TUTORIAL: How To Make $100 a Day with FREE SEO Traffic (Shopify SEO Tutorial)

It’s me, Syria, from Jose Ted, and today I’m going to be doing a highly requested article. I’r going to be showing you how you can get free buyers and free traffic to your online store. It can make over a hundred dollars a day in profit and yes, as you’ll see it doesn’t matter what your store is. You could be drop shipping. You could be doing print on demand.

You could even be making your own items. This method will work for you. So some of my subscribers who’ve been around for a while may remember that I have a friend, yarrow yarrow is actually the founder and creator of the awesome drop shipping, plugin Ally dropship, while Guerra built that after creating a portfolio of aliexpress drop shipping stores, they were Making him about six thousand dollars a month in profit and yarrow success with aliexpress drop shipping is something that I’ve talked about before on this blog.

But how is he making his money? Was that with Facebook ads or Google Adwords or Instagram ads? Well, the answer is none of the above. Instead yarrow used free traffic sources, his profit was split between two types of free traffic: his Facebook fan page traffic and free Google SEO traffic. Now, given that I was talking about SEO last week, a lot of you will probably remember what it was, but for those of you out there that don’t know SEO stands for search engine optimization.

So let’s take this monkey err on aliexpress. This cat face mark is selling for $ 7.48. Well, if we head to Google and do a search for the phrase cat face monk, you will see that Google found over 40 million pages on the internet relevant to the search term. And if we scroll down here, you’ll see that Google chose to recommend these websites on the first page of its results. Now again, Google found over 40 million pages relevant to my search term.

You chose these as its favorite ones and the pages that most recommended. So how did these websites get chosen to be at the top of Google’s search results? Well, the answer is that they made some tweaks and modifications to those websites and those tweaks and modifications are called search. Engine, optimization otherwise known as SEO, and every single second Google is purchasing over 40,000 search results.

The st. There is so much traffic to be had from the Google search engine, and you know what it is free traffic you see when you do a search on Google. You have two types of results that pop up. Firstly, at the top you may see these sponsored ads of people have bought them and, yes to sit here, you need to pay Google, but if we scroll down to these results here, the ones that Google’s search algorithm found for us and recommended as the best pages, These websites paid Google nothing to set here.

These are called the organic search results and they don’t have the word sponsored or ad. Next to them. Google is an algorithm, a computer, a robot. Its mission is to read as many pages on the internet that it can, which is billions and billions. When someone does a search for a keyword. The algorithm looks at all the pages. That’s read and figures out which ones that thinks is best for you. No money required if your page is simply considered to be the best for that search term, then Google will send buyers and traffic your way and recommend it for free.

So, for example, let’s come back to that search phrase again, I did at the start of this article Cafe schmuck well on the first page of recommended results. You’ll see that Google is recommending this website mug’dom. If we click on the listing, you’ll see that they are selling this exact mug for a big markup price, and if we check out the product listing, we can confirm that their drop shipping it from Aliexpress because of the shipping disclaimer Maxim, is an example of a Hybrid store, it has drop shipping mugs really from Aliexpress such as these ones here, but it is also creating and selling its own ones.

That makes with print-on-demand services like prenta Phi in printful such as these mugs. Here and every single day. It is getting free customers and free traffic from ranking highly in Google search results, for example, check this out. If we come back to Google and do a search for the phrase lawyer mugs, we will see that they rank highly for the search phrase as well. And if we come back to the Google search engine again and type in dr.

Max, we’ll see that again, the store is ranking highly in Google for the search phrase as well. So I can imagine that a lot of you are saying Sarah. I want free traffic and I want free sales. How do I get them? Well, good question: so in this article I’m going to be giving you a four step tutorial that you can follow so that you can get free Google traffic to your store, but just a warning. This might get a little technical and jargony at times.

So I’m going to try to do my best to simplify it as much as possible and also you’re going to discover that if you want to get free Google traffic to your site, there is a price that you’re going to have to pay. And that is with your time and if you don’t want to spend the time to follow these instructions in this tutorial, then I honestly understand – and so in that case there, if you’d like to get faster sales and faster traffic, then I recommend that you download our Free ebook, the six steps at six-figure drop shipping stores followed to make over ten thousand dollars a month and it outlines a strategy that big drop, shipping stores follow, which is to use low cost Facebook ads.

