Carnage on the protected class now have a live economy. Talk boku! No, I don’t know, I don’t act, be so I’m a sicko, a goon, maybe most of the time, some energetic book so Jarrah web design, development, chick mental model, ekpass chemical, to burn our shot. Hey, I come freely, I’m a religion, stuff college educated.

So the problem shall we get lively to time the a plastic or no better, okay, so ask a web designer basic of web design, JW web designer basic shaken or Janome GJ new colonial discussion Corbeau at at web design development director basis with Diwali could be important. So I cut poor act, a classical another car on a hobby so to share corny to how they are uploaded. We share could evolve in general Sabha attack, addictive re, the experiment, emission core, a Moodle class, the Chola Yahoo.

I can have programmer Dexter, pre-screened actor Pavan Makiki Cucina. Could she have own coding structure shop, which we described corpus of Katyusha Kabul, so I wish a class became is Corbin. Now I need to someone even a me just share corny. Both are pro SEO checklist. A more plaster that’s available on a key web design, development, psychotronic Channing center Korean about owning individual freelancer, drastic taejeong.

So I can think of chic the consumption. Everyone should do a more article taken, a subjugating chic, the bargain I mean quite a source bullet, avoid aquatic particular chic development. She soars ghulami Volvo, the quick the easy way among is this source share. Color puree, I mean Amal cluster sugar Abu. So that means should hammer shot, enjoy approach. Ironic advanced level are owning a local chic department.

The group ik to share Corbin, you know show why I take a dick taper. A cluster could be important, very, very important, korone a class take a a protege classy very important. Have a car on act, a class now oops. I make too vulgar ability, okay like to share Corwin share coalition away addictive away, so she took a Miss Corbin. Quite you join grief, Leticia Leticia, okay, Ramona classed, I start quarter body.

The web designer boom development can achieve in shutouts, easily online e-learning, Corvin, first of all, later Carmen e-cig. When I convert to Monica on Bangladesh, neural data, economic, avocado, Chicano, Hina toga April. I take and take a chic a online marketplace Ottawa by a decline. This other category online e-learning caught the pollen Watzke, a touchdown on the first class I won protected class, I mean believe Ilham to take.

The class should remain even our own. Aqui need a party. So I kicked in a meet. I worked in our own language, tactically, the in of Umrah web design development, the shop blue, classical protected class, crowbar boom web design to development, cheek the jaw to blow class frozen egg. Do it in church cereal college table column, kill you the miss she decayed poorly making it apparent ever I mean I shall get I’m didi.

Would you move to melt from at ski legacy at ski habala? Do that I cameras are still able to do a MOOC. So my maths book October, I’m a capital eight, the October in currency, at curly, I wan na stress the deck evolved in a boom chicken, a gentle when you call mama, shrew Grabel, so actual share problems. Overshot a tester cash shop, groupie shark already been a mission. Could to see general elective, I okay, that’s a but attack on mood, discussion which illogic so alright.

So we’ve designed a bomb development, Umbra development. She can reckon with the key web design she grounded so ably genetically the genome of the cabbage. On top of it set out a web design, turkey, web turkey, or else I’d, keep my I’m elected in sick that she Jetta Kobe got difficult world when a Catholic who be difficult, kuba, cotton, Jetta, sabudana, Hina character, software, Tori, technolon, Ohio, Donna, I’m right scale, computers In Moody’s cottage and immorality movie school today and I say Jake a Microsoft rhetorical to able to see she can apply, can easy Kavala more prepared out of them.

I won’t cook prepared well for EE. Just take a cig Toby. I mean kids Okanagan, like the actor. Just to the home bitch slums, I’m like the modem in the journey into Johnny negative installation, chorus team in South Korea, okay, Nettie score time, the shade totally they are volatile, a couch, a modern play to Dakota Balaji efficient, modern play to the current Alec in the Ship active pokemons, a plethora, Cora Shambo, ho Donna, Toshiba V actor website camera she Facebook, as she Google, Ajay, YouTube AJ.

So a YouTube. Facebook, Google, English, I am ready to use Kareem, you do actual telegram want to do. The action will give Allah Hodja, I’m okay side to the record that can expert on what the actual Denis Potvin on so shade. Horrid chasm recorded Sheba, Shakira chip, download media tag at the nyan Angelica to do caught him. I wish a takishi reportable when the article degree share coven, decoration why’d.

You take the path, though she day will see web design, development, otaku, Victor hard cards, Jade Jade on and game development are problem. Android application development agency play Jose a Geneva, no active or so much a web. I’r radix to be software play you scurry mobile ad, swap terribly use. Krrish singular our wave pursue Nikol ocean Bob about why impersonal, facebook camera deeper. We use curry Shiva whoever you have to use caution book after web.

I mean desktop software to do color you squash combo, though I’m Roger Chi web personage software globe to record ever get a chic book. So white person is software diamond a me web development curry. It means a me agent, software developer web based so generator chic Mandela Corbin should a couple of web-based software developer. Gerrae Dexter, basically, the next up best software developer, cowboy shop cloud, software developer of Allah.

So I’m using a marker, Malaysia, Mikasa Atika. She could see the whole a totally babuji YouTube. Takeshi can see. First of all, you take it. Maybe no English tea tree oil Beckett, but I mean plastic, super-important, Ebola, divulge a code, hi cat hi Gilly after I take a easily sick, the pollen so protoman Jap nakayoshi English. A lot of you need to understand english language, english, a lot of it abruptly the Sikh turban, Karen web design, development, a programming coding, a shop, Kotori English you’re.

Out of time, I will show you take a sharp of immunoglobin English air out the English Chara, a modern web design, development sector Bhavana number one short of Zeta number, two hot sticky. You can take last call for any JK need you take a practice code to put it in practice: Nikola Havana, the chick to have a plus practice code, togami proved in live in slums. She clamp into practice column, Natalia Havana.

Everyone Osamu shape Orlando turkey, messes camera properly, Janet urban AG, new black or domestic response call some shots. Well, corrosion help Corbeau, that’s the approach. Ej English approval, dr. Karen Cano enters from of Chevrolet. She take a Amina tectonics on my Google Jeff negate subscriber growth of the ocean, appreciation, motion, Arabic or signal afterthought to the rocket out. Apni Bertoni technology is good.

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I want development. The first element web is into sick time. A modern wind, Semra website, Toluca recycable website to record a Chicago mmm Russian pie, I’m getting sick, tingly holy Kiki lac bay, amar Miami, a genealogy rubber before I present ask a basic, Tonia, latronnik Robert Kennedy: no, shall we shake the body I’m going to take our Land taken in Cote d’Ivoire, 100 % part. When do they protect a classroom, the hold active and protected class you the sooner fabric or intolerable.

The proton may apply she. Cardiology, Dakota Peron outta me mrs clinton EEG. His Kindle opera award extra black bhakti bhavan, the Bosnia, proc equal to Bahrain, shuttle Chopra, live a online thing addictive or in a fluid. The English follow the rental apne detectable out chaplain totally w3. Sorry, the blue three schools: three schools, calm, w3schools, calm, a site at age; eight upon in a way exciting yeah thing: Hawai, actor, booyah, moto, site actor boy, mo Clay, Aiken, Aggie, Abney, put pepper in you, can NB window class near Allatoona, garage, HTML, CSS PHP in Schwab, gulanee, electronic or outside so up the a site it’ll show up in LA and HTML click or a step-by-step engine, you allergic to pollen actor web development critically in geologic time web development, you know: HTML CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, bootstrap, jQuery, angular, more I’ll, show nebula Agent Vega sector, big Lobby coding, along with the bazzara CSC Department, nearly hub, recorded Tara, salad, Mataura academic, rubber chicken – that I can’t even Commission, hey Aaron, ta-da’-da, regular shampoo to ugly chick Jennifer.

You a classic watermelon icon, AJ HTML to this equation. So, let’s Timmy Larry class, some of the interaction editors basic elements is in your granulation. A quarter burn imma, get to Geneva even be electronic or Burbank light. Even maybe sometimes I’m inside Turkey use Corvo description, Krajina, Janome step by step so vacation category. The SIDS opera is the best immediate echo class black ornate apologetic collectible in Germany.

The heading Central Asia only can only Cassini description. Karachi English data, portable storage, egg, lucky aging, equal Aquila, can inscribe so even basic. The pollen Ottawa decor Vinci touch upon you to visit the foreign you too big a brush. You can take off. She can hit the button. You want immediate apology. Where would be sign? The bangla tutorial Lincoln the Hawaii, can only gravity kind of web design it ID but will be studied real, etc.

It can show, I mean skimmed up. Did she Dexter bodywork apart from the bobbin, so it can. I hit that bruh AJ article blowback him every connection. Dual-Core, a Allatoona corals, opera, eaglet, a hawk in the web, didn’t check the parent koo kumba, awakened for egg and always seek the Polynesian. You see people with Ottawa athlete. I lead you, the advance, Mahalo moto sick, the gentle apnea. Was she honey English teacher addictive or encounter Bangladesh on the game? Is take Cora chorionic T doodle to record ctrl G GG new classic the Bangladeshi student ironic problem for time when alert part cause.

She cannot set the units, tactically, a skater statistical, characterizing, the state. Accordingly. At the Hanukkah showmanship forensic people, enough army did a blog in number. Would she can take a secret very, very better right? She talked today the new Boston. The new boasts a USB three actor owning bottle: Hana blog among it, a Kobe actor either play 1.7 million subscriber Elsa Apple. I can L, say web web design.

Playlist ID select good the foreign America Belleci English evallo Dakota. When I look in the shop opener English, not an approach into web design development, I have enough it. I gave more electoral English animal Chinglish up means taking good to polish a booster button, licked a button reading reading a promotion, a second appeal: android application development, chickpeas end up making a jetty parent, also app you, the graphic is Jessica’s up.

She can only kind of playlist egg is still it cool it button. So I’m rushing boats, web design, development, apnea, double studio, Sigmund designer it can of me a can almost hooked, opto-article Ishita story hi if we do have been active all in so England, aching happening chic a barbershop pitch me, so I can upon her Tina, like the Sauna, so, on a key in a way to record, I presume the vacancies with the app another key Cugini table a so a MIDI, tumescent Bolam web design, development Shakeology shaker journal, a ginger plot.

