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I basically want to break down why some websites are only worth $ 100. How you know people who are selling websites for $ 100, how they think, how they’re approaching it why they get stuck at around this price point, and then the people who are selling websites at $ 10,000 or sometimes much more, how they’re thinking what they’re doing differently From these people why they can charge literally a hundred times more for something that often doesn’t take that much work or that much more time, so I want to break down the differences really really fast.

If you have any questions, let me know below. If you got value from this article hit like subscribe all that stuff, so basically when it comes to $ 100 websites, the first thing that you got to know is: when it comes to business owners buying a website, there’s a lot of options out there for them To get a website, you know just a website very, very cheap. First, they have options where they can literally just build it themselves like wicks or Squarespace, but when it comes to finding someone to just set up or install a website, it’s not hard to do.

They can go in upwork, they can go in fiber and then the people creating these websites often are just installing some sort of theme, some sort of template, and they can set it up very, very fast and that’s it so the business owner who goes looking for A hundred dollar website they’re going to find a 100 dollar website, not too hard and the person building a 100 dollar website. It’s not hard to do nowadays with the solutions out there for building websites, it’s very possible to set up a website.

Well, literally, just a couple of minutes work you’ve installed something you add in some images you add in the text it’s good to go so basically, my thoughts are when it comes to selling a website. For the most part, design is pretty cheap. If it’s just the website itself that you’re selling how it looks how it performs it’s not too hard to do those sort of things and there’s a lot of different people out there.

Who can do that? So the marketplace is oversaturated on this side of things and basically the prices are cheap. It’s easy for business owner to find someone who can do a cheap website and it easy for the people building cheap websites to just keep pumping out these cheap websites. Now, if you’re someone who’s in this bracket over here – and you want to get over to $ 10,000 websites, you got to switch up your approach and basically there’s two different ways that you got a look at this.

So as the business owner, when they look at $ 100 website, all they’re thinking about is the website, and I know this might seem like ok, what’s the difference over here, but what a $ 100 website they’re just looking at the website. They’re like ok, does this. You know, does it look good? Is their pages? Does it work, does it load properly? Is it responsive on a mobile device and, as we just covered it’s possible to do all of this really really easy using a theme using a template using something like Elementor? You can set this up really really fast.

Now, when it comes to a ten thousand dollar website, a business owner is looking for something different they’re, not just looking for a website they’re looking for a business tool. So what they want is not necessarily how it looks or how it’s designed or any of that stuff they’re not looking at the website itself. They’re looking past the website and they’re trying to see walk on the website get them.

What problems can it solve? What values can what value can I add to the business? What can it do, and basically there’s two different things generally that they’re looking for you can call them like less or more a business owner who spends ten thousand dollars on a website again they’re, not looking at the website themselves, they’re looking at the website what it Can get them more of and what it can get them less of and they’re going to have things in here that they’re going to want to see that this website is going to help them achieve so more.

I mean things like sales revenue, customers Authority, maybe in their niche market, share like they’re looking for something out of this website and then less just less work, less work, less hassle, less stress, then, with systems maybe going to have systems on this website, literally, like less Replying back to customers, less answering questions less dealing with the wrong sort of clients, they’re.

Looking at this website as a business tool, they want it to do something for the business they wanted to help in a big way and they wanted to solve problems these people over here who are buying them $ 100.00 website they’re, not thinking about that stuff, maybe They are but they’re not really thinking about it, because if they were and if they had a real business, they’d be investing more they’d, be up towards this amount, rather than down sheep.

The people who just want the website set up hey. You know I’m looking for a website. I want one page: it’s going to have these colors. I want to have these images for them hundred dollars, because all it’s doing is just there it’s online and it looks good, but for a business, why would they spend much more if they don’t have these bigger things that they want, so the people spending ten thousand Dollars they’re looking for not just the website they’re trying to do something using that website.

They want you as a web designer to show them and to basically create the actual website that does this to achieve things for the business they want to have their problem solved. They want to get to that next place in their business. They want to increase things. They want more of the things that they’re after and they want less of the things that have been stressing them out. So a ten thousand dollar website.

It’s not so much about how long it takes to build or how you build it, how many pages or how cool and custom the design is it’s going to be about a business tool very, very few businesses out there unless there’s some mega brand like Mike or Porsche or something they’re not going to be paying for just design design is going to be a part of a ten thousand dollar website. But it’s a small part. What they really want is what they’re getting from that design, what they’re getting from the website? What they’re getting from what you build them so they’re looking at this website, not as you know, let’s say this is our website here.

This is your laptop. These people here $ 100 they’re, just looking on the surface level. How does it look? How does it you know, perform how many pages all this stuff? That’s what they’re thinking of the surface level stuff these people who are going to pay more they’re looking past the website, they’re looking over here, walk in this website do for the business. What’s it going to achieve, what’s it going to help what kind of solve these big problems that the business have so they’re willing to invest this money if they can see that it isn’t just the website, it’s going to do all this other stuff and crease sales Make it easy to keep the current customers? They already have make their systems more efficient, just everything that a business is going to want more money, more customers, more sales, more authority in their niche, more market share, less stress, less hassle, less work, less time wasted more automated systems, that’s what they want out of A website and a lot of the times they don’t even care, really too much how it looks if it can help these if it can help them get these things.

