Web Design: How I Made My Online Portfolio!

Basically I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I did my portfolio, how I did my website just like how to do websites in general. So I thought you know what let’s do it? Let’s talk about it because I feel like it’s a really easy thing that not a lot of people know how to do they just haven’t like looked into it.

So I’m here to tell you about it also. I know this is getting a tad bit annoying, but if you are reading you for the first time or if you have not subscribed, what are you doing subscribe? Also tell a friend about my blog. I do art in design and also cool other things on this blog, so so, when you are starting out thinking about creating a website, I think the main thing you need to think about is what your brand is so like with me.

For example, I wanted to do basically all of it. I wanted it to be myself, it is about me. I want to guide people back to my YouTube. Blog, not just show my portfolio, but I also have my portfolio on there and I also have blogging stuff. Even though I need to get back into that, but you know it’s like a whole thing, that is around me. So what is it that your brand is? What are you trying to say? What are you trying to be? Are you just letting your work speak for itself? Are you posted on YouTube too, and you want to like put that in there? Are you portfolio website landing page whatever? You are really think about that whole branding idea, because that will help you and guide you through.

So it will help you in colors it’ll help you in type choices, it’ll help you an imagery. It will help you in how you want your website to be laid out. So that was a big part for me when I started designing my website and I feel like that’ll help you in understanding what you want to do. Let’s talk a little bit about inspiration, so I’ve gotten a lot of comments about people wanting to see why I did the things I did or how I did the things I did on my website and I first started off making those decisions because of how many Websites and people designers, artists that I was inspired by so I have a few that I love a few standouts one of them is Alexia.

Russia is the French graphic designer I found her randomly on be, and then I found her website and honestly. Her work is so stunning love it, but I love the way that she has laid out her website in a way that is very true to how her work looks. So the website is sort of its own art piece and you can scroll through it. The colors change there’s a lot of like text and scrolling animation, which is like a scroll effect, it’s very simple and then there’s like just really cool aspects of it.

The website that really speak to her work, so I feel like Alexia rue, is a big inspiration for how I decided to layout mine. I know it looks like nothing like it when you actually think about it, but it’s just that idea of understanding. Why you’re doing the things you’re doing because of how your work is laid out or the style of your work in general? Another person that I’m really inspired by is Gerald sensual, it’s Gino Chua and he was the creative art director at Conde, Nast Traveler, and then he has moved to away the suitcase brand he’s the creative director there now – and I am obsessed with him and his website, Like I go on all the time for inspiration just scrolling through again, you can see that his work really informs how his website is laid out and the colors, and just all the stylistic choices that he’s done.

I love it. It’s so beautiful and honestly, it’s a vibe. Those are just a few websites that I was really inspired by. You might not be, but you might find some designers and artists who are doing something that is similar to you in a way, and I feel like, even though my website doesn’t visually look exactly the same as theirs. I did let it inform a lot of the design I did on my website, so it’s all about your style and your design and your your work and how you want to display that and the best way possible for your unique sense of style and personality.

So actually designing my website: let’s get the tea, let’s get going, so I use a hosting website. So if you don’t know what that is, it’s like WordPress, Wix Squarespace, all of those and I use Squarespace. So I don’t want to go into like a whole thing about how squares freezes so amazing, a blah blah blah, because you know what they don’t sponsor me and I’m not getting paid to talk about that. I just use them.

I love them. I’r just saying I love Squarespace, but I’m not going to go into like a full Squarespace tutorial for you. I just want to talk generally about you know using a website host, because I think it really is the easiest way to have a website. I am NOT a web designer. I don’t do UX design that much so I’m not the kind of person that built a website from scratch in here. I’r going to show you how to do it.

I just want to talk about the decisions I made in my design, my website and portfolio. Why did I say it like that website and um yeah we’re just going to talk about it. So when you go to my website, Paula comm link below so you’ll see a home page and I used to not have a home page and then I went into that because I felt like it was an easier way, a cleaner way to see all the navigation. Like what you’re there for so, if you were there on my website to see just my portfolio, you could just click and it’ll.