And you can find a link to download the e-book and the article description below and one final quick disclaimer as I’ve talked about before on this blog. I’ve had success with this year. Yarrow’s had success with this year, but just because we’ve had successful, vcr does not guarantee that everyone else will. Everyone’s results will vary so with those disclaimers out the way. Let’s look at what makes Google choose some websites over others, one of the biggest organizations dedicated to studying Google is a company called Moz and I’m going to be referencing them a lot in this article.

They have studied the Google algorithm and discovered that these are the factors Google considers when choosing which websites it likes the most now these can be broken down and simplified into two main ways that you can keep Google happy one structure your website in a way that Google likes so this is going to involve things like putting lots of words on our pages and using keywords correctly, and things like that, and I’m going to be showing you how to do these things in this tutorial to create lots of high quality backlinks.

So that’s a very jargony word. Let me explain what backlinks are for those of you that don’t know a backlink is simply when another website links to your website. So a href calm has a free tool that lets you spy on what backlinks your competitors have. If we type hole so Ted common to it, you will see that hole. So Ted has quite a few backlinks and if we look at what they are, you see that we actually have entrepreneur and Forbes linking to us now.

That’s very significant because Google considers Forbes an entrepreneur, very authoritative websites and so in Google’s eyes the fact that they are linking to hosts so T. It means that they are recommending it and because Google thinks of those websites as an authority, it trusts their recommendations. Ever since getting those two backlinks, our website has gained more traffic from people, doing searches for keywords and phrases related to our blog posts.

Why? Well, because of the fact that Google likes and trusts our website more now, it considers our website more of an authority. But this just one problem: isn’t there using websites like fools to link tear is very very hard and that’s just the honest truth. Giving good high quality backlinks is not easy and there is actually an easy way. The easy way is to buy them, but buying them is very, very expensive.

Unfortunately, if we look at the graph of ranking factors created by Moz, you can see that these ones here all relate to backlinks and so for the Google algorithm. They are clearly the most important factor it considers. Let’s don’t worry because that’s why I’ve made this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to get Google traffic without having backlinks. Now, that’s not to say that I’m not going to teach you how to keep backlinks.

I am going to teach you how to get them later on in this tutorial and they’re, going to be free and they’re going to be very high quality they’re, probably just not going to be what you expect, but honestly, that’s just going to be more of a Bonus to give you an edge. What I really wanted to try to achieve for this tutorial is give you a strategy so that you can get Google traffic without backlinks, and for that you need to do something.

First, step 1 identify low competition, keywords and products to target and sell. Here is the thing there are some products and keywords out the event. Websites that have lots of backlinks just haven’t tried to target or sell yet. So you know what you should do. You should find these keywords and you should target them yourself, and so that’s what we want to do. We want to find products and keywords to target, and so with our store that people that already have been links for the page have not tried to Target or sell.

Yet if the pages that are currently ranking for these search terms, don’t have backlinks either, then that is a great thing that we’re going to be able to compete with them without having any as well to identify these low competition keywords and products. We’re going to simplify the process and use Moz comms tool. The keyword Explorer now be cool. This keyword Explorer tool free, but it’s not free.

It’s free. If you only want to analyze team keywords a month, but we’re going to need to analyze a lot more of a team, luckily most has a free 30-day trial to take advantage of you’ll want to get a free 30-day trial of the median plan, since they will Give you five thousand keyword, searches. You can use it to create a huge list of low competition keywords and products and then just cancel before your trial expires.

Alright, so I’m going to switch over to my computer now and show you how to use it. Okay. So I’m over here on martha’s keyword explorer. So so let me first of all just do a search to show you how it actually works, so we’re going to come in here and type in lawyer, mugs and then go and change the location to be the USA and in do a search. So we’re going to be able to see what the keyword difficulty is for this keyword when the data loads up.

So, as you can see, it’s given us this data, so we can see how many searches a keyword, gets, how difficult the keyword is to rank for what percentage of the clicks on the page go towards the free listings and there’s also the priority score, which is Moses overall score, it gives to a keyword, so the organic click-through rating refers to the fact that the some search terms google clogs it up, but the striking things like ads and image results so did a search for lure mugs and google and, as you can see, This pages images at the top – and it’s also got this ad, and so these are going to be taking clicks away from the free organic listings below.

So if we come back to Moz that used to make that around 54 % of people will be clicking on the free organic search results, so that’s okay, at least the majority of the traffic goes towards the free. So let me explain this number here, though. The number of searches a keyword gets each month now. This number looks small and it is, however, keep in mind that if you rank well for the search phrase, you’ll also be ranking well for other similar key and phrases alright.