The people over here for the lower prices you’ll find that they’re often fixated and how it looks, because that’s all they’re thinking about they’re, like okay, I’m paying money. I want it to look the best. I wanted to have everything custom. I want to have all these crazy design features, but at the end of the day, a website is really just a tool for a business, and if you want to get those bigger clients and start really increasing your prices, you got a view a website that same Way that okay design is important, it has to look good to some degree, but really where you want to put your time and your focus and your energy when you’re building the website is looking at, not just how it looks, but what it does.

So these people usually are focused on how it looks these people what it does, what does it do for the business? What’s this website going to help with what problems is it going to fix? What’s it going to remove that they don’t want? What’s it going to add in that they do want if you can start seeing a website in this way, even if it’s just a one-page website that the design literally takes you an hour to set up using a template.

But if you can do those extra things that go in that design, you can learn how to attract the right customers that they’re after you can learn how to speak. That language, you know, have the right, copywriting and communication in there to have the good message. That’s going to increase sales, that’s going to bring in the right sort of customers. That’s going to land them big projects. You can add in different things in here to increase their perceived Authority, social proof, testimonials reviews case studies.

Example projects. It’s all about what you’re putting into this. You know a lot of the a lot of times going to be pretty basic design. Actually it’s about what you’re putting into that design what goes into the container of design that can help them solve this two problems. So I hope this makes sense and I really hope that it’s starting to point you in the right direction. I know it’s a big topic and it’s something I could make a few more articles about, but what you need to do, if you want to increase your prices, is start thinking about when you’re selling websites, when you’re selling Web Design, don’t talk to the business owners.

So much about what the website itself is doing, focus on what it does so ask them hey. What do you want this website to do what problems you want to fix? What are you looking to solve in your business? What are you looking to achieve? What are you looking to? Maybe remove start focusing on what it does and when you’re building it up, you know trying to create that sale to close it at a big amount.

You want to have a pretty big list of things that it does for the business that have nothing to do with the website itself. So you’ll see you know, I teach a lot of different people web design and I talk to a lot of different web designers. The people who are just kind of stuck selling the lower price stuff they’re always talking about. Oh, it’s, responsive, it’s custom coded it’s four pages. It’s you know, modern, whatever they’re, always talking about the website itself, how it looks how it performs these sort of things the people who sell at the higher price they’re always talking to the business owner and communicating and making these proposals and these pitches that are based On what the website does they’re talking about hey, this thing is going to get you those clients that you’re, after it’s going to help you close these big projects.

It’s going to take away all this time that you’re wasting right now, you know, did it a it’s talking, always in terms of what it does for the business, how it helps the business, what it helps the business achieve, what helps a business remove, so the big Takeaway from this article, if you want to increase your prices, stop focusing and talking to business owners and pitching them on what the website looks like how its coded, what it is on the surface and get past that into what is the business owner actually want from This and what problems can it solve and what value can I add? What can I help the business achieve? What you’re, quickly going to find is to increase your prices with this approach, which is the best approach that you’re going to have to go out there and find business owners with bigger problems if you’re trying to sell to a tiny little pizza store.

That just wants to get their. You know basic website online they’re not going to have $ 10,000 problems, they’re not going to have the budget, but they’re not even going to have the problems in the first place to justify it, even if they had the budget. You got to get out there and find the people with big problems with big needs who are trying to achieve big things with their business. So the person you know the businesses that you can find that want to achieve more and then had these bigger problems, holding them back and something that a website could help with you know not on the surface, but what the website is going to do.

These are the people that you can have these conversations with, and you can see your prices very, very quickly increase for the same amount of work for the same. You know on the surface technical website, whatever you want to call it, but the difference is the website is going to actually help them so much more with the business that that price is justifiable. If you have a business, just yesterday’s contacted by an engineering business they’re doing millions of sales a year, they want me to look at their website.

They’re going to have $ 10,000 problems very very easily, because the price of one project to them is worth so much that it justifies investing in a new website that can do these different things, a tiny little business who just wants something that looks good, then you’re. Never going to have this conversation because they’re not on this level, they don’t have those sort of big problems and they don’t have the budget to invest in you fixing those sort of problems.

So quick recap again: I think it’s. The second second recap focus on helping people that need things past the website that a website can do for them, but that’s bigger than the website, and talk about what it can do for them. Have those stalls of conversations stay away from the people with small problems who are just always focused on how a website looks how it’s going to be designed all those things on the surface level, nothing wrong with good design.

But it’s got to be used as something to help a business achieve something else. Often a pretty standard design using a template using a theme like a twenty dollar theme is going to be perfectly fine. You don’t have to have that much coding skills. It’s about those additional skills, on top of the problem, solving seeing value in the marketplace, understanding what their clients and customers are looking for and then having that good messaging, that good marketing to turn this sort of website into something that does something for the business.

Usually increasing sales bringing in more customers more clients, so that’s it for this article and I rambled a little bit. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments really hope that it helps and catch you in the next article.

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