Take you right there or if you want to see my blog, if you want to click on my articles, if you want to contact me whatever that is all laid out like very clean up front, I used to have a scrolling home page, which is also fine. If that’s what you want to do, if that’s your aesthetic, it could be all your work. You know, as you scroll through as soon as you get on your website, but for me I have a lot of other things going on on there.

So I wanted it to be very clear when you get on there, not just like here’s, a million different things but like you can do whatever you want. You know what I’m saying like. If you have a portfolio – and that’s all you have on your website, it would be so cool to just be like okay, I’m here and I’m scrolling through different, like colors pictures whatever and that’s great too. So I just did the homepage this way, because I wanted it to be.

Like here’s Paula Casa, here’s her whole thing check out my youtube check out my art, like all of that, you know what I’m saying so once you click into that which I’m going to use my portfolio as the example for all of this, because I feel like That’s the kind of the main reason y’all are here, probably so, let’s go on to portfolio, and this is where you see everything laid out and right now I mean I think it works.

I think it looks professional, I’m not obsessed with it. I might change the layout of this like whenever I feel like I’m, never satisfied with my website, but that’s okay, because it’s really easy to change and decide what you want to do. So I have it in a way where I have everything laid out. You can scroll through all the images and then, when you click into an image, is where you’re going to see the design the work, the info about the work, the title all of that you’ll see when you click into it, and I have it a very easy Way to get back to your my portfolio with the link, so I don’t have it like super confusing.

I have it laid out pretty easy. It’s pretty straightforward um! I know a lot of people try to get creative, but I feel like in a web design. You you want it to be very clear, especially if you’re showing your work and your art. You don’t want it to be very confusing. You want to be able to see everything very clearly and you don’t want it to be like too artistic to the point where that people are like okay.

What do you do? I don’t understand um. So that’s a really important part in web design when you’re laying everything out. Luckily, with Squarespace and stuff like that, like hosting websites, you can pick from a template which I did and I picked one that had a way to like share a lot of images in good ways. I mean you just have to look into what the themes can give you, so I have like scroll effects, so I can use that and I have like all these different things that you can turn on and enable some of the themes don’t have that you just Have to like do your own like little discovery into it when you actually start using it so get into the actual design part of it.

You know like what to choose, how to choose it. Um with the hosting websites. Like I said, it’s really easy once you have a theme to go off of that, but you can also bring in some of your own elements. You can bring in like typefaces, like it partners with Adobe. So if you have some typefaces that you want to use, you can use those and then like in under design. You can add, like your logo, to a lot of things that you want to add it to.

You can really brand yourself and all of that, it’s an if it’s important to you and also with color. You can bring in any color code from that you have like that. You know the color code, for you can totally bring that in copy paste and use whatever brand colors. You want it’s really like pretty straightforward when you start designing, but I think some people really try to stick to the template, which you can manipulate that template to be what you want like.

Don’t just settle on. Oh well, it’s over in the left corner and then the navigation is over on the right. Because of this template, like you can change what you want to change, you just have to figure out. What’s the best way and looking at a lot of examples, online is great for that of what you like what you don’t like, what you think looks the most professional or the most artistic. It’s really up to you, okay, so that is what I have for you today.

Hopefully, that’s screen recording things showing you my design process through web design and setting up my portfolio, and you know getting some inspiration, hopefully that all inspired you and that helped you in some way. I will leave links to everything below and also subscribe. If you haven’t subscribed, like I said at the top of this article, and also ring the bell to get a notification when I upload that’d, be great and give it a thumbs up, if you liked this article and do all the things comment to me, I love Talking you guys in the comments, so if you have any thoughts about your website, talk, it talk it out in the comments we’ll talk about it and yeah.

I will see you in my next article bye, bump, bump bump bump bump bump bump bump subscribe.

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