They have Nashik the parent linked up the the ohiolink tag. Handleable yeah, a lien take a sick day. Pardon Ottawa, w3schools w3schools, I cannot shake the power, will double is Clay. Aiken Akashic, devolve in a side duty could be important inside remove the he approached the opponent. Okay, the economy to Elysium our discussion me a promotion, a Sigmund j2me. She could see the first of all basic of web design.

Vibe regional, checked our website design Cora. I can wipe this in Turkey Iraq to do the bully, I’m modular, connector, side, ecology, German actor. We decide to the gates Allah the glorious cause. I cited, the UDM enjoy a site, remote edges. I am recited. They connect ascetic to follow voltage animosity. Today, jaqen, I decided solidago just by Michele Bachmann of the challenges that they columnist la la la ba.

Bum shower boost issue with the other proton wala website ill check on news BT website, so EUL Selita Hoshi token number day he taken a bangla natok or a potent liquor which attacked the uber monogram that bring it to my new daughter is here when a category Select caller ID says R Chopra not say I will protect the genies from the movie alignment karate, so it a cable, a change, a web designer Mulva, Shweta and exercise came on deck hobby exercise, design, color for a communicable eating algae web design.

Auto Barbara already the template, the heat get you with your business related website outside show you I’ve said in one thing: Gilly come on back habit, we design th, actually web design more little bonnets. I kept our study design a hero from Amazon, Facebook, adieu, Quito, honking, tumblr, facebook, login page. They keep um degree of this, just underground occasional they hear about. They can see a demo nice idea.

I take a fine animal company, a website about a company. I have said I’m okay, JJ’s record shop facility stalls, so what the tagine description below with our server should know that cats are the Ziggler design more late again AJ mouth nigga. Lady starts a one-click call out of it a little bit on again ocean back. Have a third brake energy reviews that was the agency Beulah, actually ballot web design, a geneva-like origin, a little coding sheet.

I have um, I’m writer. She kick keep her burning Cabo it uh. It has a manly curvature. You wan na make another tea. Company was a strudel said team, wrote, say: partners wrote a our GD conductor wife’s a little is a schoolboy ecology reversal on the non school July. Schooler website embody geology in Venice pooja, lightest color website unpredictable. They can a cooler, even with the ash, even know on akicha daughter teachers, at least the what she cook their money towards our classical being that play a Canada read a kind only key to that breaking a recent issue pictures age in his blood.

It kind of show garnered seven Protestant culture, chrome you shop, which you can abolish any gently Porter button, select our website, Manish kitchen boutique, or a cone Karuna to record it happen or a couple of our booster parent. The activist select Amano’s go straight, are taught to block a publicly shark Raja, you have said, take a tunic or be on the other side already doubled abolished all today.

The Delta XI business-related karna through topology moon embody a controller J at skating. In a imagine, eg arts, kid Bieber comment below business courtesan, I’m a DJ arts, catalytic, an eight-sided beginner a sighted beginning. In the same now a sighted be junk into kelabra. Among eight I love de so decided gay-related. We sided began. Similarly, with her act. Ice coolest Yocum, I’m going to be dejected, look into similar design power, similar content, Papa precision-cut, the commingling, which attack been the shopping related to site gula, be the seaside glove do blow up into arrow.

Coming that way, I’m not the Amazon Yahoo key imaginative Dukey by Kanye, I’m Athena Moberg into origami option a same finished product operate by a New Gloucester, I’m a Johnny, the imagine a mother to call for a magical product, select curry the active product by this one Room of the select column, a Janu, clever, so good to say so, a site, a a common site, telecom insider from a tower edicom to a cactus.

I take a chrome, high tech by our obnoxygen, which I apply a shimmer to record it of it out, sir. So either way I would get aside good luck. Admission code too high a bong analogy will concept the head of your gutter ball topology a taper it aside, like a cicada little moto side leg bit, I malarkey see we learn like the design codes of it. Not only the same same, but also I’m going to kick two chains on top of it, the same core data, copyright, visible so age, nibbler, cortically, a mother k, teen dozen is like that out, say: HTML Sigma have a CSS stick to have a album, JavaScript or Jquery sick table a equate.

The genus I’m on the web didn’t design, take a cover coding, HTML, CSS, JavaScript jQuery, it chucked a Danish. A mother web design k cover Corey having bad luck, evil, a dynamic or cats; a use caller ID. So okay go ahead. Okay, so HTML CSS and pH sorry, JavaScript and jQuery. Each chapter janeshia mother, kicked off his shoe to Montreux Web Design. Take a chick origin, so I can up into the web design chick patient on a chartered in shop Negev valid on top of it.

Okay, now a chart Indonesian on Jalopnik equals iota of it. I make Tory Belleci J, a Japanese Jenna, no first of all Umbra double threes creditor body, although we can visit YouTube to learn that the newsroom blog immediately shaken a cordovan. I was like to post again. I’r a article decay, life Turkish, higher cortical gonnna. I mean group block there by Michelle. Crowden gentleman whose take the beta attack would be important.

I echo no antibodies and I cannot get the class knowledge initial. She managed expect correct. I mean collab, she just just Mahalo girl Corona, so I mean should require Aggie. I manage it for you that they work too amar. I mean nasty man, I’m a bachelor, Tina’s pooja lobule. Tonight I mean especially tacky. I mean 2012. Take a web design development category exam freelancer, I shall be happy, we know by the Shattuck at school.

She didn’t want a pro to album earning or quality. I mean freelance adored, kamikatsu Roberta money off lending. Is you clients, through a number youtube profile, ejector button? She can a our clients that want a monkey I mean show Hanukkah tree a article. Pavan a program will be filled in the urban Sol G GG. The web is an acoustic drum bruh camera actor website give up with Charlie I meanshe turban or negative.

Oh you. I said: come on college all on Facebook, looking into a new clock, orthotic a shape edge, mr. Cappuccio, so while say chole key to takes da get your programming core a site to define you. Can I extract honest officer like Anna extract going to module Qingdao China? You can adjust get your program in related code Kitsch who image get to text Eco actor. Gene is the exercise to divine lb Chicano katakana tickets, it Mona College a I couldn t to be general Qi vision important.

Now I got you to bid. You know we’re busy in important youtuber knows all about the system. Apne youtube youtube. She care by youtube. She kind of each and I up in article 2 recording developed Lord then I probably use Barbie. After what kinda do the traffic going to happen? Is you can add data parent, the apnea earning code, apparently to openig a paper Bay? You can make it to only which tonight that’s ha, so why be injecting la a connector? I said qubits earlier me, pulley electable like to give all along J a mother act.

A memory space like their jaw, connector first of all, second website, will require high token kin. Twitter only show I cannot be Babu. Shall I read again doc horn Tim berners-lee, imagine site to the correct among she can recite thermal pay all publish content stuck in that previous item G continue later computer with a given computer to all time the unrack Naruto Jake? Oh no gigantic attack a visit carnage in the shade attack unit chaplain.

My change in the kinetic, a lively given the origin of competed on Tigana, but automatically to the segment that produce a platoon Oslo. A separate our brother on online hosting system are slow. The website to record Genoa, larger, no actor hosting like been memory space like the online II, am I’m on the desktop hard drive memory as a German air common bruh, I’m right key kotipalli live way online, a key to hosting his best skinned apology.

It come hardest online within our dicks amrap Abu, in this la among she can a mother, a coding file, okay, a host code toy upload code by a bunch, a file you like a HTTP one, permit access call it a web page, be like a shock or Annoyed if a vector website, Jolie so a magic and the eg facebook.Com, google.Com type or a yahoo.Com, English, a predictor, hard drive an address and their kids are going to visit.

Karahi talk on era, J, hard drive, any other connection, karateka say: computer shut, the a connecting call a sheep is good like a visit among that’s our chili. Our cell works, though amra first of all a con. She was a giveaway, I’m reg diamond sig book. You ever see broken Countach activate to activate site here. Is Steven objected structure, I’m a detective. I’ve set a Shattuck, the mana shield Manu shiteru Nagori Kurama Johnny J elect a manual choke on to Yokohama.

Corn cannot be somebody’s initiative today, actor Manoj, Gay Tony going to hire geek on Connecticut or Cora high frame. Take a mother a habit shape the play, angular say not chopped contribution, so a vanilla cake in town again structure to kill garage, a bunker shot. A Marty laggy Purshottam, a TDI Monica to agriculture, album tarp or echidna mother mythology, a mother colleges that are prepared several knock on choke shopping step by step Louis under Joe Collier, no color in college him to Gaza to age in you, Claremont the army, the double Oil side, tur equa, DoCoMo, basta October, straight to the garden again structure, Takata high air horn, his structure, turkeys in heavily I’m going to be a kinesiology.

The AOF setter is structured. I can the ater design tech come on. I can I help or a baby as him navigation block opera, this a function goal. Okay, then they can already workshop or test a bomb to get the picture show good to say they gave in Pune cash over to say and then so what to say it again, she completely ash on a TV show, quad set our own nectar page a table. Have been local nation on Jack on the peace visit Corbin they blog about.

Historically, she died Ithaca about it happening it about the is happening online shopping. Ask a diligent. They can a they’re a very structured tucumán ad cake at the categorical on navigation, Walker, a a decay slider, a banner picture, sure good to say hot chili, not enough. First, English, oh good, to say about a magenta collagen in the recap, our prophecy illegal, on a key she that hi, so a hectic content attack decay alignment.

Karachi, it a goal later: cheb poem to a Janu block, a attackable Ohio, a Saturday structure. Jay got hunter, came on oversight, our egg Hannigan, a citation, a site, a killer back in Safina I detect aside a bomb in Canada, hinge eternity didi said the wreckage who slider image a banner to age in each column, checked recited a structure. The coincide restructure camera with across my it had up the jacket or gurus, even the client, a plethora garage, even checked client, actually up like a bully BBJ a to restructure, camel Hawick, Kiki content that bacon-wrapped me jokin totally in here again wipe develop our jebin.

The on applique are equally out potential good talkin upon meteorite a jewelers way: J chemo up night; okay, give up a design, Corbin ATSA our article director shark Rochester Corbin shower. You know director for me Barbara Bootsy, toe a kanay, okay, we’re article-making sahaja, no concourse Malave YouTube ecology on article making it generally making kurta Havana article making engine obnoxious it a car like this out article, making I kind of making a mission up they’re going to Short him through cuts, I went apneic horn, t2l till you go to an apneic enough product me a article to recruit the world.