Every month there will be lots and lots of users who are searching for what called longtail keywords. These are more specific keywords such as best coffee mugs, to give to lawyers. That is very specific, and it will only get a handful of searches a month. But all these longtail keyword searches are very powerful combined, they add up to the majority of search engine traffic. It’s frustrating. We can’t calculate how much exists with tools, but we know that there will be a lot of these that we can’t track.

In addition, keep in mind that, with a low competition SEO strategy, your aim is to target as many low competition products and keywords that you can Yara had literally hundreds of products listed. Each products may only have gotten the small amount of traffic, but combined it made for a lot of traffic. So what we really want to be looking at when we do a search is list about this number over here and more about this one, the competition rating.

We want it to be 35 or less now. This one is above 35, so it’s a keyword, I’d recommend avoiding, and so this is pretty much what you do. You just want to come in here and use this keyword, tool and type in lots of different product ideas into it and find a low competition once they may be thinking. How do I do that? Where do I get ideas for products to put in here? Well, there are lots of websites that you can use.

You know, for example, you can go and browse Aliexpress for product ideas and then you can go and you can browse Amazon for product ideas and if you’re interested in print-on-demand, you can browse Etsy and see what designs are selling on there as well. Now, for me, I got inspiration by looking around the office. I actually saw this guitar mug. It’s a staple example, Aliexpress item on this blog and yeah.

I thought you know what people often buy this as a gift for friends and family. So what about that? What about gifts bucket iris, and so it came to Maude’s, and I did a search for that guess, look at iris! There you go, and you know what I discovered that yes, this is a very low competition keyword check it out. It has a competition score of just 26 and it’s got a surprising amount of traffic too so this here this is a good keyword.

That means that it would be a low competition keywords and I thought well, you know what this would be a great keyword for a product category page. I could have a product category page that has lots of cool gifts that I found on Aliexpress and creative print on demand services like printer fine print, four that are aimed at guitar lovers, and I could also do SEO in the in-depth targeting different keywords for all The different guitar products that I end up, selling on my site as well, and so my idea was sparked what, if I create a website that sells novelty, fun gifts aimed at different types of musicians.

So I had to go and do a bit of deeper searching and ultimately I ended up finding other similar keywords. So if we come in here and type in guess for drummers and live it loads, you’ll see that yes, this is a very low competition keywords with a difficulty score of just 23, which is kind of surprising, because if you look at this, it’s got quite a Lot of monthly search volume, so I decided to do a key, a search for the keyword, gifts for musicians, you’re too cheap to see if this was viable and yes, she could out here.

It is a difficulty score of 34, but quite a lot of monthly search volume, and so yes, this keyword met our criteria as well, which was awesome, and so I found my store idea. I was going to have a shop with novelty items aimed at different types of musicians, and so this was going to be my store theme now when you are trying to do SEO for a store – and he have very few backlinks. It is very important that you pick a theme rather than just going with a general store, and that’s for many reasons.

But one of the more important reasons is that down the road when we are adding backlinks to our website. We want to have our backlinks coming from another site that is relevant to the items that we are selling in our store. Google wants to see that you’re not getting backlinks from random sites, but other web sites that are an authority and that are relevant to the items that you’re selling in your store.

And so because of this. We want to keep our store themed around one central idea, and so of course, for me this was going to be gifts, for musicians, speak to create and optimize your store for the Google search engine and, of course, they need to actually go out there and create Your store so that you can list the items in it for sale and while you’re creating your store, you want making some tweaks and modifications to it to make it Google friendly.

Now it’s part of this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how you can optimize each of these pages using Shopify. I know a lot of my subscribers prefer WooCommerce and that’s totally fine. Unfortunately, though, in this tutorial, I simply don’t have time to show you how to optimize both types of online store platforms and since Shopify is my favorite and the ones that I’ve got the most experience with.

I’r going to be using it as part of this tutorial. But you can still apply a lot of us to WooCommerce as well, and if you would like to get Shopify for yourself so that you can follow along with me in this tutorial, I have a link to how you can get a 14-day free trial in the Article description below please note that as an affiliate link, your hosts out here, all of our youtube articles are free and affiliate links, help us keep their articles free.

So, let’s start out by switching over to my computer and showing you how to optimize your product pages. So here’s an example of a product page I created this is a flute poster ie opposed to aimed at flute players. This product had relatively low competition, which was great again, not much traffic, but given we’re planning on adding lots of products and having it go wide strategy combined with ranking for related keywords and longtail keywords.

