Too Late To Become A Web Designer in 2020?

It’s actually the best time to get started, stay tuned! I’ll! Tell you why hey everybody! What’s up, my name is Ron, say: gollum, freelance designer I’ve been designed for the web for almost 20 years, which sounds so old when I say it, but I do understand if you’re browsing on YouTube right now or on Instagram, and you see those amazing designer doing Those amazing things which you can’t do at the moment and they’re talking about so many buzzwords and processes and software, it’s just looks overwhelming and you’re like.

Ah maybe it’s too late to get started, maybe I’ll never be where they are. So I might just give up and stick to the job that I hate or something like that, I’m here to tell you no, no, no, no don’t do this. Now is actually the perfect time for you to get into web design. When I explain why listen when I got started almost 20 years ago, there is nothing like there was the internet, but there was no like youtube to learn from.

There was not like lynda.Com, you couldn’t even read it online. They had to send you, DVDs, home. If you wanted to learn Photoshop and you couldn’t have Photoshop download Photoshop as a trial cuz, you know Photoshop costed, like $ 3,000, or something like that. So you would probably have to steal it or look to a ways to download it illegally and then have to deal with all that crap of working with the legal software until you can afford to buy now like it was such a pain to get started.

There was nobody to teach you the Rope, nobody to teach you best practices, and it was just very very hard. It would take you much longer. There was no social networks or no online community. Where you could find clients, you literally had to go out to people that you know, give them flyers or something like this, and just like Network old-school time to get clients, it was very, very difficult now.

Obviously, things are way different. You know you can download most software’s for a trial or for actually a decent price. You can give them a go yeah. There is also many many free software alternative these days web-based or not web-based there’s tons and tons of tutorials on YouTube and people who will show you exactly what to do the processes. Everything is, you can just get started for free without investing much – and this is this is one thing that actually, of course puts a lot of people in the game.

There’s going to be a lot of competition, however, I don’t want to have this, bring you down and say: ah everybody can be a designer now, so there’s tons of competition and again I’ll, never win this competition. Look the only thing that is dangerous for you is you looking at people who are 10 15 people ahead of you and comparing yourself to them and that thing kind of crushes, your soul and you’re like I’ll, never be there, but the truth is you will be There, if you will you’ll, actually be there, probably faster than it took them to be there if you’re going to use all the tools available to you.

So the only thing dangerous for you right now is you giving up because you compared yourself to other people. That’s actually the only thing, that’s harder than what we had like 20 years ago, because back then, like I, couldn’t see what designers around the world are doing. I can maybe I could go to the library and pick up a design book and see what whatever pentagram words were doing, but it’s very different.

Now you get it in your face all the time. So that’s, basically the only thing that you have to worry about. So stop comparing yourself to people who are so down the line and start focusing on how you can take the next step. Look right, there’s more competition, but there’s also so many people online. So many people starting new businesses who need designers, help need new website. So there’s also tons of immense new opportunities.

It’s definitely definitely not too late to get started on this blog alone. You have many articles like how to get started and freelancing and all that type of stuff, if you’re not subscribed, make sure you’re subscribed and go read all those articles they’re here for free to help you get started. This is what I do not give up and do not have your soul crushed by looking at people. So far ahead of you.

Just look at the next step. Do whatever it takes, surround yourself by people who are maybe in the same situation as you, and it can be kind of a support group to help you move into the next step and not worry about so much in the future. There are so many opportunities right now, this just an amazing amazing time to get started. I wish you all the best. Let me know what you’re struggling with when you’re getting started in the comments and I’ll try to make the best to help you see on the next article.

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