It evens up to you. It American economy. Sure enough need G connect of illusionist article output Corbin. She review the man whose deck he has another log deck here. She can, I add, publish quarterback finish and I’m a DVD kianak right TV show by they kicked up NT AT & T with the blog dimension away. They K same table so up TV Decker. So my advertised a hollow loggin out of Google i/o like among she can advertise they advertised as a payment she day actually into double benefit, I’d taken over any fitna.

So if I have nickels go to one article, making miracle new for snake and hey, that’s a dodgy double Sela out, CJ a site service to a cloud structure to every structure. I’r agent, if you lucky son, drove a lineman collagen HTML is Corvo every country. That Heidi is. I take a after to know that cuts a visit Judy. Can I it it is team LCS among jQuery job. I speak chapter Jeannie Hsieh seaside remote.

There i’ma use da cunha can take a I mean just take with the Heidi shoot, who is table da key Bonanno Shambo, dr. Seidel iterative Malibu’s been makin, it was just I make to the out kurudi record, see J. She cannot do the design Jana packet, the only key Pullman hotel party they can joke on APNIC by all state to the Corbin. Talk on happen are a manic to holiday, ACTU you’re, going to practice I’d okay, so it’s Timothy amra, a genie lucky to decodable ego.

Then ektu against Ike Takata swindle see look into a conic in Twitter chains. We get a bomb. I bleed a cat, psychic Arabic at say, a taken site who the Parana manga to Ronald sir, though a stable, dear mother, key a continue lucky. If I be shocked or I have a pigeon, Aaron, shiitake shunned or Jawara, no John Umrah CSS, you scoot the body, its timidly Umrah pseudo Montreux act. Recital structure, Puri, Kubu education record, modify called work on the content: gulag, Ashoka Robbo, our CSS, the Umbra later design.

Turkish funda Raghavan, who said you know, make the holiday I catch him. Jonah wise idea, shade every good time. Pooja guru, Sri attorney questions o’clock. She gentleman Sombra HTML. They could to see it aside. Tail structure gotten the reporting, CSS, the Umrah actor side, key design coalition work or a volatility. May they make up. I mean make a box sector Amir increase cash from the colonel-general makeup world.

You know: Jay Sean Jamuna is kala hi, that’s a kind of CSS. Okay! Javascript key jQuery key o’clock, sector programming, language client-side, programming, language data – they imagine, I could simply cut lumber Tom Coderre, you have it our cupcake to battle on a hookah routine. So aging, you read a mother javascript is sure but jQuery sure so a tag given away. I mean our recited Yahoo. I, when we take it back how about the JavaScript you’re going to Kiki cards, I’m Robert Sewell adult society, so it can attack him AG nee, achee, mousetrap pop cordial, as the say, Papa hot SATA, the our company in description, themed universe.

The service service, one sale service details in us, the serenity they need so much to say about I’m, uniquely Korean automatically change the picture Beulah our they can. I can only your progeny stochastics a ticket said about do damage. I, our JavaScript, Raonic Avenger, is a connector. I’ve said it click quarrel, portable mouse, media, JJ, new Galaga, draggable, CD, Cody and again it cannot be connected any strollers, but just a minute.

It just take it. The whole Ambrose right about to see on show me ideologies decadent, auto bike and they’d pick at Acadia Mon Umbra. They admitted at cyclic or a mantra moderate from their shunderson ridiculous. I’r not going to fall until a protocol agent, look like a like a about. They can see the I can Amaro it’s a time of day. I’r always such a want, a yard for a kid. The freelancing shake Arjuna a play become a freelance, like click quadriplegic on a connection, don’t be choosing a short todo like a bunny short to block it fulfilled.

Nicole adjudicate we can, I submit, could teach I Taha lay, can get you a warning. The high G please fill out this filled air compressor, so aging you play actually mulatto jQuery and JavaScript. The Cora hide so a model initial stage. A model like web design never seek Arjuna HTML sick table, so HTML Agassi talk among tarpaulin, wounded, CSS sheet cover designed again so a gadget, Emre, HTML decay, structure, Turkic goran dragic, the body, the whole a BBQ la she got.

Ta cook easy Havana, so it step-by-step Nadia Putin to UM. Right again, she kept are going to the protective article army could be longer Bonham short core group, a scammer basically clustered Sheila’s attach a monarchy. Html CSS and JavaScript jQuery, a teen chapter, Jenny, Schecter avec, who is could be valuable, kicked out of it ever get a Turkish bath ragged Ivana down, I’m not design code, the Volvo I won’t design it for my beliefs.

I could look at the enemy code table or top wave design for a she took a the enemy called PHP to convert Corey should a compact of hollow I’ve said Ruby Pune to Karachi topology on I’m Roger gone Facebook, ecology. I mean you, the Facebook page, a solid shaken a Facebook. This book is your body unpredictable Jake and it kind of is because the body that prey on exciting such a that prepaid ticket a cluttered step, re a piglet, a sharp or umrah.

He got the body. You know from Catskill to Volvo to Sheikh Abdullah, I’m a jpg Ashley designed Taliban have um even a week in town. Okay, we face blockade design code target so keep her back over it again. Any code table is Tim already: structure to sigma2 HTML, a structure, shake economy policy, jw3 Schoology, the body, auto bomber, YouTube, the character body, Ottawa, harmonic class, glue Cordova’s, so at comic-con optical coating, the Havana ASCII just turned hammermill um von etske HTML code block a monolithic, A a bone CSS, a good gulab jamun.

We take a JavaScript code below camera, North Academy agents take Arakawa. So moving on number you, the MRI cited a he I’m already well say there: a cider won’t pay, so it rammer site it can do the Amidah. He J side take a design, corn and you know: Kiki kuraha, readin, sorry, article race, to create a Kiki, kuraha chato economy to DJ the him like the side here, HTML block Kiki, you can adjustable up a stagette protect up agent.

You know Alaba Alaba, I’m going to K cord League time, so a tasted, you know, keep a’lamin code, I’m under the qiyamah collective. Let’s say it: I’m addicted icon, while settle amra right button, click, courage, a condo browser it I’m not worried about view page source. It cannot predict a poly, it can take a look like pooja. Can it on a gorilla cuts, mulatto aging Euclid said HTML code aging unit a HTML code aging is ability you’re on a Jamil, a cuddly cat, sick and injured freelancing.

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I really love that we have that because it means that anyone Who is at the same skill level doing the same job is Going to be paid equally – and it gives me a lot of confidence that I’m being paid fairly, All of our salaries are based on being in the 50th percentile of the market, going rates for each role. I’r really excited to be Able to share this with you, because, when I shared My own personal journey, one of my concerns, was That my entry level salary that first one I had in my career, is just not really relevant.

For today’s going market rates – And I didn’t want people to think that that’s what they Should be asking for I’m going to share with you the Five different salary levels that we have for web Designers at ConvertKit, as well as what skills and experience you’d be required to have at each level. So, let’s get into it, ( lively, upbeat, music, ) At level, one you’re, an Entry level web designer and the salary for this label is $ 60,000.

At this first level. It’s probably your first job in the Industry out of design school or perhaps I know you’ve Been teaching yourself for about a year and maybe Doing some client work and you’re ready to like Start working at a company now and keeping to build on those skills, You’d be coming in with A really good knowledge of design tools, but be Doing a lot of learning on the job about company processes and like working within a Team and that sort of thing At this level, you’re Probably going to be working on lower stakes, projects and With a lot of supervision from more experienced Designers on the team and the work you’re doing Is probably going to be more on the production side than on the deep problem solving side At level? Two you’d be A junior web designer and your salary for this level is $ 78,000 For this role.

You’ve Probably got about two years of design experience under your belt, but what’s more important to them. The number of years of experience is the type of experience that you’ve had and the skills you’ve been building the type of work you’ve been Doing throughout that time, I’ll continue to share The years expectation for each role, though, because I do think it Helps to set some context At a junior level, you’d start working on some more complex projects still with the more experienced designers, but you probably be much less supervised for the smaller more Production type tasks now So as an example, you might work with a more experienced designer On creating something like a new feature, page for The marketing website, but you’d be left to your Own devices like unsupervised to create things like social media imagery or like digital design assets At this level, you’ve Had design experience working within a company and Working on lots of projects, and so you have a really Good understanding of the design process as a whole and you’re, probably starting to pick up a few other skills as well.

Perhaps that’s HTML and CSS Or animation illustration, I don’t know you’re Adding into your tool bag, The next level up level, three you’re a career level, web designer and the salary for this is $ 95,000. At this level you are definitely an experienced design, professional and, while you’re still Going to have a manager, you won’t be supervised as such. Throughout the design process. You’ve probably got at least Five years of experience working as a design, Professional at this level and you’re really good at Things like attention to detail, thinking about hover states, Interactions animations all that sort of thing that Comes in as part of your work, You’ll probably be solving a More diverse range of problems at this level and you’ll also be expected to take more initiative to so you absolutely can’t be just waiting around to be told.

What to do. You got ta. Have the initiative To figure it out for yourself or know who to ask to Help solve your problems, So at this level you start to become much more self-sufficient At level four you’re, an Advanced level web designer and the salary for this level is $ 115,000, And this is the level That I’m at right now At this stage you definitely Become more of a leader, And when I say that I don’t necessarily mean like A manager of other people, but you will be leading projects, probably giving work assignments.

Out to other designers, leading decision-making for Various design directions There’s a lot more like Coordination involved at this level but of course, you’re still A really great designer still pushing yourself to learn. And get better and better and be producing super polished work. The problems that you’ll Be tackling at this level also become more complex and wider, ranging, I suppose, Where you’re thinking not just about the pixels you’re, creating but you’re thinking like Further scope as well, So the complete user experience how a thing you’re designing fits into it.

Thinking about business, Metrics and the ways that your design will Be helping towards that So you’ll be spending time thinking about all of these things, instead of working on a lot of the smaller tasks at this level, Really at this level, You’re learning a lot about the business as well and how your designs and what you do on a Day-To-Day basis fits into it And at this level, you’ve Probably got about eight years of experience as a designer, Then we have level five Which is the last level in our salary bands? Currently, At this level, you are An expert web designer and the salary for this is $ 140,000.

At this level you are Managing a design team and you’re the one giving supervision to the less experienced designers You’ve got about 12 years. Of experience at this point and the design work that you’d doing is much more specialized, The projects will be much More like high stakes and will require a lot more expertise and analysis, as well as a super deep, solid understanding of the business Where, in general, you’re Using your design skills to help better the company to help improve business Metrics and objectives and you’ll be responsible.