I don’t mind this, and this product was actually one that I created on printful doin, her flute posters on Aliexpress, so I had to make one myself. I didn’t know what to create. So week, two Etsy and I looked up t-shirts for flute players. This shirt was the most popular. I thought it was pretty funny, it’s a joke about Harry Potter and wizards, and there are other t-shirts featuring the same joke too.

So I took inspiration from them and turn them into this poster. Now there are several ways that are optimized this product page from a chosen keyword. Very importantly, this page features over 400 words for product pages 400 to 500. Words is what you should aim for something else I did was they use my primary keyword, flu posters throughout the product page, but I didn’t overdo it. I used it four times.

I recommend using it four times, but don’t use it anymore. If you use it too much, you Russ, Google, finding your page spammy. In addition, if you’ve read the description, you’ll see that it’s just that it’s highly descriptive, it isn’t just fluff or fella. I talked about the quality of the paper. I talked about the quality of the ink. I talked about how to best users poster by writing a descriptive description.

You’ll naturally use what is called LSI keywords without even trying and Google loves our lycée keywords, and so it will like your description too, and something else I tried to do was I tried to use my knowledge of writing engaging copy to make this description engaging and Fun to read now I had a very limited amount of time to write us. Unfortunately, so it could certainly be better, but I did my best to make it engaging for the reader.

Google’s algorithm is pretty smart and I can tell you it can tell if your tix is engaging. So that’s what I did with this text now. Let me show you how I updated the websites code and the backend of my Shopify admin page and don’t worry it’s easier to do than you might think. So. The first piece of code you could say I edit, is the image alt tags. You see when you upload an image to your site, Google can’t see it, it doesn’t have eyes and what it can do is read code and tick.

So what we want to do is add a piece of code to our image, so click this button and then type in your main keyword. So, of course, mine here was flute posters, and so I put it as the image alt text and then all you do is click done and so once you’ve done that to go ahead and just mouse over each image and click that button and then type in Different keywords: you can see for this one I use the tag funny will print for flute players and once you’ve done that for all your images, we’ll just go in and edit the search engine data code.

First, though, let me explain what we’ll be editing we’ll be editing, two things, the title tag and a description tag. All of these tell Google what they should show when they list you in the search engine results. The title tag tells Google what your title should be and the description tells Google what description they should show to preview potential visitors to your site so to edit your search engine code just come down to the bottom of your product, page and click.

This button edit website SEO so for your title. I recommend you use 55 to 60. Characters, do not use any Cuban more than once and try not to reuse words more than once I did reuse. The word flute a second time, and this should be fine because there’s no other word for flute, but if you can avoid repeating words and also try and put your primary keyword as close to the stock of your tie as possible.

Just like I did now, the description is interesting. Google doesn’t actually use this, or so they say when choosing whether to wreck your site or not. However, people as an actual humans using Google use that, when picking which website they’ll click on so try and make it engaging because one of the benefits of picking a low competition keywords there’s often times your competitors are pages, that market places like it see automatically generate And so they have terrible descriptions that are not engaging at all, so this means you have an edge over them.

In that way, I recommend you have a maximum of 300 characters. Otherwise some words may get cut off on your search result and there’s something else. You need to update in it is the URL so come in and change it so that it’s your primary keyword and separate the words with dashes. So for me, mine’s going to be flute posters and once you’ve done all of that. Just click Save and you’ll have created a Google friendly product page.

Here’s the kicker, though you need to do this for all of your product pages, and I mean all of them. So, yes doing this will take time. However, it is an investment into your future. I think one of my most favorite quotes of all time has to be do something today that your future self will thank you for tomorrow. I have no idea who said that probably a lot of people have said that, but at the very least those words are very, very wise.

So now we’ve gone ahead and we’ve optimized our product pages. Let’s move on to our product category pages. Remember that, for my store, my product category pages are going to be aimed at keywords like gifts for drummers and gifts for guitarists. Your category pages can be an incredible source of traffic for mugdha. It’s their category of pages, not the individual product pages themselves that we’re ranking for a lot of their keywords.

So let me show you how to do this. Okay, so here is my category page. They optimized. This is kiss for guitars. Now, with the product category pages. They are a bit different. One of the differences is that Google doesn’t expect to see as many words on the page because check it out. Here is a category page and what it would look like if it had 400 words on it, absolutely terrible right. It would be a very bad user experience and so product pages rank fine without lots of text.

