I Wanna Be a Web Designer · A Day In The Life Of A Web Designer

Whether we’re playing games, downloading apps or buying clothes But somewhere Someone sat down and actually created that website. That’s like Facebook, Amazon, Even apps, like Instagram and snapchat, all started with one person sitting at a Computer Now you don’t need to be a computer genius to know there are a lot Of websites out there and people get paid to make them.

Today, we’ve come to See Bernie from Alyka to find out what it takes to be a web designer. How are you Good mate? Look I want to find Out what it’s like to be a web designer Alright come on in Alright Jesse? What do you want to know Well mate? I want to learn a bit more About your job, starting with what does a typical day, look like Typically, what I do is Run catch up with clients workout what the upcoming requirements they want, their Website and the first point is doing a wireframe of how everything fits Together, so that I know exactly what elements they want on their website From there.

Running Photoshop and to the actually design and then yeah we go through the Motions of making sure it’s all been approved back and forth until they like it and from there we build the website, And so why did you want to be a web designer Far out like I started, Like 15 years ago, man I used to design websites for for gaming companies. That’s my passionate and we wanted a Place where all my mates can all come in and discuss about how we kicked each Other’s arses in games, so that’s how it started.

I mean you got into it when you were 15, but if you’re a bit older, can you still get into the industry? Absolutely This industry, you don’t have any expired date. One of The guys one of our colleagues is like 50 plus He’s the UX designer user Interface, designer and user experience. That’s the best part With that age group. You have better Attention to detail you’ve got the experience, it’s ticking, all the boxes.

Right now, so I would say any age group: it’s not a problem, I mean. Is there Much work out there for a web designer at the moment, Every business needs a Website, it’s the main medium to get your message across to people these days. Definitely a lot of careers and Opportunities out there for websites These days, we don’t just do the website. We make sure it looks great for mobiles with tablets. It becomes more interactive.

You do more cool stuff, so it was exciting, So Bernard. What’s the hardest part of the Job Probably the hardest part is like pleasing all clients. Some clients might want some designs a specific way, even though they hired me to design it for Them And so what’s the most rewarding part of the job like what brings you to Work every day, The fact that, like every client Or every new design is different.

You know You get different industries, you Wouldn’t get the same more boring big industry like the painting websites for Example, you’re going to get an entertainment website based you can get a Lifestyle website based website you get a celebrity now and then as well. It’s Pretty fun, And so it would what piece of advice would you give someone wanting to Move into your field, I think the best way right to move into The web design space is to our create somehow the online portfolio showcase, a Couple of your best work not too much a couple of your best work: showcase nice Little animation tricks demonstrate a bit of search engine optimization as Well and a bit of forms online marketing and that’s the best way that that person Can get into the web designers industry and get picked on for doing work So what Characteristics does someone need to get into your field Creative right? We Have to have good attention to detail got to make sure you are prone to learn new stuff All the time it’s an ever-changing industry and you have passion for change.

With all this man, you’ll be alright From school to now. What are the steps? You took to get to where you are today. Remarkably, what I’ve done. I have selft taught A lot of these things and you find that online these days, you can do Like self teach, photoshop kind of work, self-teaching, HTML, CSS and all you have to do – is Go online and Google up how to learn these things and from there just create Your own projects do yourself a personal website, do some for your family and friends and from There you’ll build yourself a portfolio and just go and go and go from there There’s no better way than look at What’s out, there check out the code behind them and it’s Copy paste and learn and modify for your website, And so if you could get to Where you are today, but I’ve done one thing differently.

What would have been A lot? Of things, but the main thing I would do differently is probably how I program Stuff, I’m pretty stubborn in a lot of ways. Stuff I learnt ages ago, I kept using the same Principles and they’re not the most efficient, so there’s certain things that You got adopt early and in hindsight I should have done in the past. So just finding out new technologies and just being ahead of the industry, That’s right! That’s right and it’s back to what I really believe in its like.

Be Able to learn, be teachable and just make sure you always jump on to new technologies. Early Awesome! Well thanks so much for talking to us today, Bernard and I reckon we have a game of foosball All right. You ready to lose You’re on And that’s a loose by ten goas For more Information and to get involved hit up studentedge.Com.Au We’re going again, i’m winning one

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