For that at this level, So compared to level Four, the advanced level level five involves a Lot more responsibility and thus more pressure too. Those are the five different salary bands that we have for the web. Design role at ConvertKit And, as you can see, The jumps between them, not just in terms of the salary number, but also the skills and Experience needed for each level, they’re quite big jumps, And that means that this isn’t a system where you’re getting a Pay rise every six months, You’re like moving through like getting your promotion all the time.

It’s like something you’re, Going to work at for maybe a few years to work to get your skills to be at the point where you’re ready to be moved. Up to the next level, Like I said, I really like the system because I feel like I’m being paid fairly, I like, knowing that I’m Being paid a 50th percentile like mid range salary for my role, I know that I could get paid More if I wanted to go work for one of the fancy tech companies, but I really like the work that I do.

I love the company I met. I love the lifestyle that I have at this company, so it’s all worth it to me. I hope it’s been useful. For you to see this to get to see a 2020 Snapshot of design salaries at a bunch of different levels that you know are sort Of like mid-market range, Maybe it will help you Know what to negotiate for when you’re next looking for a job – or I don’t know, maybe It’ll just show you what the options are and just how far you can push your career.

As well knowing this Thanks for reading and Please share this article with any design, friends that you have, because I think the more We all talk about money and make this a conversation that happens the better it is for everyone involved, It’ll help our whole industry raise up and help more people to be paid fairly, to be paid. What they’re worth So yeah share away and Let’s, like not make money such a taboo topic anymore, Give the article a thumbs.

Up if you enjoyed it and make sure you hit subscribe as well, because I mean new articles talking about design every single week and I’d love to see you Back here for the next one, All right have a good day: Bye, ( urban upbeat, music, )

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I basically want to break down why some websites are only worth $ 100. How you know people who are selling websites for $ 100, how they think, how they’re approaching it why they get stuck at around this price point, and then the people who are selling websites at $ 10,000 or sometimes much more, how they’re thinking what they’re doing differently From these people why they can charge literally a hundred times more for something that often doesn’t take that much work or that much more time, so I want to break down the differences really really fast.

If you have any questions, let me know below. If you got value from this article hit like subscribe all that stuff, so basically when it comes to $ 100 websites, the first thing that you got to know is: when it comes to business owners buying a website, there’s a lot of options out there for them To get a website, you know just a website very, very cheap. First, they have options where they can literally just build it themselves like wicks or Squarespace, but when it comes to finding someone to just set up or install a website, it’s not hard to do.

They can go in upwork, they can go in fiber and then the people creating these websites often are just installing some sort of theme, some sort of template, and they can set it up very, very fast and that’s it so the business owner who goes looking for A hundred dollar website they’re going to find a 100 dollar website, not too hard and the person building a 100 dollar website. It’s not hard to do nowadays with the solutions out there for building websites, it’s very possible to set up a website.

Well, literally, just a couple of minutes work you’ve installed something you add in some images you add in the text it’s good to go so basically, my thoughts are when it comes to selling a website. For the most part, design is pretty cheap. If it’s just the website itself that you’re selling how it looks how it performs it’s not too hard to do those sort of things and there’s a lot of different people out there.

Who can do that? So the marketplace is oversaturated on this side of things and basically the prices are cheap. It’s easy for business owner to find someone who can do a cheap website and it easy for the people building cheap websites to just keep pumping out these cheap websites. Now, if you’re someone who’s in this bracket over here – and you want to get over to $ 10,000 websites, you got to switch up your approach and basically there’s two different ways that you got a look at this.

So as the business owner, when they look at $ 100 website, all they’re thinking about is the website, and I know this might seem like ok, what’s the difference over here, but what a $ 100 website they’re just looking at the website. They’re like ok, does this. You know, does it look good? Is their pages? Does it work, does it load properly? Is it responsive on a mobile device and, as we just covered it’s possible to do all of this really really easy using a theme using a template using something like Elementor? You can set this up really really fast.

Now, when it comes to a ten thousand dollar website, a business owner is looking for something different they’re, not just looking for a website they’re looking for a business tool. So what they want is not necessarily how it looks or how it’s designed or any of that stuff they’re not looking at the website itself. They’re looking past the website and they’re trying to see walk on the website get them.

What problems can it solve? What values can what value can I add to the business? What can it do, and basically there’s two different things generally that they’re looking for you can call them like less or more a business owner who spends ten thousand dollars on a website again they’re, not looking at the website themselves, they’re looking at the website what it Can get them more of and what it can get them less of and they’re going to have things in here that they’re going to want to see that this website is going to help them achieve so more.

I mean things like sales revenue, customers Authority, maybe in their niche market, share like they’re looking for something out of this website and then less just less work, less work, less hassle, less stress, then, with systems maybe going to have systems on this website, literally, like less Replying back to customers, less answering questions less dealing with the wrong sort of clients, they’re.

Looking at this website as a business tool, they want it to do something for the business they wanted to help in a big way and they wanted to solve problems these people over here who are buying them $ 100.00 website they’re, not thinking about that stuff, maybe They are but they’re not really thinking about it, because if they were and if they had a real business, they’d be investing more they’d, be up towards this amount, rather than down sheep.

The people who just want the website set up hey. You know I’m looking for a website. I want one page: it’s going to have these colors. I want to have these images for them hundred dollars, because all it’s doing is just there it’s online and it looks good, but for a business, why would they spend much more if they don’t have these bigger things that they want, so the people spending ten thousand Dollars they’re looking for not just the website they’re trying to do something using that website.

They want you as a web designer to show them and to basically create the actual website that does this to achieve things for the business they want to have their problem solved. They want to get to that next place in their business. They want to increase things. They want more of the things that they’re after and they want less of the things that have been stressing them out. So a ten thousand dollar website.

It’s not so much about how long it takes to build or how you build it, how many pages or how cool and custom the design is it’s going to be about a business tool very, very few businesses out there unless there’s some mega brand like Mike or Porsche or something they’re not going to be paying for just design design is going to be a part of a ten thousand dollar website. But it’s a small part. What they really want is what they’re getting from that design, what they’re getting from the website? What they’re getting from what you build them so they’re looking at this website, not as you know, let’s say this is our website here.

This is your laptop. These people here $ 100 they’re, just looking on the surface level. How does it look? How does it you know, perform how many pages all this stuff? That’s what they’re thinking of the surface level stuff these people who are going to pay more they’re looking past the website, they’re looking over here, walk in this website do for the business. What’s it going to achieve, what’s it going to help what kind of solve these big problems that the business have so they’re willing to invest this money if they can see that it isn’t just the website, it’s going to do all this other stuff and crease sales Make it easy to keep the current customers? They already have make their systems more efficient, just everything that a business is going to want more money, more customers, more sales, more authority in their niche, more market share, less stress, less hassle, less work, less time wasted more automated systems, that’s what they want out of A website and a lot of the times they don’t even care, really too much how it looks if it can help these if it can help them get these things.

The people over here for the lower prices you’ll find that they’re often fixated and how it looks, because that’s all they’re thinking about they’re, like okay, I’m paying money. I want it to look the best. I wanted to have everything custom. I want to have all these crazy design features, but at the end of the day, a website is really just a tool for a business, and if you want to get those bigger clients and start really increasing your prices, you got a view a website that same Way that okay design is important, it has to look good to some degree, but really where you want to put your time and your focus and your energy when you’re building the website is looking at, not just how it looks, but what it does.

So these people usually are focused on how it looks these people what it does, what does it do for the business? What’s this website going to help with what problems is it going to fix? What’s it going to remove that they don’t want? What’s it going to add in that they do want if you can start seeing a website in this way, even if it’s just a one-page website that the design literally takes you an hour to set up using a template.

But if you can do those extra things that go in that design, you can learn how to attract the right customers that they’re after you can learn how to speak. That language, you know, have the right, copywriting and communication in there to have the good message. That’s going to increase sales, that’s going to bring in the right sort of customers. That’s going to land them big projects. You can add in different things in here to increase their perceived Authority, social proof, testimonials reviews case studies.

Example projects. It’s all about what you’re putting into this. You know a lot of the a lot of times going to be pretty basic design. Actually it’s about what you’re putting into that design what goes into the container of design that can help them solve this two problems. So I hope this makes sense and I really hope that it’s starting to point you in the right direction. I know it’s a big topic and it’s something I could make a few more articles about, but what you need to do, if you want to increase your prices, is start thinking about when you’re selling websites, when you’re selling Web Design, don’t talk to the business owners.

So much about what the website itself is doing, focus on what it does so ask them hey. What do you want this website to do what problems you want to fix? What are you looking to solve in your business? What are you looking to achieve? What are you looking to? Maybe remove start focusing on what it does and when you’re building it up, you know trying to create that sale to close it at a big amount.

You want to have a pretty big list of things that it does for the business that have nothing to do with the website itself. So you’ll see you know, I teach a lot of different people web design and I talk to a lot of different web designers. The people who are just kind of stuck selling the lower price stuff they’re always talking about. Oh, it’s, responsive, it’s custom coded it’s four pages. It’s you know, modern, whatever they’re, always talking about the website itself, how it looks how it performs these sort of things the people who sell at the higher price they’re always talking to the business owner and communicating and making these proposals and these pitches that are based On what the website does they’re talking about hey, this thing is going to get you those clients that you’re, after it’s going to help you close these big projects.

It’s going to take away all this time that you’re wasting right now, you know, did it a it’s talking, always in terms of what it does for the business, how it helps the business, what it helps the business achieve, what helps a business remove, so the big Takeaway from this article, if you want to increase your prices, stop focusing and talking to business owners and pitching them on what the website looks like how its coded, what it is on the surface and get past that into what is the business owner actually want from This and what problems can it solve and what value can I add? What can I help the business achieve? What you’re, quickly going to find is to increase your prices with this approach, which is the best approach that you’re going to have to go out there and find business owners with bigger problems if you’re trying to sell to a tiny little pizza store.

That just wants to get their. You know basic website online they’re not going to have $ 10,000 problems, they’re not going to have the budget, but they’re not even going to have the problems in the first place to justify it, even if they had the budget. You got to get out there and find the people with big problems with big needs who are trying to achieve big things with their business. So the person you know the businesses that you can find that want to achieve more and then had these bigger problems, holding them back and something that a website could help with you know not on the surface, but what the website is going to do.