Some text helps, but we don’t need 400 words. A hundred words of optimized descriptive text should be fine. In addition, you’ll see that I have links to other products. Using keywords related to them, this is called interlinking. It’s something that Google likes to see on your category pages and so add one to three of them as well. So what we should do now is, we should come on over into the admin area and I’ll show you how to update the code on your product pages as well.

So something a lot of people don’t know is that you can add an image to your category. Page, so if we switch back over to the page, you’ll see that it shows up here so make sure that it’s a big, high-quality image so that it doesn’t look pixelated. So go ahead and upload a picture and once you’ve done that you can click Edit and then you can click the Edit image, Ultratech tag, button and, of course, and here be sure, to put your primary keywords and of course, after that, you’ll want to edit the Search engine data code to come down to the bottom of the page and click it.

You know the SEO button and just like before including optimized title between 55 to 60 characters and have your primary keyword at the start of it. Try not to use any word more than once and you’ll want to create an engaging description that will entice users to click on your site and you’ll want to update the year out to match your keyword as well. So, as you can see, this URL here is gifts, four guitarist’s and while effects that you’re done, that’s how you optimize your category pages, just click Save and we can move on to the next step.

Alright. So now I’m going to show you how to make one more page, google friendly – and that is your home page since your home page is just going to be your base URL. We will not be editing that aspect as part of our home page optimization tutorial. Something to keep in mind, though, when you are choosing your domain name for your store is to pick one that signals to Google what types of items you’re selling or read your store theme s.

My store is called musical note gifts. That’s clearly signals to Google. What my store is about, it is gifts relating to music. So let me switch back to my computer and show you how to do this. Alright, so here is the home page for my store. Remember. My primary keyword for this page is Gus for musicians as it had surprisingly low competition. So, let’s start out with the by now, you should know that adding ticks is important to any website, and yes, I’ve done that here.

I’ve added four hundred words of optimized text on my homepage. Now it doesn’t look like I’ve added four hundred words of tips and that’s because the way I’ve done it is kind of sneaky. I had the tick so that it wouldn’t make the homepage look clogged with walls of text. So, of course, yes, you can see that down here. I added in about 200 words of text. This has the added benefit of adding our keyword guests for musicians and to what is called the h1 title tag we haven’t talked about them before, because your product pages all have us included by default.

It’s your product, title and your product. Category pages have this included by default as well again, it’s the title of the page, but our home page doesn’t have one. So what I did was inside the home page editor. I added in a rich text block and made sure to use our primary keyword inside the title, but there is another way that I added an extra text and that was stir the image slider. So if we scroll up, you can see that there is text on the slides and combined.

It comes out to just over a hundred words. This is an easy way to slurp extra words them to your home page. So to do it is really simple. Just make sure that you have an image slider widget edit and then, when you add a slide, come into it and then scroll down – and you can put your text into these text box here see the heading and subheading boxes, and this is also a great way To add in your image, alt data so just come to your first image and then you want to come and click the edit button and then in the image, alt tech text box put your primary keyword like I did here and then you just want to click.

Save and of course, you should add an additional secondary keywords for your other image about tags as well. Just like I did, and so the additional way that I added in text was I put in for featured product collections and, yes, the ticks on these counts towards the total ticks on the page. Each of these was about 25 words and so combines. This page has just over 400 words and we’ve got to edit our search engine data code.

So come back to our Shopify admin area and click online store and then click preferences in the sub menu and the Preferences page you’ll be able to update your description. Shopify will tell you your title can be up to 70 characters. I strongly recommend sticking to 55 to 60, otherwise, words can get cut off in your listing and it’ll say your description can be up to 320 characters, but gano recommend sticking to no more than 300 so that words don’t get cut off in the search engine and Optimize your title just like before put your primary keyword at the start of the title and try not to reuse keywords and for your description focus on making engaging and enticing so that viewers will click through to your store and, of course, just click.

Save and you’ll. Have an optimized home page and it’s quick bonus tip when you’re going through and optimizing your store for Google. If you’ve got an about Us page, then I recommend that you add at least 800 words of text to it and that you add two images, and why is that? Well, it’s because the fact there and about Us page actually has a lot of similarities to a blog post and when it comes to a blog post.

Google expects to see a lots of text and a lots of images which leads me to the next part of this tutorial. Tip 3. Add a blog to your store. There is a little bit of a passion that you may have noticed while reading this article, and that is text text text Google likes text which again makes sense, it’s an algorithm, a computer, a robot, a machine, it processes text, not images, and so that is what It processes the best and, in addition to seeing that you’ve got pages with lots of text.

