constantly upload to YouTube or not constantly, I would say, consistently upload to YouTube.

The more YouTube is going to like you. If you go from uploading three articles a week to one every month, they aren’t really going to favor your content and they’re not going to push out your new content when you do share it. So for me guys, I created a strict YouTube schedule for myself. I upload articles every three days that way you guys get fresh content all the time, but it also helps to make you too happy the more in creating content and high-quality content.

They are going to view me as a quality youtuber and try to push out more of my content to anyone that is search for what I’m talking about, which is really. The second thing I want to talk about here, which is the content or the articles that you create your articles, are all over the board. Youtube isn’t going to like you nearly as much as if you are someone that became an expert in one topic. So if you create all of your articles around fashion in just a fashion alone, YouTube is going to view you as an expert in the fashion industry and when people search fashion, you are more likely to appear for relevant keywords compared to.

If you talked about fashion and daily life and food and cars, and whatever else you want to talk about YouTube, doesn’t really know what to recommend you for, because you are all over the board. So the more you need down and you get specific on the content that you are sharing the better chance you have and actually appearing for those keywords via third thing is your audience engagement. You guys obviously have noticed that at the end of every single one of my articles, I think if you like this article, put your thumbs up and subscribe to my blog.

While you were down there. Sometimes I ask you guys to leave a comment and there’s a reason for that. It really does help to support my blog, the better engagement you have in your YouTube articles. The more YouTube is actually going to look at them and take them seriously. If you do not have any thumbs up, if you don’t have any comments, YouTube’s going to be like well like why, why would I recommend that article compared to someone else that already has 5,000 views, maybe like 900 likes and 20 comments, they would rather go for Something that people are obviously already enjoying and engaging with so if you can encourage your audience to, like your articles, add comments down below subscribe to your blog and just read your article.

It’s going to help you out so much because the audience engagement is a big factor for the YouTube algorithm and, along with that, your audience retention, how long people are actually reading your YouTube articles is so important if you have a 20 minute long YouTube article and People are only reading it for 4 minutes. Youtube doesn’t really like that. They want to see that people are actually reading your article from beginning to end, so whatever you can do to make youtube articles more interesting, more engaging for people to stay around for the long haul via better, and one thing that you can really do to help Boost both those things, your engagement and your audience retention is, whenever you launch a youtube article, make sure that you read it the whole way through the article as well, because you can like your own YouTube articles, and if you want to you, can add a comment In the comment section down below in it, so then your comment is the first comment, and a great thing to do would be to ask a question, so I think that’s relevant to the YouTube article to encourage people to leave more comments in the comment section down Below so one thing that I’m really hoping that you get from this YouTube article is that you are in control of your YouTube SEO and you get to really kind of take feat in your own hands.

Even if it is these smallest things like reading your YouTube article, the whole way through to a boost, your retention rate, like that’s good, performing keyword, research, including those tags, all that stuff, it’s going to make YouTube happy and the goal is to make YouTube happy. So then they recommend you in a search, so I hope you guys, like that article and found it helpful. If you do, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my blog.

You see what I did there and I’ll see you guys back here in another article really soon bye, guys

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