These are the people that you can have these conversations with, and you can see your prices very, very quickly increase for the same amount of work for the same. You know on the surface technical website, whatever you want to call it, but the difference is the website is going to actually help them so much more with the business that that price is justifiable. If you have a business, just yesterday’s contacted by an engineering business they’re doing millions of sales a year, they want me to look at their website.

They’re going to have $ 10,000 problems very very easily, because the price of one project to them is worth so much that it justifies investing in a new website that can do these different things, a tiny little business who just wants something that looks good, then you’re. Never going to have this conversation because they’re not on this level, they don’t have those sort of big problems and they don’t have the budget to invest in you fixing those sort of problems.

So quick recap again: I think it’s. The second second recap focus on helping people that need things past the website that a website can do for them, but that’s bigger than the website, and talk about what it can do for them. Have those stalls of conversations stay away from the people with small problems who are just always focused on how a website looks how it’s going to be designed all those things on the surface level, nothing wrong with good design.

But it’s got to be used as something to help a business achieve something else. Often a pretty standard design using a template using a theme like a twenty dollar theme is going to be perfectly fine. You don’t have to have that much coding skills. It’s about those additional skills, on top of the problem, solving seeing value in the marketplace, understanding what their clients and customers are looking for and then having that good messaging, that good marketing to turn this sort of website into something that does something for the business.

Usually increasing sales bringing in more customers more clients, so that’s it for this article and I rambled a little bit. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments really hope that it helps and catch you in the next article.

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It’s been a dream of mine to create this ultimate course for beginners on web design. From start to finish in here, we are I’m with the hopes that this course can literally change your life. So what is this? What are we going to learn here? So web design is actually a combination of two different skill set or industries. One of them is graphic design.

How to use design shapes texts and images to convey a message and the other one is the web. How people interact on the web, how they, what what user experience is and how do you develop your graphic ideas into making them work in the browser? So all these things are things that we’re going to cover on this course. You can expect to learn the fundamentals of graphic design, whether it is things like typography, the use of color, the use of layouts and the use of images and other graphical elements.

We’re also going to talk about all the web skills from user experience, UI design, wire, framing, creating interactions and understanding the whole development concept of HTML and CSS and how things actually work on the web. We’re going to talk about all the software that you need and how I personally use them. So I’m going to shortcut your way into mastery of the software and we’re going to talk about these software that I use, but also free alternatives and what you should get started with and finally we’re going to talk about the whole process of building websites.

What do you need to know and how to make money off this skill, how you can take projects and actually do them for clients and earn money as a web designers? That’s all the things that we’re going to cover now, who am i, if you’re not familiar with me? My name is Ron Segal, I’m based in Tel Aviv, Israel. I’ve been a designer for almost 17 or 20 years. At this point, I’ve been freelancing for all of this time.

I’ve also worked in agencies, advertising agencies, startup companies and for the last seven years, have been full-time freelancer working on web project working on branding projects. So I have experience of both the kind of traditional graphic design, but also the very tech product II web aspect of things. I’ve been sharing on my youtube blog here flux over the past four years, daily articles sharing all of my knowledge and also of my earning as a freelance designer over the years in the last in 2018.

On my last year of full-time freelance thing, I’ve done over $ 300,000 as a designer, so I want to share all these learnings with you. I’ve actually spent four years going to a fancy design school, and I want to share all these learnings with you. If you can’t span now, four years, if you actually, you can’t leave your house right now because you’re in quarantine, while I’m recording this article, you don’t have to we’re going to teach all these things, things that are worth thousands of dollars, that I’ve actually paid and Other people are paying right now, you’re going to get the gist of all this education on this free course right here on YouTube and I’m very, very excited.

So. My goal here is to give you all the fundamentals and all the tools that you need. So you can actually start building websites, designing websites and doing project either for yourself or for clients, but you’ll be able to do this. So this course is for either complete, complete beginners. You have no context about anything right. You never touch the graphics software, you! Never! You don’t know how to get started with anything.

This course is right for you, maybe you’re, a graphic designer that has done things in the past, like branding but you’re, not really sure how to approach web project. Then this course is going to touch all those things and help you make this transition from kind of a traditional designer into a digital designer that can help because most clients these days, any business needs a website, and so, if you want to be in today’s market, You have to know how to build a website and how to design them.

Now, if you’re a developer, that’s already developing website, but you’re, not sure about the graphical aspect of thing, you’re, not sure about how to make things beautiful, how to make things impactful then this course is for you, it’s going to help you master all these graphical fun. Mentals of things you know, I also learned a lot with article tutorials. It’s actually how I started my career. However, it’s not until I went to design school and master the fundamentals that I was able to create better work, that’s worth more money for our clients and that’s what I want to bring this to you.

I know that you’re probably reading a lot of tutorials about how to do specific things, but you need to understand how to think like a designer and how to understand the fundamentals, and this is what we’re going to cover on this. You know on this course now. Why should you care? Why should you want to become a graphic designer a web designer now, as I’ve said, this is a very valuable skill in the market today and in the future right web sites are not going anywhere.

It doesn’t matter that most people are on their mobile, they’re, still visiting web site, they’re still making purchases online there’s still. Every business still has its instead of a business card, they have their own website, and so this understanding how to build websites is a very, very valuable skill that you can make money off. You can do this remotely right, you don’t have to be so you can work with clients all around the world because we’re working on the web, where we’re using you, know a laptop or a computer, to build things that are online, and so it doesn’t really matter.

You don’t have to you, know, print something and give this to your client. You can do the work remotely and even if you’re, not going to end up doing client work, it’s still a huge. You know if you’re going to have your own side project or business yourself, just being able to take your ideas and put them on the web, build your own things on the web. I think those skills are going to be super super valuable for you and, as I’ve said you know we some of you might know.

I have flux Academy, which is the school where I teach people how to make money off web design. But the thing is, those are premium courses and a lot of them are how to grow as a designer. You know we have the 10k website process and we have the web flow master class. But the assumption with these courses is, you understand the fundamentals. You can do your basic stuff, and now you want to you know, step up your game.

However, you know when we thought about how do we help the beginners? How do we help? You know the people who are, you know just getting started. We came to a decision that you know what we don’t want to charge them. We want to help you get started for free and then, if at a later point, you’re already making money and when you step up your game great, but when you’re just getting started specifically in this time in history, where you know we’re in twenty twenty right now, When I’m recording this global pandemic is you know going around all over the world and a lot of people are need to figure out what to do with their business, so you might not be in a position to spend money right now.

We want to give you the skills to be able to make money right now, wherever you are. So that’s why we’re doing this for free? You know we don’t want to charge you money, but we want to provide you with value. I want to support my community and I also challenge myself: can I make the best intro course for web designers online? So this is it we’re going to drop a new article every week, sometimes even twice a week.

So I we just want to make sure that you’re subscribed to this blog hit that Bell button, so that you’ll get a notification whenever a new article is coming up and you can check the link. The the description below we’ll put the playlist of the whole article right there so stay tuned. The next article is coming up very soon. You

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You don’t even have to credit the photographer. You can use them commercially on any web design project. So, for example, if you want some cool nature photography, they have just incredible professional photos that you can use on your project. So it’s super easy to download you don’t even have to sign up for the service. You can just download the photo that you want to use. It’s a free, download and again just goes right in your downloads, and you don’t even have to credit the person that took it.

So the next tool that I want to talk about is called Pixlr, and this is an online photo editor, so it makes it really easy to quickly like rescale and darken images just in your web browser, so they have an editor and they also have this new Pixel er X, so I’m going to do that one because it’s a little bit faster to work with. So we downloaded this really huge file from pixels and you can see that the dimensions are five thousand one hundred and eighty four by three thousand four hundred.

Fifty six, so this is a huge photo in a huge file and Squarespace recommends that the max width be two thousand pixels wide for images. So I can just click. This arrange button up here and resize the image and bring that down to a max width of 2000. So this is a really great way to quickly scale down images very fast in the browser. The other thing that you can do is sometimes your pictures are too bright and if you’re going to have a white heading over the banner, then it won’t show up as well.

So this is a really great way to also just kind of darken up your photos. Very quickly, too, and it has a lot of different color controls and brightness control. So this is a really cool online and free editor to quickly edit your photos and scale them down to make them ready for Squarespace. Once you’re done I’ll, just okay, those settings click Save make sure your % is on a hundred. So it’s the highest quality and you definitely want to be a JPEG, and so now I’m going to click Save and it’s automatically saved to my downloads.

The next tool that I want to talk about is called a compressor dot IO, and this is an online image. Compressor and it’s the best one that I’ve ever come across, it’s so simple to use and really quick to image. Compression is super important when you download a picture from pixels they’re. Huge files are like five thousand pixels by two thousand pixels and they’re like three megabytes. So, even if we scale the image down in Pixlr that’ll help a little bit, but it can’t compare to actual image compression.

So that’s why this step with compressor IO is so important. All you have to do is click to upload your file. This is the image that we scaled down with Pixlr. You can see before it’s three point, six, two megabytes, which is huge. You would never want your website to have a image that big, because I mean you can see even just uploading it to this site. It takes a really long time to download and that can affect your SEO as well.

Google likes really fast websites, so if you have huge images that are just making your site chug, it’s really going to affect your search results too, so extremely important that you use this with your projects. I use it on every single project and look at this. This is amazing, it took a 3 megabyte file and it turned it into a six hundred four kilobyte file. Now, generally, you would want to aim for under five hundred kilobytes and there’s some things we could do like we could crop it vertically.

So it was a little bit less tall vertically because in Squarespace like you would never really have a banner that would need to be this tall, so that would probably get us under that 500 kilobyte mark, but just the fact that it’s able to take it from 3 megabytes and turn it all the way down to only 600 4 kilobytes is amazed. So then you just click here to download your file and you get your file right there in the downloads.

So the next tool that I want to share with you guys is this CSS gradient. I oh it’s this online background gradient editor and it makes it way easier than writing your own gradient code. You can play with the sliders here, there’s a whole bunch of different settings. You can adjust the colors. You can adjust these sliders up here to determine where the colors lie and you can also choose between linear or radial, and you can choose the angle as well done here.

So that makes it really really easy to create background gradients and then, when you’re done, all you have to do is come down here copy your code, paste it into your Squarespace CSS editor and you have a background gradient created pretty much for you. So the last tool I want to share with you guys is keyframes app, and this is a really helpful tool for creating CSS animations. So all you have to do is come to keyframe, shot.