Google also likes to see that you’re adding new text to your website, and that is for two reasons. One. It indicates to Google that you’re dedicated to making your website better. So Google’s algorithm tends to assume that new content is up-to-date and relevant, and so the easiest way to add new, valuable content on an ongoing basis is to use the blog feature within Shopify. And so that’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going to add a blog and we’re going to add at least one new blog post to it every week, unlike with our product pages images at home page, we don’t need to pick low competition keywords for our blog posts, so you can pick any relevant topic To write about as long as well yeah, it’s related to your source thing, and that’s because honestly, the traffic that will come in through our blog posts is going to be very untargeted.

So it’s very unlikely that people who come in from it are going to buy our items anyway. Instead, what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be writing and optimizing our blog posts in a way to signal to Google that it is valuable contents that we are adding to our site. So let me switch back to my computer and I’ll show you how to add an optimized blog post. Okay. So here is a blog post that I’ve uploaded to my site.

It’s a blog post, it’s all about the history of the guitar, so this article is around a thousand words because blog posts are by nature supposed to be long and wordy. Google expects out so make sure all of your blog posts are at least 800 words aiming for 800 mm. Does a good range longer is fine, but it’s not, you know, usually necessary, and no, I really didn’t care when uploading. This article about keyword did see my main focus, wasn’t uploading and engaging article, and so thus I made sure that it was formatted correctly and spelt correctly, plus they added on to photos.

Google can’t really see photos, but it knows that they’re there and it likes photos, because it knows that users like photos so make sure you add at least two to your blog post and something else that you’ll want to do is to find a relevant YouTube. Article and embed it in your article as Wow now it doesn’t have to be your article. It can be someone else’s article and yes before anyone asks. This is perfectly legal.

So let me show you how to add in a article by going into the admin area, so here is a new blog post and I’m in the process of editing or adding to my site, it’s the history of the piano, that’s what I did was a week To YouTube – and I found a article relevant to my topic and to embed it – just click share and then click a beard. And then you want to copy all of this code here and then come back to your blog post and then find where you want.

To add in the article and then click the insert article button and then it paste on the code and click insert article and then you’re done so. In addition, you also want to add a featured image to your blog post, so be sure to get an extra image for that, and I recommend keeping everything else on the page as near its absolutely fine, don’t add tags, because this can what’s called duplicate, content penalties.

It’s just safest to avoid tags, and once he creeds, your optimized well post, just make sure that you come up and you see it to be visible rather than hidden and then just click Save and in that search. You’ll have uploaded a Google friendly blog post over time. As you add, more and more high quality blog posts, Google will become more and more impressed because it will see that you are essentially giving back to the Internet Plus over time.

As you add more and more blog posts, they will attract more readers, and if you put effort into creating high quality blog posts, then they are more likely to be shared which creates free backlinks. For you, however, there is another faster way of getting high quality backlinks to your site and that is fit for create backlinks with social media accounts. So here’s the funny thing: let’s come back to the free backlink checker with a href and do a search again for house out head and see which is our most powerful backlink now you’d think it would be Forbes or entrepreneur right, but nope, the most powerful, influential Backlink that we have is this YouTube blog, this YouTube blog that we created for free, and so this is how you get free, powerful backlinks from scratch.

You pick a social media platform like Facebook and scram or YouTube, and you create a page on it and you build it up by posting, high quality content and you build up your fan base and if you don’t want to spend time creating articles, I understand the Lazy way to quickly build up a social media account is to create a jerk or mean page on Instagram related to your niche and in your bio link. Back to your store, reposting, jokes or memes doesn’t have any copyright issues, and so you don’t have to create your own original content.

You can feel free to repost already popular images and because of the fact that the funny it increases the chance that they’re going to go viral and the more fans your social media page, has the more of an authority that Google will consider it plus keep in Mind you don’t just have to create one, because these are cert easy to make. You could create super, oh, I could create one for khatam memes and I could create one for violent me and so on, and so after you create your store, it doesn’t India.

For me, but each week add at least one new blog post and build up your social media accounts. I’r not going to lie it’s going to take time, but as your presence on the internet grows, so will your authority with Google, which will increase the amount of traffic they send you which will increase the amount of sales you make, which will increase the amount of Money that you make so thanks for reading this article and if you liked it and you’re not a subscriber here a whole so team, you should totally become one because we are constantly releasing new articles with actionable advice on how to build your own money-making business.

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