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It is almost 7:00 in the morning. I really wake up around 6:00 to manage to get up before the kids now that at 7:00 I’m going to go wake them up and have breakfast we head into the office. So I about a 20-minute ride with this scooter to the office, that is a pretty fun way to start the morning.

So I’m working from this co-working space, which is pretty cool because I get to have my own room, which is important for me for privacy, so that I can concentrate and do my work, but also I can get kind of use. The shared facilities which are kind of like meeting room and my clients come by or this awesome roof coffee machine kitchen all of that stuff and I get to meet other people and not feel as alone as I was when I was working from home.

So I’m pretty happy about this all right, so today is actually going to be a super intensive day. It’s not a regular day. It’s going to be really long and heavy, but we will get started with a client meeting. So I have a client of mine coming over right. Now, it’s actually a past client. I already bid build a website for them this kind of phased who they want to expend it so client could come here.

We’re going to have a session kind of go over. The kind of scope of what they want to add to the website so that I can estimate the pricing and timeline for it all right. So first meeting of the day went pretty good. I feel confident about the scope and I’ll have to send them a proposal. Later on this week, anyway, I’m heading to lunch. Usually I try to eat lunch with a friend or somebody to set people to hang out with, but today is a pretty tight day because I’m heading out to another client meeting very soon, so just try to grab like a quick, homeless and head up to the Next meeting all right, so I just got back from the meeting and went pretty well, so these guys they actually initially wanted me to design a website for them, but I wasn’t available so then a few months passed now they basically build a building.

The the website themselves – and they kind of want me to be kind of a consultant – just give them feedback on going on their marketing acids their website their product. So we were discussing kind of like I have this kind of engagement with clients that I called virtual chief, creative officer. So we were discussing the opportunity for that and kind of see how to structure that, so that’s also a possibility.

So, basically now I have kind of like three clients that I might be working with next quarter, the one that I met this morning, these guys and one another client that I met yesterday now, obviously not obviously but I’ll. Just not not going to be able to work with all of them, probably just going to be working with one of them. But since I don’t know that all of them are going to accept my proposal that I’m trying to progress with as many of them.

As I can, and then hopefully, either at least one of them is going to close or I’m going to have the opportunity to choose the one that I want Beth now, I’m back at the office, that’s good! These did this day turned out into a whole meeting day. Now I’ve got a meeting with Ryan who’s, a designer from Australia. He runs the Instagram account for use pitch proof. It’s it’s a really great accounting.

We might collaborate on content together. So I’m going to discuss that with them and then later maybe get some work done today, all right, so it is 6:00 p.M. Right now, usually on most days by this time I would be home. You know playing with the kids a little bit eating dinner, putting them to sleep, but today, as I said, it’s a little bit of a different date. So, apart from my design business, I also have an online school where I teach other designers, and this week we’ve actually launched a new course about web design, and today is the last day of kind of the lunch week and I’ll be doing a live stream on Youtube to teach people kind of like web design stuff how to sell a website for a lot of money.

And so because, most of my audiences in the United States and I’m based in Israel. In order to make it comfortable for people from the u.S. To read it I’ll have to do it when it’s kind of late here so I’ll do it at 9:00 p.M. My time, which is in three hours, because I wake up early and I’m a morning person. I wouldn’t really survive in that point, and so I got a rest now. The thing about working in an office like that is that, unlike working from the home or you can take naps here, it’s a little bit difficult to do.

Take naps. But if I won’t take a nap not really going to survive this long evening, and so I’m going to try and nap on well bad here, I’m going to try and do like a power night for like 30 minutes, then get something light for dinner and then, Like practice for my livestream and hopefully that will be helpful well when I’m eating alone, without people like to keep reading the book that I’m reading so at home.

I read on my Kindle, but here on my iPhone, I can keep reading from the same place. So it’s pretty awesome right now, I’m reading the show moon, which is an amazing amazing book. If you haven’t read it, it’s really a masterpiece, yeah check it out right, it’s time for the live stream, alright guys. So it is now 10:15 p.M. Super super. Tired stream went pretty well, even though I was really really tired.

I pushed out the energy, and I see they were like 300. 3 330 people. At the same time. Concurrence, I don’t know the total people who read the stream, but it was pretty good, pretty fun time doing so, usually, 10. Today, I basically I go and document everything that went on today, all the good stuff, all the struggles that I had today. So I’m going to do this right now, it’s really important for me to reflect back on to know what works, what doesn’t work, what I need to improve and to kind of realize patterns in my work days, so I’m going to go.

Do that right now, as I’ve mentioned, this is really not a typical day, but it’s a day it’s a day in the life. So let me know if you enjoy this article, I’m thinking actually about doing kind of serious in a day in a life with other designers of you. So if you thought this article, it’s cool, let me know in the comments – and I will see you on the next article bye

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