App click use the web app and you get this helpful timeline down here, which makes it way easier to create the animations and over here you have all of the properties that can be animated. So it’s just like your basic timeline. Animator down here you have the duration. So how long do you want the animation to be? How many times is it going to be animated, so they have it set to infinite, but I only would want it to be playing once you can set it delay on it, and you can have the timing so Easy’s in he’s out he’s in out or linear.

So I’ll just show you real quick how easy it is to make an animation. So I want to pretend this is going to be my heading and I just want it to fade in and scale up a little bit when the page loads. So I’m going to start it the opacity at 0 and I’m going to come to like 20 % and I’m going to keep the opacity at zero and the reason that I want to do. That is sometimes the page catches a little bit or it takes a little bit longer to load.

So I don’t want my animation starting right from the beginning. I want it to be just at its default position and then start at 20 %. So the other thing that I wanted to do at frame 0 is have the scale will have it be like 80 percent of what it’s going to end up at so here we’re going to want the scale to be also 80 percent and then add a hundred Percent when the animation is complete, I want the scale to be 1 and I want the opacity to be 1 and for the timing, we’ll just see how linear looks so pretty cool, but I want my timing to be ease cool.

So then all you have to do is show the output CSS. You can copy this code, put it into your Squarespace CSS editor and then all you have to do is replace this dot element to animate with the code for the object that you want to animate. So, for example, I could put h1 here in Squarespace and then all my h1 headings would have this really cool animation when the page loads so makes it really really easy to create keyframe animations very quickly, alright guys.

So that was my roundup of the top five tools I use on almost every web design project. Let me know if you’re going to start using any of these or, if you already use any of these in the comments below I’d love, to hear from you guys. Alright guys, I will see you in the next one:

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It is almost 7:00 in the morning. I really wake up around 6:00 to manage to get up before the kids now that at 7:00 I’m going to go wake them up and have breakfast we head into the office. So I about a 20-minute ride with this scooter to the office, that is a pretty fun way to start the morning.

So I’m working from this co-working space, which is pretty cool because I get to have my own room, which is important for me for privacy, so that I can concentrate and do my work, but also I can get kind of use. The shared facilities which are kind of like meeting room and my clients come by or this awesome roof coffee machine kitchen all of that stuff and I get to meet other people and not feel as alone as I was when I was working from home.

So I’m pretty happy about this all right, so today is actually going to be a super intensive day. It’s not a regular day. It’s going to be really long and heavy, but we will get started with a client meeting. So I have a client of mine coming over right. Now, it’s actually a past client. I already bid build a website for them this kind of phased who they want to expend it so client could come here.

We’re going to have a session kind of go over. The kind of scope of what they want to add to the website so that I can estimate the pricing and timeline for it all right. So first meeting of the day went pretty good. I feel confident about the scope and I’ll have to send them a proposal. Later on this week, anyway, I’m heading to lunch. Usually I try to eat lunch with a friend or somebody to set people to hang out with, but today is a pretty tight day because I’m heading out to another client meeting very soon, so just try to grab like a quick, homeless and head up to the Next meeting all right, so I just got back from the meeting and went pretty well, so these guys they actually initially wanted me to design a website for them, but I wasn’t available so then a few months passed now they basically build a building.

The the website themselves – and they kind of want me to be kind of a consultant – just give them feedback on going on their marketing acids their website their product. So we were discussing kind of like I have this kind of engagement with clients that I called virtual chief, creative officer. So we were discussing the opportunity for that and kind of see how to structure that, so that’s also a possibility.

So, basically now I have kind of like three clients that I might be working with next quarter, the one that I met this morning, these guys and one another client that I met yesterday now, obviously not obviously but I’ll. Just not not going to be able to work with all of them, probably just going to be working with one of them. But since I don’t know that all of them are going to accept my proposal that I’m trying to progress with as many of them.

As I can, and then hopefully, either at least one of them is going to close or I’m going to have the opportunity to choose the one that I want Beth now, I’m back at the office, that’s good! These did this day turned out into a whole meeting day. Now I’ve got a meeting with Ryan who’s, a designer from Australia. He runs the Instagram account for use pitch proof. It’s it’s a really great accounting.

We might collaborate on content together. So I’m going to discuss that with them and then later maybe get some work done today, all right, so it is 6:00 p.M. Right now, usually on most days by this time I would be home. You know playing with the kids a little bit eating dinner, putting them to sleep, but today, as I said, it’s a little bit of a different date. So, apart from my design business, I also have an online school where I teach other designers, and this week we’ve actually launched a new course about web design, and today is the last day of kind of the lunch week and I’ll be doing a live stream on Youtube to teach people kind of like web design stuff how to sell a website for a lot of money.

And so because, most of my audiences in the United States and I’m based in Israel. In order to make it comfortable for people from the u.S. To read it I’ll have to do it when it’s kind of late here so I’ll do it at 9:00 p.M. My time, which is in three hours, because I wake up early and I’m a morning person. I wouldn’t really survive in that point, and so I got a rest now. The thing about working in an office like that is that, unlike working from the home or you can take naps here, it’s a little bit difficult to do.

Take naps. But if I won’t take a nap not really going to survive this long evening, and so I’m going to try and nap on well bad here, I’m going to try and do like a power night for like 30 minutes, then get something light for dinner and then, Like practice for my livestream and hopefully that will be helpful well when I’m eating alone, without people like to keep reading the book that I’m reading so at home.

I read on my Kindle, but here on my iPhone, I can keep reading from the same place. So it’s pretty awesome right now, I’m reading the show moon, which is an amazing amazing book. If you haven’t read it, it’s really a masterpiece, yeah check it out right, it’s time for the live stream, alright guys. So it is now 10:15 p.M. Super super. Tired stream went pretty well, even though I was really really tired.

I pushed out the energy, and I see they were like 300. 3 330 people. At the same time. Concurrence, I don’t know the total people who read the stream, but it was pretty good, pretty fun time doing so, usually, 10. Today, I basically I go and document everything that went on today, all the good stuff, all the struggles that I had today. So I’m going to do this right now, it’s really important for me to reflect back on to know what works, what doesn’t work, what I need to improve and to kind of realize patterns in my work days, so I’m going to go.

Do that right now, as I’ve mentioned, this is really not a typical day, but it’s a day it’s a day in the life. So let me know if you enjoy this article, I’m thinking actually about doing kind of serious in a day in a life with other designers of you. So if you thought this article, it’s cool, let me know in the comments – and I will see you on the next article bye

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Api is now available in Chrome. Webxr is the Next version of WebVR, which now includes all we are an augmented reality, Devices, sensors and controller supports now web developers can create a full Immersive experience of virtual reality on their website without worrying about Fragmentation of VR, headsets and controllers, we can expect to see more Exciting VR web design this year, lots of people preferred dark, color, Scheme when browsing web for various reasons, eyestrain battery saving etc and Some even try to use plugin to force it on websites.

For this reason there is A new CSS feature called preferred-color-scheme which detect if your browser is On dark mode, this allows web designer to change their website. Color scheme Accordingly, so in this year we are going to see websites use, dark, color theme or Start offering dark mode switch more often since WebGL 2.0 stable release, Since 2017, we keep seeing more and more stunning web design and utilize.

It three.Js is one of the most popular WebGL javascript library that drives thousands If not millions 3d web sites, web developers can now working with shaders And create amazing visual effects, games and animations easier in an ever and Definitely we are going to see more awesome, WebGL websites in 2020, SVG and SVG filter is one of the Upcoming web design training this year, it allows you to create a stunning and Complicated effect without a single JavaScript line needed this realistic Water of reflection or squiggly text effect are products of SVG filters or You can combine SVG with CSS to create curved divs and animations their ability.

To scale responsibly combine with small size is the reason. Why is it’s Gaining popularity website, loading, speed and responsiveness are now part of Search engine ranking minimal design again is continuing to be a strong trend. With fewer elements to load and less JavaScript to process minimal design can Make your website load faster while still providing an elegant, look and that’s All for the top 5 web design trend in 2020, I’r sure this year we will find lots of amazing web design and if you want to See more web development tips and tutorials don’t forget to subscribe our Blog to stay tuned for weekly update thanks for reading See you next time bye,

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It has a button over here. It has a shadow in The background It has this cool font, I’m going to give you all the icons and the text and The fonts and the images that you’re seeing over here so you can download them. So, let’s just get started. With this project, All right, so the first thing That you’re going to see if you open, Adobe Xd, is this screen. I see my recent Files over here, because I’ve already Created a lot of projects inside of Adobe Xd, But what you’re going to do if you want to Design a website is, you want to go into the Custom size over here This looks like a website, but it’s not the right.

Size for a website design What I suggest you Do is always start with 1400 by 800. If you, then press Enter you’re going to Get an art board: This is your artboard, and this is where we’re Going to create the design Now, let’s go over the Basics really quick, It’s a very simple tool compared to all the Other Adobe tools, So if you’ve worked In another Adobe tool, this will not be that hard On the left over here.

You Have your selection tool, you have the rectangle The circle, the triangle you have the line tool, the pen tool that you maybe Know from Photoshop and, of course, the text tool Over here you Have the design and a prototype feature For this article, we’re going to Just focus on creating the design because we’re not going to Make it too complicated And over here you Have the controls? So if you click on A specific item: you can change the controls of that specific Item over here, So that’s actually All you need to know You can zoom in with commands and then scroll on a Mac or on a Windows, I think it’s Alt, So just zoom or if you’re on a Macbook or on a laptop, you can just use your fingers on your track pad to zoom in or you can use the Tool over here to zoom in on a specific Point on the canvas Right now: I’m going To zoom out By the way you move around in your artboard By holding space, So if you hold space, you can move around Your artboard, So you zoom in You press space and then you go back to Your selection tool, So if you’re Designing websites, you always have space On both sides, Because all websites have The content in the middle and then there’s white space on the left and on the right, And you want to prepare that And you’re going to prepare.

That with the grid option, So if you check This grid option you’re going to see a Few settings over here I’ve already set mine up, So you can just Copy these numbers, You need two columns. You need 1140 in width. That’s the distance! From here to here And over here, you’re Going to need 130 And if you’re going To use these numbers, you will have the Perfect size for an average Modern website, So this is my advice to Start with all right, So just leave that Click away all right So now we’re going to Import our first image And I have prepared all of the things that I Need for this tutorial in this folder and you can download all of These files, in the description, It’s just one, link download It onto your computer unzip it and then you will Have the same files as me, So the first thing That I’m going to do is grab one of those images.

