FREE Web Design Course 2020: Introduction to Web Design | Episode 1

It’s been a dream of mine to create this ultimate course for beginners on web design. From start to finish in here, we are I’m with the hopes that this course can literally change your life. So what is this? What are we going to learn here? So web design is actually a combination of two different skill set or industries. One of them is graphic design.

How to use design shapes texts and images to convey a message and the other one is the web. How people interact on the web, how they, what what user experience is and how do you develop your graphic ideas into making them work in the browser? So all these things are things that we’re going to cover on this course. You can expect to learn the fundamentals of graphic design, whether it is things like typography, the use of color, the use of layouts and the use of images and other graphical elements.

We’re also going to talk about all the web skills from user experience, UI design, wire, framing, creating interactions and understanding the whole development concept of HTML and CSS and how things actually work on the web. We’re going to talk about all the software that you need and how I personally use them. So I’m going to shortcut your way into mastery of the software and we’re going to talk about these software that I use, but also free alternatives and what you should get started with and finally we’re going to talk about the whole process of building websites.

What do you need to know and how to make money off this skill, how you can take projects and actually do them for clients and earn money as a web designers? That’s all the things that we’re going to cover now, who am i, if you’re not familiar with me? My name is Ron Segal, I’m based in Tel Aviv, Israel. I’ve been a designer for almost 17 or 20 years. At this point, I’ve been freelancing for all of this time.

I’ve also worked in agencies, advertising agencies, startup companies and for the last seven years, have been full-time freelancer working on web project working on branding projects. So I have experience of both the kind of traditional graphic design, but also the very tech product II web aspect of things. I’ve been sharing on my youtube blog here flux over the past four years, daily articles sharing all of my knowledge and also of my earning as a freelance designer over the years in the last in 2018.

On my last year of full-time freelance thing, I’ve done over $ 300,000 as a designer, so I want to share all these learnings with you. I’ve actually spent four years going to a fancy design school, and I want to share all these learnings with you. If you can’t span now, four years, if you actually, you can’t leave your house right now because you’re in quarantine, while I’m recording this article, you don’t have to we’re going to teach all these things, things that are worth thousands of dollars, that I’ve actually paid and Other people are paying right now, you’re going to get the gist of all this education on this free course right here on YouTube and I’m very, very excited.

So. My goal here is to give you all the fundamentals and all the tools that you need. So you can actually start building websites, designing websites and doing project either for yourself or for clients, but you’ll be able to do this. So this course is for either complete, complete beginners. You have no context about anything right. You never touch the graphics software, you! Never! You don’t know how to get started with anything.

This course is right for you, maybe you’re, a graphic designer that has done things in the past, like branding but you’re, not really sure how to approach web project. Then this course is going to touch all those things and help you make this transition from kind of a traditional designer into a digital designer that can help because most clients these days, any business needs a website, and so, if you want to be in today’s market, You have to know how to build a website and how to design them.

Now, if you’re a developer, that’s already developing website, but you’re, not sure about the graphical aspect of thing, you’re, not sure about how to make things beautiful, how to make things impactful then this course is for you, it’s going to help you master all these graphical fun. Mentals of things you know, I also learned a lot with article tutorials. It’s actually how I started my career. However, it’s not until I went to design school and master the fundamentals that I was able to create better work, that’s worth more money for our clients and that’s what I want to bring this to you.

I know that you’re probably reading a lot of tutorials about how to do specific things, but you need to understand how to think like a designer and how to understand the fundamentals, and this is what we’re going to cover on this. You know on this course now. Why should you care? Why should you want to become a graphic designer a web designer now, as I’ve said, this is a very valuable skill in the market today and in the future right web sites are not going anywhere.

It doesn’t matter that most people are on their mobile, they’re, still visiting web site, they’re still making purchases online there’s still. Every business still has its instead of a business card, they have their own website, and so this understanding how to build websites is a very, very valuable skill that you can make money off. You can do this remotely right, you don’t have to be so you can work with clients all around the world because we’re working on the web, where we’re using you, know a laptop or a computer, to build things that are online, and so it doesn’t really matter.

You don’t have to you, know, print something and give this to your client. You can do the work remotely and even if you’re, not going to end up doing client work, it’s still a huge. You know if you’re going to have your own side project or business yourself, just being able to take your ideas and put them on the web, build your own things on the web. I think those skills are going to be super super valuable for you and, as I’ve said you know we some of you might know.

I have flux Academy, which is the school where I teach people how to make money off web design. But the thing is, those are premium courses and a lot of them are how to grow as a designer. You know we have the 10k website process and we have the web flow master class. But the assumption with these courses is, you understand the fundamentals. You can do your basic stuff, and now you want to you know, step up your game.

However, you know when we thought about how do we help the beginners? How do we help? You know the people who are, you know just getting started. We came to a decision that you know what we don’t want to charge them. We want to help you get started for free and then, if at a later point, you’re already making money and when you step up your game great, but when you’re just getting started specifically in this time in history, where you know we’re in twenty twenty right now, When I’m recording this global pandemic is you know going around all over the world and a lot of people are need to figure out what to do with their business, so you might not be in a position to spend money right now.

We want to give you the skills to be able to make money right now, wherever you are. So that’s why we’re doing this for free? You know we don’t want to charge you money, but we want to provide you with value. I want to support my community and I also challenge myself: can I make the best intro course for web designers online? So this is it we’re going to drop a new article every week, sometimes even twice a week.

So I we just want to make sure that you’re subscribed to this blog hit that Bell button, so that you’ll get a notification whenever a new article is coming up and you can check the link. The the description below we’ll put the playlist of the whole article right there so stay tuned. The next article is coming up very soon. You

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