10 Most Useful Websites For Web Designers You Wish You Found Earlier😱

That’ll help you with your web design business. You ready, let’s go number one is tiny, JPEG calm. Now you know that images can be one of the biggest factors when it comes to websites being slow.

This website right here will reduce the image size anywhere between fifty to eighty percent per image, so it works. Like this right here, you would simply take your image. You upload it to the websites. Tiny JPEG will then reduce the image size and then give you back the original keeping the quality of the image. So it’s a very helpful resource when it comes to reducing image sizes and also speeding up your website as well.

Next is, will rank com. This website will give you a complete website review as well as crawl your website, and, let you know of any on page or off page problems that you might be having will rank, will help you with on-page, optimization it’ll index your website and give you a score For your mobile, and also your performance of your website will rank will also show you how your website is displayed on the search engine.

In addition, it’ll help you index your website to make sure that there’s no problems with robots.Txt files, XML sitemaps or you’ll – have parameters. So, if you’re looking for your own digital online assistance, lou rank is definitely one website to consider. Next is GT metrics com. This website right here, will summarize your page performance and give you a letter grade based off the speed and performance of your websites.


The great part about this website is that it is completely free to run as many tests as you want. Gt metrics will tell you which part of your websites are slow and what you can do to improve the speed of your websites. In addition, the waterfall score can help you determine if there is a plug-in on your website that is causing your website to be slow and find out who the culprit is. So if your website’s, slow and you’re just not sure where to go, definitely check out GT.

Metrics next is color adobe.Com a godsend for those of you who cannot find out what colors to use for your websites. Adobe will recommend nine different modes and give you color palettes, depending on what your website is trying to achieve. Are you struggling to find that gradient? Yeah you’ve seen on other websites by uploading the gradient image. You can actually pick the color codes from that specific image to help you get an understanding of what color was used on certain websites.

So if you have a brain fart and you can’t figure out what colors to use definitely check out, color Doh be calm. Next is what WP theme is that calm? Have you been monitoring other websites and you swear that using WordPress, but you just can’t figure it out this website right here will let you know what theme that website is using and, in addition, it’ll also show you what various plugins are using on their website as Well, the great part is this website is completely free, so you can monitor as many website as you want and spy on as many websites as your heart’s content.

Next is tools Pingdom calm. If you want to test your website and see how fast it is, this is a great tool to find out this website will give you a performance grade. Show you the page size of the current URL. Give you the low time and it’ll also display the HTTP requests. In addition, this website will give you the problem of your website, such as make fewer HTTP requests, avoid URL redirects reduce DNS, lookups or maybe even using cookie free domains.

So if your website’s, slow and you’re just not sure check out Pingdom com, it’ll really help you determine what parts of your website need work now the same website. Pingdom com offers an additional service. It will go ahead and monitor the uptime. The speed of your website. This is great because sometimes your hosts will blame other hosts and say that the website is slow because of your website. However, I found that to be false, because I can actually record the speed of the server check out the low time the performance grade check out.

The uptime and determine who really is slow? Is it my website or is it the website servers I monitor 20 different web hosting companies. I read the performance and uptime and I actually have a detailed article of how I use this website to find out if the server was slow or if it was my website. So it’s a very interesting competition. So if you want to see that article that article will be in the description below so be sure to check it out, so if you’re getting good letter grades, but your website’s still slow check out Pingdom com, this will monitor your current host servers to find out That, if it’s your website or if they just have crappy servers, which happens all the time so be sure to check out Pingdom com next is pixabay.

Com my personal favorite. Now, if you’re, looking for free images or articles, this website has up to 1 million images in various categories and they offer JPEG and PNG. They also have HD 2k and 4k images that you can use for free on any website that you want. The images are completely free. You don’t even need to make an account for this website. So if you’re, looking for images or article for your websites – and you don’t want to spend a lot of money and if you don’t want to spend any money, be sure to check out pixabay.

Com, it is a great resource. Next is manage WP comm. Wouldn’t it be nice to maintain and secure all the websites from all of your clients from one location? Well, you can do that with manage WP if you’re managing more than 20 different web sites, massive VP is a must gets manage, WP offers so much. It gives you free backups, you can monitor the uptime of your websites. It’ll give you a performance check, it’ll, monitor the security of your website, give you free client reports and also give us Co rankings and the great part.

This website will record all that information and you can send it off in a beautiful client reports proposal which you can send to them every single month. Now the pricing is even better. You only pay for what you want per month, so each premium add-on costs around $ 1, except for their backup which costs $ 2, so the most you’ll pay is anywhere between 1 to $ 9 per month per website. So if you want to keep your clients happy and have them avoid, calling you be sure to check out, manage WP it’ll, save you a lot of hassle.

Next is PageSpeed insights coms. You want to test the PageSpeed from Google and also see how your website’s loading on desktop and mobile. This is a great resource. In addition, PageSpeed insights will give you Diagnostics on things you can do and how many seconds it will save. If you apply certain measures on your WordPress website, everyone hates a slow website so be sure to check out PageSpeed insights and find out what you can do to make your website faster.

Next is free, pick calm. Now this is another free website where you can get free images. Now, if you want to create mock-ups for your clients or for yourself, this website has tons of PSD mock-ups that you can use for free. In addition, they’re part of other websites like flat, icon, slides, go and stories buy free pick which offer other free services such as free slide presentations and also free icons for your website.

So if you love free stuff – and you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, be sure to check out free pick, calm it’ll definitely save a lot of your money. Now, since you made it this far, I’m going to give you my secret website that I use for various websites when I’m trying to find the phone number for some companies. Have you noticed over time it’s become harder and harder to find phone numbers for certain companies.

This website will get you the phone number for any company right away, simply type in the company of the phone number you’re trying to find get human will then give you, the customer service phone number new customer number and any other number they have on their website. Without even having to navigate their website so next time you have to call your clients company just simply type in the company name and you can find it right away and then get whatever information you want from that company for your clients.

So thanks for reading my top 10 best websites, what did you think to use these websites? Do you not use these websites? Tell me what you think about these websites in the comments below my name is Darrell Wilson, and I will see all of you party people in the next article guys take care

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