I’ve just grabbed those Images off unsplash.Com, That’s also a nice tip. If you Want to get into web design Unsplash.Com is a great Website to get your images If you need a photo of Amsterdam, for example, you’re just going To click on it And you can freely Use these pictures, because these pictures Are copyright-free So that is super nice, So I’ve prepared These two images So we’re going to Go back to Adobe, Xd open the finder, and you can just Drag in an image from your folder Or your Explorer and just drag it in here and then it’s very big.

So I’m going to zoom Out a little bit and I’m going to make It a lot smaller, You can just drag the Corner over here and place it inside Of your artboards, Just do it like this and Then place it in the middle, You will see those Blue lines, which will help you align Your image, all right, I’m going to zoom in for now And right now I want To lock this image, so I cannot move it anymore, and that is nice when you’re Working with a lot of things on top of this image, So I’m going to right.

Click and click on lock. You can also use command. L or Ctrl L on Windows and then we’re going to Work with our first text So we’re going to click On the text tool over here and you’re, just going to Click somewhere over here and we’re going to Create a title So, for example, I’r going to type Travel &, Go. That’s the logo! Or the company, So now we are inside Of the text tool I’m going to click again, On the selection tool, And now I can Change the settings of this title over here You can easily make a Title bigger and smaller by grabbing this little Circle over here That’s the easy way, but you can also just type In a number over here So, for example, 62 or another number, You can change the font or The typeface over here And I’ve also prepared Two fonts over here that you can install On your own computer, which I’m using In this tutorial, So I would advise you that you can install These fonts, before you’re Going to move on so you will have the Same style as me, But of course you can Also use your own fonts, it doesn’t really matter So now, I’m going To change this one to Montserrat and it’s a very modern font For this tutorial, I’m going to use The bulls version: Maybe you only have the bulls Version and that’s okay And now you’re going to see That it looks like this and to make it a Little bit nicer, I’m going to change the Spacing over here – And this is the space between the individual Characters So for now I’m going to type in -40 And now look at the text boom.

Now it looks more like a logo instead of a text. So that’s all. I’r Going to do for now I’m going to zoom out Make sure you’re on The selection tool drag it over here, resize it to a Little bit smaller, something like this and make the color white The colors you can Change them over here. So if you click On this color, you could just pick A color over here So for now I’m going To grab the white and I’ll just click outside Of the artboards all right And by the way, don’t worry, About these blue lines, you can just uncheck Them over here, if you want to see The full result, But right now We’re using them to align all the Objects: okay: I have added this Little triangle to make it look: More like a logo, So I’m also going to show You how you can do that, So I’m going to go! Back to my design file and I’m going to Click on the text and then I’m going to Click on the rectangle And now I’m going to Drag a rectangle and you can do all Kinds of shapes, But I recommend That you use shift, so it will always be a perfect rectangle.

So if you then release it somewhere around here At first release, Your mouse click and then release the shift. I’r going to click on The selection tool uncheck the border, So we will not Have a border And I’m going to give it a Color, that is somewhere something like This all right, Click back on the Selection tool zoom in a little bit and align it. Okay, I’m going to make It a little bit smaller And for this tutorial, I’m Going to leave it like this, It’s not a perfect logo.

But it’s something right! Okay! So now we are Done with the logo, and if you want to drag the Logo to another place, then you need to Select both of them So Adobe Xd has A group option, So what you can do is you can click On one of them hold shift and then Click on the other item, so they are both selected and then press command, G or right. Mouse click. And then group So command G is Create a group, And now you can Just drag the logo as one piece So right now what We’re going to do is we’re going to Create the bottom, So I’m going to go! Back to my design, I’m going to create This section over here And as you can see, The seven over here has opacity because you can see the water through the character.

So that’s a pretty Cool effect, It’s also pretty easy to do So. I’r going to go Back to my design file and I’m going to Grab another text click over here, I’m going to type Command, zero, and now it will be remember that we were, we were still on montserrat, So that is nice Click over here make this one a lot bigger. Or something like this align it to the left And now we’re going To duplicate this one, If you press Alt, And then you drag, you can make a Duplicate of an item Now make this one smaller, align it to somewhere.

Like this retype, so you double-click it And then you can type it So I’m going to do something like this Oh, of course not It’s it’s three out of seven and not seven out. Of three okay, So now I’ve changed the text and now all I need to Do is click on my seven and align it a little bit And if the mouse Doesn’t work you can also use Your arrow tools on your keyboard to align It the way you like Zoom out a little bit And now press five And if you press five, the opacity over Here will change If you press seven It will be 70 % If you press two, it Will it’ll be 20 % So now I’m going To press five and it will be 50 %, And now you can look through The text over here So that looks Pretty cool already So now we’re going to Create the button over here So we’re going to go.

Back to my design file, I’m going to zoom In over here, First, I’m going to Select the text tool So click on the text tool Click over here and type Something like Sign up Click on the selection tool and make this one 16 To make a button look nice. My advice is to Always use 16 or 15 for the text size, Otherwise it will just Look a little bit cheap or your button. Will be too big, So 16 or 15 is Always a nice size, So now I’m going to click On the rectangle tool and I’m going to Drag a rectangle just over the canvas something like this And then release it uncheck the border.

Now I want to get The same blue color as the triangle that We had created before And Adobe Xd has a new Feature for this So press space, And just drag it and make sure that you can also See the triangle over here Now press I and if you press, I you’re going to get This eyedropper tool, this color eyedropper tool, And if you click it, then it will select. That exact same color, So this is pretty nice.

You can also select Something like this green, for example. If you want to match your Button with the scene – that’s pretty nice, but For now, I’m going to just select this Blue over here zoom in again And now I’m going to make This a rounded rectangle How you can do that is: go Back to the selection tool and easily just drag one Of these in the corners and just drag it like this And as you can see now, It becomes a button.

You can also do this by changing this Number over here to maybe something like 100 and then it will Also be rounded So now I’m going to Place this rectangle under my text, But if I’m going to do that, it will be above my text, And this is where you Need the layers? Because the layer of The text needs to be above the layer of the Button background, So if you click over here, you can see a layer’s Icon over here and you can see all of Layers that we have created inside of this file, You can see your Rectangle over here and the sign up, Text over here, The rectangle need to be below our sign up text, And now we can drag it up and align it properly, Zoom out a little bit.

To see if it works And the button, as you can See is still way too small, So I’m going to grab One of the corners press Alt, so I can skill it on All of these sides and make it a Little bit bigger, Maybe even bigger To make it look really nice I’m going to zoom out – And this looks pretty good. So now I’m going To zoom in again, click on the text hold shift and click On the background, So we have selected Both of them and we’re going to Group, those again so we can select The whole button and align it to the right Now, if you also want To align this button to the same height, As this one, you can select both of them, So this group hold shift, and this group and now use this Tool over here, And this will then align both items on the same line And now we’re going to Go to the social icons, because we also have some Social icons over here – and these are super Sharp, as you can see, much sharper than the Image in the background – because these are Vector icons And for vector Icons in Adobe Xd, it’s best to use SVG files, So I’ve also included a Few icons for you to try inside of the downloads In the social media, Icons, folder I’ve included a YouTube Icon Instagram and a few other platforms, So I’m going to go back.

To the exercise file I’m going to zoom in Click on the finder and select a few icons. That you want to get For now. I just want To get Snapchat Instagram and YouTube That will be enough. I’r going to drag Them onto the canvas and I’m going to drag Them actually outside of our artboards, So click over here, zoom out and now you’re going to See that these icons are way too big, So, first of all we’re going to align Them properly So just grab all of them and then click on This tool again, So they will be aligned.

At the same height Now, if one of those Icons is too big. You can, of course, also With shift resize them, But for now this is good. We want to make them right, So select all of them, and this is the nice Thing about SVG icons: You can change the color Inside of Adobe Xd So make them white over here and click outside of it By the way, if you want To get icon files, you can use a website. Like flaticon.

Com And on a website like This you can get icons a lot of them for free, As you can see, I’ve Downloaded all of these icons for a client project – and I can just use That on the website – So that’s pretty nice. So I’m going to go! Back to my Adobe Xd grab all of them and make them really small, So resize them, but don’t forget To press shift, while you resize them, Make them really Small zoom in drag them into Your artboards zoom in again Make sure that your right One is aligned like this, And now I want to have a lot more Space between those items and Adobe also has a Nice tool for this, So if you just drag One of those items to the left and you.

.. By the way hold shift, so it will be just on One straight line And don’t forget to first Release your mouse and then the shift. And then, if you Select all of them, so I’ve now selected Only the YouTube one, So I’m going to also select With shift the Instagram one and Snapchat one, And if I click on this icon, it’s going to give It the same space between those icons, So I’m going to click on it And, as you can see now, It has the same spacing between all of those icons.

I think this is a Little bit too much So I’m going to make it a Little bit less spacing something like this: I’m going to select All of them again click this icon again and now we are Done all right So for now I’m Going to just uncheck the grid, Option for now, I’m going to close the layers and We forgot one thing and that is the shadow On top over here, Because you can’t really See this logo very well! So if you go back To my final design, you can see that there’s a nice Shadow over here, because let me turn it off, You can see the difference.

This is a super Nice soft shadow, I will show you how To create that, So we’re going to go back, I’m going to grab The rectangle tool make a big rectangle Something like this: First, let’s adjust Some settings Uncheck the border go to color click on solid color and Click on linear gradients. Now what you want to do, the top one needs to be 100 % black and the bottom. One also needs to be black, but this one has to Have 0 % opacity? Because if you do that, then it will Create a gradient – and in this case it’s a.

.., And in this case this creates an Upside-Down shadow, So that is really nice. So now click on the Selection tool again make sure you align It in the corner Make it bigger like this, And now we need to Move it to the back So open the Layers panel again and drag it under almost everything, So I’m going to place it Right above the image, And if I do this boom You’re going to see that Logo will be on top and the button Will be on top, and this is way too intense, So what you want? To do now is play with this opacity So, for example, make that 50 55 And now, if you release it click this one away, I actually think that These one are too big, So I’m going to Select both of them and make that smaller And now we have a Pretty similar design to this one, and the only thing now we have to do is of Course insert this text And this text by the way Has a very nice shadow, Let me turn it off.

So you can see it, Then it starts Floating a little bit So I will also show You how to do that and then we have The final design So again go to The text tool and click over here And type in Travel Click, the selection, Tool again make it really big go to your folder and In the fonts folder, the font is called Great wishes So, if you’ve already Installed it, you can go to your Adobe, Xd and type in great wishes And, as you can see, We now have a super super nice font, Inside of our design, If you want to align this one in the exact middle Of your canvas, you can also use this One and this one And now it will be Aligned in the middle, But now the text is In front of his face, So click on the Background image: again, It’s locked so we’re going To unlock that for a minute, Drag that one down and now lock it again And now that looks A lot better Last thing that we need to Do is click on the text and we’re going To add a shadow Zoom in so you can really See what you’re doing uncheck it – and this is a very Subtle shadow, but we want to make It a lot bigger, So I think I did Something like 10 and maybe 30, And if you increase this one, the shadow will be lower.

And if you increase this one, the shadow will Be more blurry, So zoom out a little bit and we can almost not see it. It’s a very soft shadow, So I want to make it a Little bit more intense Click on the shadow and Increase the opacity like this, Don’t make your Shadows too intense because that looks cheap And now, if I uncheck it you’re going to See that the text really starts levitating So yeah, I think this Is a pretty cool result and if you want to learn More about Adobe Xd, I’m creating a course About Adobe Xd, So if you’ve Liked this article, then you might be Interested in that course, I’m going to give everybody Who readed this article a discount for the course? If you want to get That discount there’s a link in The description just fill in your email and I will email you When the course is out – and there will be A discount link within that email, That you can use to sign up for the Complete Adobe Xd course, But I just hope that you really Liked this basics article, If you want to get More articles like this, maybe a little bit more Complicated design just leave a comment below on what website you Want me to make and I will create a Tutorial about it Thanks again, This is LivingWithPixels the blog, where you’re Going to learn how to design build and Sell websites So thanks a lot For reading, So, if you like this article Please give it a thumbs up, because that really helps the Algorithm of this blog, and that allows me to create More articles like this So yeah, that’s it I hope to see you in the next article

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So what should you use for the next web design project that you’re working on? Let’s review that? Hey everybody what’s up and welcome to another segment of tools of the trade where I cover the tools that I use to do my work as a freelance designer and this time I want to talk about the tools that I use when I’m designing website there’s. So many tools, let me get to the bottom right – there’s Photoshop, Illustrator, sketch XD envision studio, are all the software around which one should you use, which one is the best for web design.

Truth is bottom line is, it depends. It depends on your project. I work with different software depending on different circumstances, and I want to show you a few of the recent project that I’ve been working on and what software I used for each project. So, let’s get started with the latest project that I’ve been working on. It’s this website for clients, that’s called britain tex, and basically this was designed in photoshop.

Now, if you’re asking yourself, why would I design a website in Photoshop when there are other tools which are more ideal for web design in terms of responsive’ti in terms of acid generation? Well and we’ll cover them later? But the reason is that this website includes a lot of details like, as you can see here, those little textures. Those little dotted patterns, those kind of like unique shadows which are not basically just simple drop shadows and when you’re doing when you’re trying to do stuff.

Like that, which is a little bit more like not a simple vector or flat layout for your website and when you have image editing. So in this case we had a little bit of kind of like working on the colors. For this article and doing kind of overlays on top of that, so when you have that kind of thing where you need to work with images where you need to create custom, shadows or custom, textures, you’re always going to have to work within Photoshop, because that’s the Best tool for image editing now you could jump into any other tool like take the image from here and then place it in Photoshop, take the image from Photoshop or place it in sketch or or figma or whatever, but that’s a lot of jumping around and then, If you want to tweak stuff, that might not be the best productive thing, that’s possible.

So in this case we have used Photoshop. Now that being said, Photoshop does have some cons in terms of web design. So, first of all the way that you generate assets here by clicking on them – let’s let’s say I want to generate an assets from this and then doing expert without quick expertise. Png, I don’t even know what the settings for that is. This might not be what I want, so I’m usually doing expert as and then by the time that it takes to load this and set all these up so, and you see it did not even chose what I wanted it to expert so expert in assets here On Photoshop not ideal takes a little bit more time.

This software was not designed for web design, so it’s not responsive and let’s go into sketch, for example, and I’ll show you some of the new things that are happening much faster and much easier when you’re doing web design in software. That was built specifically for screen design and not for general image editing. So again, this is Photoshop and the use case for using Photoshop for web design is when you need heavy image, editing or a custom image.

Work pattern work that type of stuff. Let’s jump into sketch so sketch. This is a website that I didn’t sketch, maybe even two years ago, so this website uses a little illustration, but it’s all vector right. Everything here is vector shapes, so it’s really fast. Really. You know you can touch everything here. If you want to expert this, it’s basically just a button select. You know your expert in you can see all the assets precess from here.

So this is one click to export. It’s really really fun. If you want to change things around for responsiveness, so in sketch and most other new software for screen design, you can set up how you want the resizing. You know element to be, which is very, very helpful. If you’re going to design the desktop screen, then then you’re going to make sure that the responsiveness of the website and you’re going to design responsive.

You know copies. So you can see how this looks on mobile. This happens really really much faster with software like sketch, which is again, it’s super super fast, so I would say that, for anything which is basically flat or vector based, you would want to work with something like sketch, which is just the fastest way. The most seamless way to work so that is why, when I use sketch now recent website that I also did – and I used figma for it so figma, you might say that it’s more or less like sketch right, it’s ideal for you know flat website.

I would say flat website this website specifically had images, but it did not require any custom image editing. So we have this kind of like red overlay on top of the website, but, as you can see, I could have done that here with you know a red overlay and kind of set the blending mode for it to be multiplied. So this is rather simple, but the reason to use figma right so figma, the main difference is figma, is cloud-based, which means that it’s good for collaboration.

So on this website I was working with multiple people and the clients, and I wanted them to be able to edit the text, and so I, when I was working on em figma, it’s very very collaboratively. You can work on it online, much like a Google Doc. So that’s the use case when I use figma the my downside for working with figma in this case, because it’s cloud-based and then because in this website it’s not just factory based.

It’s also image and the images were heavy. It took a little bit to load. So it worked slower than I would like it to work and we’re probably slower than it would work in sketch just to load and open the files and play around with them. So, but but the the option to collaborate, which was the the main thing that I needed in this case. That’s why I use figma so again, figma very collaboratively. It works in the cloud works on all platforms.

You can design in your browser. Also, I think you can get started on free with that, so, unlike sketch, which you have to purchase a yearly yearly, something for its subscription or something buy off. Of course you have to pay for Photoshop as well, but I just assumed that all creatives have the Creative Cloud subscription. If that’s not the case, then obviously you might want to consider something like figma, which you can use actually for free works on both platform, neck and PC.

So that might be something that’s very, very useful for you. Another option is the Adobe XD, and this is a website for mobile masterclass, which was designed by another designer actually, which chose to work with Adobe XD and I’ve literally never worked with Adobe XD myself. But I’ve played around with this, and I actually have to say that I like this. I might even consider doing my next web design project with Adobe XD if it does not require collaboration like figma, because interface wise.

It’s really fast. The integration with Photoshop and jumping back and forth from Photoshop or illustrator, it’s really fast. It has more or less the same features, and so that might be for somebody who already has the Adobe Creative Cloud and is paying for Photoshop. Then this comes for free. So obviously might be another benefit for you to choose Adobe XD, but other than that. It’s pretty similar.

I would say it’s pretty similar to sketch and figma as well in terms of the features, and it has a really cool thing are called auto animate, which allows you to do cool animation. But I would say that’s more of a feature when you’re designing apps and you need to show interactions in terms of designing pages for web design. Usually what you wouldn’t necessarily have to use auto animate, just to explain things or you wouldn’t have to use that.

I mean if you end up developing this in web flow, which is what I use to develop, no matter what software I design and I always develop it myself and web. You can do the animations right in web flow yourself, and so there wouldn’t be much value into prototyping. The animations here with Adobe XD, but this interface of assets here in Adobe XD, is pretty cool and Styles panel. So this is another great alternative to use in terms of illustrations.

So in this case in those those illustrations, then I would probably get started with the illustration. I wouldn’t use a sketch itself to do the illustration. I would probably use Adobe Illustrator to do the illustration themselves and also logo design, these type of stuff, I’m not using the one of those softwares one of like sketch, XD or or envisions. Do your figma to do illustration work just because illustrator has a much more powerful.

You know illustration engine. You can do much more complex thing there and have a much more control, so usually the illustrations, I’m doing them within illustrator, then bringing them here. As you can see here, some of the parts of the illustration got some shadows, and so these type of things were added kind of like retouched here within sketch, but the basic illustrations are made within illustrator, where it’s ideal for illustration.

Anyway, we’d love to hear what you guys are working on at this year in 2019. What are the best tools that you are using when you’re doing your web design? Let me know in the comments below, if you’re not subscribed here, and you want to learn more about web design being a freelance designer make sure that you’re subscribed to the blog and I’ll see you in the next article.

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An example of Awesome websites that are using them ready, let’s check it out article background – is one of the best Design trend that we are going to see it more and more often in 2019, many Marketers used article background to create a modern look. Why give the Visitors first impression and captured their attention at the same time here Are some examples? Grid layout has been very popular in the Past few years and almost becoming the goto layout for web design until recently, There was an introduction of asymmetrical layout or broken grid layout This trend is still going strong this year and we are expecting to see many Big brands, starting to use it on their sites, parallax scrolling has been around for Many years, but recently we have noticed more and more creative websites.

Combining this technique with many awesome ideas, some were good. Some were Okay, nevertheless, we are going to see more websites implement a Non-Traditional scroll in 2019, by the way, if you are looking for a quick Parallax scrolling tutorial, using only CSS check out tutorial article from our Channel and link below we are going to see more and more Websites with interactive contents like animation and mouse, controllable content, Website is not just a static presentation anymore, but a medium to Grab their attention and let them interact with the content here – are some Good examples, minimalism tren is still strong and it’s Going to stay that way in 2019, the less is more and clean design allow the Website to load faster and have better screen compatibility.

Why give the users Elegant impression here are some samples, so that’s all for this article and if you Are interested in cool CSS design tutorial check our blog for weekly Tutorial articles and it’s reading and see you next time, bye,

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